Delphi TcsCDP 2014.02 free keygen, activation manual on Win7

Since clone Delphi TcsCDP pro/DE150E/Autocom CDP diagnostic system are respected by a large amount of car/trucks owners, mechanics and technicians. here gathers download recourses of Delphi pro.

2014.2V Delphi CDP perating system: Win XP and Win7

Disable all antivirus software before installing tcscdp 2014.02 or tcscdp 2013.3. (very important)

1) Directly download Delphi patch

Delphi CDP Pro 2013.02 patch

Delphi CDP Pro 2014.02 patch SN: 100251

Directly download Delphi patch

The V2014.02 download link fits for none-Bluetooth and Bluetooth PBX/Delphi TCS CDP/DS150E with serial number 100521.

How to activate 2014.02V Delphi CDP Pro software?

2) Order Delphi CDP pro keygen CD

Delphi DS150E (V2014.2) Software CD with Free Keygen

Keygen and software language:

German, Czech, Dansk, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

The software package including: CD 2013.3V, 2014.2V software, tutorial and free keygen, most users say it works well compared to 2014.01.

Users have two options 2013.3 and 2014.2 software. Which software to install, it depends on the needs of the user. With the free keygen, users can activate the software free at anywhere anytime, very easy.

How to install Delphi TcsCDP keygen?

Take an example of 2013.02V.

Before generating fileactivation.xml, copy Main.exe from the folder “patch installation” to install folder.

1) Shut down the network connection and turn off any anti-virus software on your computer or laptop

2) Run software setup exe. 2014.2_install_Delphi.exe

3) Select “DS150E” (new vci) for autocom delphi VCI cars, if heavy duty please select product (DE150E heavy duty (new vci)) but do not change the install path!

For Windows XP users: install patch to — C: Program FilesDelphi DiagnosticsDS150E (new vci))

For Windows 7 64 bit users: install patch to – C: Program Files (x86) Delphi DiagnosticsDS150E (new vci))

How to install Delphi TcsCDP keygen

4) Run 2014.2_install_Delphi.exe on desktop to active

cars for autocom CDP Car / Delphi VCI

SN: 100251

a-710-142 = cdp + (ds150e new vci)

hardwraekey: FSBQQJWHDCWA

trucks for autocom CDP truck / Delphi VCI

SN: 100251

a-710-210 = cdp + (ds150e new vci)

hardwraekey: HYSOGTLPCOVA


4) Copy all files in the patch folder to replace DS150e (new vci) install folder


– Click start

– Save FileActivation on desk

– Send FileActivation just saved on desk

– Activate the FileActivation file

– Copy the FileActivation file actived replace to the file on desk

– Click Start Again

– Click no

– Click yes

– Select the FileActivation file actived on desk.

– Open the FileActivation file