Top 10 ECU tuning tools for mechanics, car repair center

1.    Galletto 1260 ECU Chip Tuning Tool

Galletto 1260 is a cheap and efficient device with hardware and software for auto chip tuning.

Galletto 1260 features:
It works on EDC16, EDC15, MEx.x , DELCO and many more engine4s ECU.
It is compatible with the newest modern diesel TDi, HDi, JTD, and petrol cars.
It supports more cars than any other obd2, eobd tuning tools.

Language: English/ Spanish/ French/ German/ Italian/ Portuguese

2.    KWP2000 Plus ECU Remap Flasher

KWP2000 Plus is an improved version of KWP2000. It is a cost efficient tool that read and writes vehicle ECU software.

KWP2000 Plus functions and features:

It is easy to use
It reads and analyzes current ECU software
It upgrades the ECU software with a re-mapped file
It repairs ECUs with software problems or corruption.
It supports high speed ECU flashing
It leds indications for USB-power Car-power/rx/tx
It supports both KWP2000 plus software and other KWP/ ISO software.

3.    V54 FGTech Galletto 4 Master BDM-Tricore-OBD Function ECU Programmer

FGTech Galletto is a famous chip tuning tool for all cars, trucks, motorcycles and Marine. Its latest version is V54.

The V54 Fgtech Galletto features:

It not only works as FGTech Galletto 4-Master, but also work as BDM-OBD.
It supports Tricore Function
It supports all cars, trucks, motorcycles, Marine, BDM MPCxx, BDM Boot Mode Tricore and checksum
It support languages: English/ Italian/ German/ French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Czech/ Turkish
It supports Windows XP, Vista and Win7
Unlock version, can use directly, no need activation
FGTECH V54 PCB board: Specially designed

4.    XPROG-M V5.0 XPROG-M Programmer X-PROG-M V5.0

The XPROG-m programmer is an improved version of XPROG programmer. It fully upward-compatible hardware with XPROG programmer and have many additional features. Its latest version is V5.0.

XPROG-M Programmer V5.0 functions and features

The XPROG-m can be connected by BDM.
It supports in-circuit and on-board programming of Motorola 68HC05, 68HC08, 68HC11, 68HC(S)12 family MCU’s, Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family MCU’s and serial EEPROMs.

5.    Piasini Engineering V4.3 Master Version

Super Piasini Master V4.3 can read all dump of chip by bin file and you can write or edit dump yourself. It is updated version for V4.1, support more vehicles.

Piasini Engineering V4.3 Master functions and features

1. Latest Firmware version: V4.3
2. With USB dongle, software no need active, directly use.
3. It is Master version, support full dump file read and write, support more vehicle list than V4.1.
4. JTAG – BDM – K-line – L-line – RS232 – CAN-Bus
5. Read/Write Programmer
6. Windows XP System
7. Checksum Correction Incorporated for Mitsubishi/Denso/Hitachi
8. Server On-line Updates and Security Survey
9. New ECU Implementation Free of Charge

6.    V2.06 KESS V2 OBD Tuning Kit

V2.06 Kess V2 following on the success of the tremendously stable and versatile Kess 1, this latest addition to the Alientech stable is probably the most advanced tool available today.

V2.06 KESS V2 functions and features:

Software Version: V2.06
Do car ECU programming
Support Languages: English/German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ French
With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850
Work as a successful tuner with a very affordable price
No token limitation

7.    V2.06 KTAG K-TAG ECU Programming Tool Master Version

KTAG K-TAG ECU Programming Tool is designed entirely around the needs of our customers to be more responsive and reliable.

V2.06 KTAG ECU programmer functions and features:

Software Version: V2.06
Hardware Version: 5.001
Available Protocols for K-TAG: BDM MOTOROLA MPC5xx
Support BDM Function Well

8.    2014 Nouveau MPPS V16 ECU Chip Tuning for EDC15 EDC16 EDC17 inkl CHECKSUM

This MPPS V16 is the newest professional ecu chip tuning tool, completely working through obd2 port, no need soldering or connecting cables, easy and high efficiency.

MPPS V.16 functions and features:

Recalculation of checksum
Read / write flash
Requires Windows XP sp2
Support multi-Language: Afrikaans/ Albanees/ Bahasa Melayu/ Cech/ Cymraeg/ Deutsch/ Esti/ English/ Espanol/ Filipino/ Finnish/ Francais/ Galego/ German/ Hrvatski/ Indonesia/ Italiano/ Kiswahili/ Latviesu/ Lietuviskai/ Magyar/ Malti/ Nederlands/ Norsk/ Polska/ Portuguese/ Romanian/ Slovencina/ Slovenski/ Srpski/ Suomea/ Svensk/ Turkish

9.    UPA USB V1.3 Programmer

New UPA USB Programmer with Full Adaptors is the main Device can be directly connected to the Elrasoft.

V1.3 functions and features:

Support MC9S12HY64/HA32
Support program EEproms
Serial Flash memory support: A25L512/010/020/040/080/016/032, SST25VF512A/010A/020B/040B/080B/016B/032B,
S25FL004A/008A/016A/032A/064A   + Added 24C1024, 24C1025 support
Bulk erase data memory to PICs 16F913-7/946, 12F629/675
Script function GetPage
Script function AutoBaudRateDevice (hc08 devices only)
Script function GetProgrammerFrameChildCtrl ( AChildCtrlName: string): TControl
Script function EnablePicMemoryAreas ( AProgram, AID, AConfig, ACalibration, AEEPROM
Fixed bug with script functions ProgramDevice, ReadDevice
Fixed bug with 68hc11 reading if Oscillator is not set to Auto
Updated script example files
The software is digitally signed
USB driver upausb.sys is digitally signed and can be used with 64-bit windows XP/Vista/7

10.    V7.28 CARPROG Full

Carprog Full V7.28 (with all softwares activated and all 21 items Adapters) is designed with regard to demands of the customers to have universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair.

V7.28 CARPROG functions:

Program ECU
Program IMMO
Program Dashboard
Reset Airbag
Decode radio code
Program MPU
Support Windows XP

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