How to solve TCSCDP DS150 Unknown diagnostic id error

I bought a TCSCDP DS150 Bluetooth pro scan tool from in late November and received it last Thursday. The tool looks neat and works fine. But when I connected it to my 05 BMW X3 via Bluetooth, something seemed wrong. I got a message “Unknown diagnostic id. Generic protocol with standard information will be used”. I disassemble the CDP 150 and but had no idea where to start. Then I sent the seller an email and it provided me a solution that finally got the issue fixed.

According to the seller, there are some gadgets I should check. The first are the marked parts on the PCB showed in the following picture.
Second are the FTDI chips marked in below picture.
Third is the 513A 0523 IC (integrated circuit) which works as a bridge to connect TCSCDP DS150 Bluetooth and BMW vehicles.
Finally, the diode GEX28A marked in red circle.
I checked all the parts and found out that the diode GEX28A was a little bit loose. I removed it and soldered it back. Then I tried the Bluetooth connection again. It would work! If your CDP DS150 has the same issue, like mine, a little soldering may fix it. If you do not know how to do the soldering, you had better get a professional.