What diag interface for Citroen Picasso 2011?

My Issue:
I just bought a Citroen c4 grand picasso 1.6 hdi fap and 2011 EGS6 and therefore I want a diag tool. I also saw that there was different cable in my family there are 2014 c3 806, 206, 5008 …

I understand nothing between lexia, PPS2000, xs Evolution diagobox …
Can you explain to me so that I understand better between hardware and software. After the issue or buy it at the best price / quality and we have sure it works

Answer from one experienced technician:
Simply explain, lexia is the old Citroen diag software. PP2000 is the old Peugeot diag software, diagbox and it is the common diag program PSA for 2 or 3 years.
Diagbox also included the two programs and PP2000 lexia.
XS is changing the name of the diag interface PSA. You can find
The site you advised one interface is € 67 (sold out) apparently supports 307
and another interface is 47 €, which one to take?

It takes very often (if not always) as the flasher.
the interface 67 € is better.

There are different posts or talking to flash the interface according to the version of diagobox, should I do this manipulation?

There is a very strong chance. But it will not be enough to overcome your fear, it’s not complicated.