How to tell if LAUNCH X431 Diagun III is clone or original

Launch is a trustworthy brand in OBD diagnosis field. There are so many Launch X431 clones, especially Bluetooth Diagun III flooding into the aftermarket. Here gives some tips on telling the original Launch X431 product from clone?

LAUNCH X431 Package Box


  1. Original X431 package box is bright yellow color, the clone one looks tarnished;
  2. The original X431 “LAUNCH” Logo flashes in bright red, while the clone one looks darker;
  3. Original Launch X431 package box is made glossy smooth, but the clone is roughly made.

Launch X431 Super 16-PIN diagnostic connector


  1. The original X431 Super 16-pin connector comes with Serial Number, but the clone does not;
  2. Original X431 Connector has bright QC mark, the clone look darker;
  3. Original connector’s screen print turns to grey, but the clone one is in black.
  4. The two lines below original 16-pin connector screen print marked in red, while the clone is in purple color.
  5. The SUPER 16-pin connector box has S/N mark, while the clone one does not.

NOTE: Please buy original LAUNCH X431 product from authorized dealer.

How to change Launch X431 DIAGUN III car icons?

Launch X431 DIAGUN III now is up to 20 % available for €515 with authorization certificate in

The following part is the guide for how to change the Launch X431 DIAGUN III’s car brand icons to full icons. Users are required to change icons when you run an upgrade. DIAGUN 3 has 150 icons in total.

Step 1: Download the LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS.rar file
Step 2: Extract the rar file to Local Disk C:/
Step 3: Insert the Micro SD card into computer via USB port
Step 4: Open LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS.rar file located on C:/folder
Step 5: Open the “LAUNCH ICONS CHANGER.bat” file
Step 6: The car brands icon will change into full icons

The process will only change full icons but nothing else will be affected. The procedure is based on English version software, if you want to change car brand icons into full icons into your language, please rename the icons rar file and bat file located in C:/LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS into the language you want to do.



How to Installation Launch X431 V(X431 Pro) Wifi/Bluetooth

Launch X431 V newest 5th generation with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system is developed by Launch Tech. It is a comprehensive diagnostic tool for technician. Following part displays simple process on how to install Launch X431 V.

Step1: Disable X431 V client.

Step2: Delete “cnlaunch” file from two files marked red picture below.
Download the newest version X431 client from and then install it in PC/laptop. Find out X431 V in “Product Introduction”, and then install the Android version.

Step 4 Open and install Launch X431 client, then login into your CC count which you will get from register.

Step 5 Select your vehicle makes in vehicle selection menu. Then download software to your PC.
Step 6 The installed Client will save under the “Download” item on the App menu.
Warm Prompt:
Launch X431 V vehicle coverage is list as picture below.

More questions about X431 Pro,feel free to .

Surprise with Launch X431 Creader VIII

Launch X431 series products are globally famous for its powerful function on diagnosis. It is also the reason why I ordered Launch X431 Creader VIII for my Honda. I bought this diagnostic tool from an online shop —, and it took nearly a week to arrive my house with parcel well-wrapped.


I immediately put it into practice. Also, my car had something wrong previously and still had never done any diagnosis. I communicated CPR 129 to my car via OBDII cable; it is easy to operate with nice clear screen even if I am a layman in this aspect. I was very satisfied with this hand held device.

What I only want is to read and clear error codes, but I was told that Launch X431 Creader VIII also equips with programming, such as engine oil light resetting and brake block resetting etc. It is absolutely extra harvest for me. Although I cannot make any commons on them, I still feel somewhat satisfactory.

CPR129 is applicable for all vehicles which matches OBDII standard after 1996. It is more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia covering SUZIKI, Honda, Ford, Mini and Peugeot and so on (detailed car models info you can click here). At the same time, multiple languages is one of the advantages, which includes English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Launch X431 Creader VIII is doomed to be the best choice for car diagnosis, I think so, and you?

Need some help! X431 Diagun 3 user manual

Q:Hi, everyone. Is there a website where I can download a USER MANUAL for the X431 Diagun 3 bluetooth diagnostic tool? I have the specs, but need the manual for

vehicle list, system setting and software update. Also to figure out what the adapters are for. Can anyone give me the link? Thank you in advance.

A:Try this out:


I also have a DIAGUN III. My supplier sent me the link when I bought the tool. This manual book does not have vehicle list in fact. But I have found its software list on the

website; think you may want to have a glance at it:

Hope this helps.

Article resource:

Get Launch X431 V for Six Reasons

Do you know Launch X431 V (X431 Pro) Wifi/Bluetooth Tablet Full System Diagnostic Tool?How much you know about it?Do you know why so many people choose it even though it is expensive.
Here I want to share some simple reasons with you.

1. New operation interface design , more friendly interface and much easier operation
2. Supports wifi/Bluetooth, one click update, allows you to update software any time and any where freely.
3. Supports 72 car brands about 220 car models from European, USA and Asian.
4. Full diagnose function and fast running speed,Android System
5. Multi-language: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian
6.Better replace X431 IV and X431 Diagun iii

Do you agree with me?If you have any problems about X431 V pls visit our official,feel free to contact us!

2013 Top Auto Repair Tools of Launch X431

X-431 Pro3 made by Launch, an OBD2 diagnostic tool manufacturer based in Shenzhen, was hailed as one of Top 20 Auto Repair Tools in 2013 by China Auto Repair Tool Industry Association last month. The award ceremony was held on February 25 in Beijing, China.


About Launch Tech
Launch Tech Co Ltd was founded in 1992 and is the first professional high-tech company of in China for developing, producing and selling manufacture that providing a full range of Auto Diagnosis, Auto Testing, Auto Cleaning equipment and service solutions for workshops. Launch was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002 (HK STOCK CODE: 2488) and is one of the first Domestic enterprises which successfully financed in Hong Kong.

The award ceremony was attended by more than 80 car diagsnotic tool manufacturers and developers, such as Hunter, Snapon, iOBD2 and Launch.

The crowned product, X-431 Pro3, is an improved version of Launch X431 V(X431 Pro). It features support for all cars and full system fault diagnosis via Bluetooth on Android phones. It passes on Launch X431 V advantages, such as auto diagnostic technology, full car model coverage, wireless connection, accurate test data reading and other functions.

Mercedes-Benz E260 sedan serious engine shake

A mileage of about 36,000 km of the Mercedes-Benz E260 sedan. Owners reflect light engine failure , and jitter serious. After pick confirm there is an engine misfire phenomenon .
After the pick-up : Connect diagnostic XENTRY rapid test and found that ME ( engine control module ) there is a current fault : P0302 00, 2 -cylinder engine has sustained fire occurred .
Into the data stream to see the number of fire engines , data is 0 . Initial speculation is ME software failures. Connected to the server for online diagnostic software upgrades . After the upgrade the fault persists, only the data stream number 2 cylinder misfire has reached 352 times.
Further dismantling the two -cylinder ignition coils and spark plugs , spark plug cylinder head was found two has been completely damaged. The author is the spark plug of the initial diagnosis to determine the problem . Replace the spark plug again the car checked and found still two -cylinder misfire . It seems that before the fire was not considered the cause of so simple. So the next stage of the examination: exchange other cylinder ignition coil fault persists. Hydraulic high pressure fuel system diagnostic testing data values ​​, view of the engine , normal. Oscilloscope connected to two cylinder injector testing, the waveform is normal. Cylinder pressure gauge connected to two cylinders tightness , it was discovered cylinder pressure is 0.
All this time all the focus fell on the cylinder . Suspected to be part of a previously damaged spark plug lead fell into the tank cylinder strain ? But cylinder pressure should not be 0. What causes cylinder pressure does not exist ? To unravel this mystery, used engine endoscopy, to check on the engine block , cylinder wall but did not find any significant damage. Specifically what causes the cylinder pressure will be totally and partially damaged spark plug Where is it?
Then 2013 Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface again endoscope for two cylinder intake and exhaust valves be carefully examined , finally confirmed the judgment, there was a big hole on the exhaust valve . After obtaining the consent of the owners and dismantling technology department head checked , all judgment confirms the above .

2 -cylinder engine fire damage to part of the reason is the spark plug of the head cause damage to the exhaust valve , causing no cylinder pressure does not work . Failure looks very simple, but you can think more about why the engine block is no obvious damage ? And after the cylinder is identified by the technical department intact . Why only the exhaust valve damaged ? Where the damaged part of the spark plug and exhaust valves to go ? Only the exhaust valve damage and damage to the cylinder without explanation.
I judge exactly when the two -cylinder ignition spark plug fell into the top of the piston head is damaged (precisely the combustion chamber ) , the exhaust valve at the moment of acting is top off , miscellaneous pieces falling into the exhaust system. Well , the exhaust system can be directly discharged to go? Only the breakdown of catalytic converters can be directly discharged to the outside . To explore what happens , remove the exhaust pipe endoscopy , catalytic converters intact. So, falling pieces go out? Is not the residual to the turbocharger inside ? In this case there should be a turbocharger of the abnormal sound . Drop the pieces in the combustion chamber is burned out ? This is impossible. If launch x431 the falling fragments can be burned off , then the other spark plugs and valves should also be burned ? After repeated verification concluded that falling debris was being burned inside the exhaust pipe back to the outside world.
The following reasons : first, because the combustion temperature of the engine cooling system and the presence of possible extent to burn them off . Secondly , if the falling fragments left in the combustion chamber , the cylinder wall can not be spared in the repeated acting piston . Only fragments remain in said falling between the turbochargers and catalytic converters . High load conditions of the engine , the exhaust pipe reaches red state , to the temperature thereof can be burned , the burning of particulate matter is discharged outside .