Xprog 5.5.1 fix xprog-m 5.0 software error and authorization error

Important Note:
I am not stating or encouraging you operate by following the next steps to update from Xprog 5.0 to Xprog 5.5.1 if you do not have knowledge and skills to remove the chip, otherwise it may screw up the chip.
The information provided here are for information only and have no ties or responsibility with eobd2 supplier, as they were all taken at random sites on the internet and can be accessed publicly.
Update Xprog 5.0 to Xprog 5.5.1 will solve “Unknown command, software error” and fix authorization error.
Xprog 5.5.1 download:
Xprog 5.5.1 Update Steps:
You must programmer step by step ,i used with USB-UPA:
1. Erase chip atmega 64
2. Program eeprom , Flash
3. Set Lock bits and fuse bits. Program lock bits, fuse bits.
4. Copy Xprogbox 5.51 to C:\ and run Xprognew.reg
5. Run XprogDesktop.exe and update .
Working ECU after install Xprog 5.5.1:
1.    All works ok cas 2 cas3 read and write in first time
2.    my old xprog-m 5.0 now have the 5.51 version succesfully installed!, I already tested with Infineon xc23xx, Mac7242, SPI, I2C, Microwire eeproms, some 9S12, HC11, HC05 and TMS. Works great, verify error also fixed with update. Before this update I can’t read/write the HC05H12, now it’s working!. All authorizations activated.
I have problem with my XPROG. After update 5.5.1, I have all authorization but when I try read or write device I got error “Unknown command. Software error”
Solution: Software must be in c:/ ,update .reg files ,reprogram Atmega 64
1Program EEprom
2 program Flash
3 Lock bits -Program
4 Fuse Bits Program
I read flash for CAS 3 xprog read it as 2048kb it should 512kb
This is normal for xprog. Rosfar on the other side read only 512k and is correct also. Xprog use the whole range of addresses for this mcu from 0 to 1FFFFF, despite the fact that only some blocks are used. The unused blocks are filled with FF. Rosfar use only the blocks that contains data hence only 512k is produced.
I made a script for upa to convert from one to the other format.
You will need to have upa 1.3 installed but no need to be plugged in. Load your dump in upa and use the script to convert your dump. The script has 2 choices, convert from rosfar to xprog or convert from xprog to rosfar, then you must save the converted dump. It is easy to use.
I had problems with security bits
I’ll try to wake
report results
To prevent atmega brick do not touch JTAG and SPIEN fuses.
Also this firmware has bugs.
For example,if you got an MCU that hangs on bypass security,when you press cancel,the windows program is cancelled but the programmer is still doing bypass security.
To get it out of that bug,you need to disconnect it first,and reconnect again.
Can I update xprog m with programmer tl866? it’s have atmega64 but I not know how to connect.
use in-circuit connection.
TL866 is produced in two options – with and without isp