V14.75 Porsche PIWIS Tester II diagnostic tool update tips(very important)

One of the PIWIS Tester 2 PT2 diagnostic tool user reported that he got problem when update PIWIS software to newest V14.75.


Eobd2.fr here offers some important prompts for updating your PIWIS Tester 2:

1.For Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 with power-on password: porsche2018

PIWIS system with boot password porsche2018 can ONLY update by sending the device back to our factory. Our engineer/technician will get your PIWIS Tester 2 system firmware upgraded to V14.75.

2.For Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 with power-on password: piwis****

Please download the software here:

Free Download Porsche PIWIS Tester PT2 V14.75 Diagnostic Tool Software


The free V14.75 software download link only fits for Porsche Piwis tester 2 PT2 diagnostic system with computer boot password “piwis-****”. The link is invalid for PIWIS system with power-on password “piwis2018”.

3. If can not tell your PT2 power-on password, please contact eobd2.fr customer service or take a picture of the PIWIS device QC mark, we will analyze and send the result to you.

4. If you only need PIWIS hardware or software, please contact our customer service first before ordering in order to avoid further trouble.

5. PWISI Tester 2 OBD II diagnostic tool with power-on password piwis**** has to be changed every 3 months. Please make necessary record. If you for get your password on boot, you have to send back your PIWIS hardware to our factory to run an upgrade.

PIWIS power-on password “porsche2018” is permanent, does not need to change.



Boxster 987 has more light in the 2 chests, can Piwis cable fix it?

Boxster 987 issue – More light in the chests:
I realized before yesterday I had more light in the 2 chests! at the same time?
the odb does not indicate to me that the front trunk is open when I start.
I’ll see to change the 2 bulbs this weekend but it seems strange to me
anyone have the ref bulbs?

Someone advised me to change the LED bulbs:
I take advantage of it if I were you to put a LED bulbs instead of the original game in order to have a better lighting; you will find in abundance in LED performance among other websites or other famous … attention to the polarity of the LED, and especially whether ODB error specified in the instructions.
Normally this is a 12V / 10W by shuttle safe …

Then I tested as follows:
No message box before open when I start, message only to trunk is this normal?
I do not have the land use plan fuses in the cover, someone would have it that pdf?
I removed the bulbs, they do not seem fried, I’m going to buy for testing.
I’ll order the LEDs

Someone recommended me to use PIWIS cable:
It can be linked to a locking problem … There aas fuse for these lights but circuiteut be cut if the lighting module detects a problem … if no improvement he will spend the PIWIS. ..

I asked, there were updates of the software?
He replied: It depends what you want … You have the Chinese to €21 cable with only 3 Durametric with which you can read and erase faults …
Then the cable Durametric Enthusiast €400 limit 3 car to do the same thing but with Durametric 6 and a real license
Then the pro Durametric €600  which is not limited by car and allows some programming (activation viress regulator, central locking rolling …)
Finally Piwis tester 2 (that is what I now have!) To several thousand eur that can do everything!

You are spoiled for choice …

For the Chinese cable

He is very good and the supplied software