How to activate Peugeot cruise control with Lexia 3 PP2000 diagnostic tool

Tool needs:

Lexia 3 V48 Peugeot Planet PP2000 V25 diagnostic tool

Vehicle model example:

Peugeot 406 HDi 90 2001

Please check that your vehicle can be retrofitted with cruise control before purchasing any parts or paying to activate cruise control in your ECU. Cruise control will not function unless the foot pedal, control stalk and master on/off switches are all present, adjusted correctly and working normally.


1. Install and activate lexia 3 PP2000 software. Select vehicle model. Select the application as PEUGEOT PLANET 2000.


2. The system will identify and configure vehicle information. Then select “ECU configuration and services”


3. Select “Test by ECU”


4. Select “Engine/automatic gearbox”


5. Select “Petrol” or “Diesel” according to your vehicle. Here select “Diesel”


6. Select the correct ECU for your vehicle. Variant can usually be identified from VIN code on left.


7. Switch on the ignition. Connect the portable to the test connector C001. Then the system is identifying and reading of the ECU in progress.

Select “Configuration” option in Carry out the tests menu


8. Select “Cruise Control” among various ECU modules and change this option to “present (activated)”


9.  Click “OK” to validate.


10. Click “Configure” button to save settings. Wait patiently for a few seconds don’t click anything else.


11. Click “Yes” for saloon and “No” for estate car

Click OK to validate

Open “Configuration” again to check that the changes have been recorded

Exit the program if settings have been saved