Compare with old VVDI software and new VVDI software

VW and Audi vehicles diagnostic tool are abundant, and VVDI is one of them, hot among users. Older version software of VVDI is replaced by the newly updated software. Today, post about older VVDI software vs. new VVDI software v2.6.


VVDI V2.6 vs. VVDI V19.2

VVDI V2.6 is not applicable for the software of tag and V8.6, while VVDI V19.2 can.

VVDI v2.6 update vs. former version VVDI interface

V2.6 is needed the support of newest firmware.

New menu for engine control unit; fix bugs for med9 and edc16.

Fix diagnostic bugs for ABS, and increase Chinese diagnostic data

Add IMMO support for some A3/TT/R8 use CDC32xx

Finally bug fix

Apart from the newest version of VVDI software is with more functions and bugfix for some models or types, when VVDI updates once, it is with new added features every time, not only fix bugs for some vehicles or models.

There are detailed and complete information on, so if you are interested in VVDI vs. VVDI, and want to know more its comparison and previous ones, link to please.