Nissan Pin Code indentify and calculate method

PIN code for NATS (Nissan Anti Theft System) Immobilizer used in most of Nissan and Infinity vehicles. NATS (Nissan Vehicle Immobilizer System), also known as NVIS (Infiniti Vehicle Immobilizer System.).

How to identify Nissan Pin Code:

1) USA made models with NATS5, NATS5.6, NATS6 immobilizer – 5 digits code from BCM label (Body Control Module, p/n 284B1, 284B2) made in Japan by Calsonic Kansei Corp. for Siemens VDO.
2) Models with NATS5, NATS5.6, NATS6 immobilizer – 5 digits code read with an diagnostic equipment like AD100Pro, Carman Scan and others.
3) Any models with NATS6 immobilizer – 4/4 digits code from SEC label (Smart Entrance Control unit, p/n 28550) made in Europe by Siemens.
4) Any models with NATS5 or NATS5.6 immobilizer – 6/4 digits code from ICU label (Immobilizer Control Unit, p/n 28590) made in Mexico or Germany by Siemens.
5) Models with NATS7 immobilizer – such as Micra K12, Note and others – you need to read dump from BCM made by Johnson Controls or ECU and calculate code by dump.
6) 2003 Infiniti Q45, M45 and probably some other models with NATS5 – 5 chars crypted code from IMMU (Immobilizer Unit) label, p/n 28591.

To identify NATS version to calculate pin code for Nissan vehicles- check label on ICU: STEP-5 means NATS-5, STEP-5.6 means NATS-5.6, STEP-6 means NATS-6 and STEP-7 means NATS-7.

How to calculate Nissan Pin Code:

Many Nissan Pin Code calculators are available in Outil de diagnostic automatique Boutique en ligne | OBDII French. Following are the three most popular one.

1) Pin Code Calculator for Nissan for New BCM Modules
Newly launched mini size Nissan pin code reader supports comes with the latest version 6.0. This product is a dongle for running Nissan PIN Code Calculator software. It supports 20 Digit Code calculating for New 2013-2014 Nissan BCM Modules. It is compatible with total 1000 Tokens, each time cost 5 tokens and 4 Digit Code unlimited times. Put another way, so users can calculate total 200 times.

2) NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader
NSPC001 Nissan Automatic Pin Code Reader comes with 100 built-in tokens which support all Nissan cars that can read out BCM codes. NSPC001 can transfer 5-digit code to 4-digit code, the newest 20-digit code to 20-digit code. One 20 digit code will cost one token. 5 digit code to 4 digit code no need tokens. The most distinguished advantage of the pin code reader is that no computer is needed, no need install software, just plug and play, automatic transfer.

3) VPC-100 Hand-Held Vehicle Pin Code Calculator
VPC-100 Hand-Held Vehicle Pin Code Calculator support lifetime upgrade online. It comes with 500 tokens (300 free tokens online and 200 tokens in device). It can calculate almost all cars from American/European/Asian. The token consumption rate in the web mode is two times of that in VPC-100 machine. It is an easy-to-use and powerful pin code calculator for locksmith man. It also has the web mode, which is suitable to DIY users.

Tokens added for VPC-100 PinCode Calculator

VPC-100 PinCode calculator is a kind of tokens needed hand-held calculator which supports life time free update online. When you buy it which will be packed with 200 tokens and you can get another 300 free tokens after registration (the ID and Password can get from the seller) on the official website.
Here I would like to share with you the whole process of “How to add the tokens for VPC-100 car pincode calculator”, which can be concluded below:

Step1. Login in
Step2. Register a user name, and then login.
Step3. Click “Activate VPC-100” to activate your device.
Step4. Download update and recharge tool.
Step5. Connect VPC-100 to PC and install the VPC-100 USB driver.
Step6. Open update software and click “recharge tokens”, then login in your web account, and then click “recharge tokens”, input 35 charge tokens card S/N. ALL FINISHED.

VPC-100 was regarded as the world’s first hand-held vehicle pincode calculator which supports wide range of car models, such as Acura, Audi, Chery, Skoda, Suzuki, Toyota and VW and more. in addition, such a good calculator only needs to cost you US$219.00 from EOBD2.

In my opinion, the only disadvantage is that VPC-100 merely supports English, but I hope it will be perfectly improved in the near future.

Excellent recommendation pin calculator for locksmiths: vpc-100

Program car key? Need pin code? how to get pin code?There are two ways, one is to get it from car dealership, and the other is to obtain from pin code calculators. There are several calculators compatible with other auto key programmers to read. Here is an excellent recommendation pin calculator for locksmiths: vpc-100; working alone, first hand-held and professional.
The 2014 April new arrival of the VPC-100 pincode calculator will bring more convenience to car key programming for locksmiths.

Why I recommend and what should be noticed?
When calculating the password, this pin code calculator required tokens. 200 tokens are available in the device in; if use up and recharge at

VPC-100 Vehicle PinCode Calculator detailed information
VPC-100 has been developed for the locksmiths. it is recommended to the user how different and locksmith programming is. It covers ACURA, AUDI, CHERY, CHEVROLET, DACIA, FORD, HONDA, HYUNDAI, JAGUAR, KIA, LEXUS, LINCOLN, MARUTI, MAZDA, MERCURY, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, QIRUI, RENAULT, LAND ROVER, SCION, SEAT, SKODA, SMART, SUZUKI, TOYOTA, and VW.

Besides, it is free updatable life time, partly web mode, it is also applied in the DIY novice. But with the device, it saves half tokens than that of web mode.

Please focus on for new arrivals and professional locksmith’s tools, car key programmers, diagnostic tools and DIY tools and so on to have a better knowledge and understanding on them, if you are interested in purchasing them or want to do business on them.

New Arrival of VPC-100 PinCode Calculator

VPC-100 PinCode Calculator is a hand-held Vehicle PinCode Calculator designed for Locksmith man. It also has the web mode, which is suitable to DIY users.
VPC-100 PinCode Calculator
Learn more about VPC-100 Hand-Held Vehicle PinCode Calculator with 300+ 200 Tokens>>


1. You can buy token card and use VPC-100 function in website and then decide to buy the machine.
2. The token consumption rate in the web mode is two times of that in VPC-100 machine. For example, if calculate PINCODE for Ford need 10 tokens in VPC-100 machine,
then it need 20 tokens in website mode

VPC-100 support Car Model:

VPC-100 Main Features:

1. The world’s first Hand-held vehicle pincode calculator
2. Support almost all cars
3. Life time free update
4. With web mode.
5. With low price

Screen Display:
Boot screen
VPC-100 PinCode Calculator
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VPC-100 PinCode Calculator
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VPC-100 PinCode Calculator
Device Information
VPC-100 PinCode Calculator
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VPC-100 PinCode Calculator