My experience with GM Tech2 clone and authentic

I have an original Tech2 scanner already and when I saw another forum member talking about getting a GM Tech2 for $322 and I was pretty skeptical, but after he posted that it was working fine, I had to try one.
I ordered one from EOBD2 shop on December 10th (2014) and it arrived on December 29th via DHL. I paid $322 shipped. This is the package I received from China. This carton package saves me a few bucks.
Opened it up.
Taking it out.
All of it out and unpackaged.
Connector ends.
Software CD.
Apply your own stickers!
CANdi module and cables
The new clone on the left, and my original legit Tech2 on the right. (Stickers not applied yet)
Back side.
Bottom port.
Right side.
Top side.
Left side.
The back side after applying stickers.
The VCI module pulled out.
The 32mb PCMCIA data card pulled out.
Booted up in the car.
Displaying the Misfire Graphic screen.
Displaying the Engine Data 1 screen.
Use experience
My overall impression after playing with it for a few days – Wow! This thing is cheap, works great, and is of the same build quality as my original. Some of the few differences that I immediately noticed are the buttons feel different and the screen is much brighter. The buttons on my original have a distinct “click” feel to them, and the clones are mushy. However I found that the more that I press them, the clickier they get. The screen being brighter is a plus.
The only thing I’m disappointed by that I didn’t get the case. The other forum member stated that the price would be much more if you got the case. I wish I had done some more research because I found several sellers selling the same thing with the case for around the same price. However, I did feel more comfortable buying from the same source as the other member.
So what am I going to do with it? Well, having multiple Tech2s would be handy (one at home, one at the shop), but I think I’m going to give it to my Dad. He’s been talking about getting one because he is jealous of mine. I’m not going to tell him it’s a clone and see if he notices.
Would I recommend this to the ordinary backyard mechanic? YES! With most average scan tools being around $150-200 to get ABS and other functions, spending another $100 to being able to access every module and system in the car makes it totally worth it. Most dealers charge a $100+ diagnostic fee just to hook theirs up to your car, what a joke. You can do this yourself and learn more about how your cars computer works. Buy one now: