New Version 1.61 for ECM TITANIUM available on Eobd2

ECM Titanium with 18475 driver has been updated to the latest 1.61. The ECU chip tuning software is now available on for €29.99, free shipping. The ECM Titanium V1.61 is allows mechanics and DIYers to accurately to load and edit sotck original files of engine control units (ECU) read using electronic equipments such as Serial ECU programmers (e.g. KESS v2).


Compared with the last version, ECM TITANIUM V1.61 cracked version boasts huge advantage:

1. It does not need a key
2. It contains all drivers 18475
3. It runs stable on Windows XP and XP mode on Windows 7
4. Its checksum works 100% fine
5. It supports multiple languages: Italian/ English/ Portuguese/ German/ French/ Spanish

With ECM Titanium 1.6.1, which provides data read from the files contained in the control units, users can easily stored in the file maps and the main rev determine to increase the engine power, or simply to optimize the consumption.

Notes on using ECM Titanium

The program is embedded into a USB flash drive and it does not need to be installed on a computer hard disk like other software. To use USB the flash drive should have been previously plugged into a USB port and that it stays connected while the program is running.

To load original files with ECM Titanium, it’s necessary that these files are first stored on the hard disk of the PC on which you want to run the software.

To edit original files with ECM Titanium it is preferable to use the support driver through the web.

FGTech Galletto 4 VS KESS V2 VS KTAG

Some users are confused what’s better among FGTECH Galletto 4, Kess V2 and Ktag? In order to help sort them out, EOBD2 engineer make a comparison table from the following aspects. Wish it can help you.

Comparison List FGTech Galletto 4 KESS V2 KTAG
Picture  fgtech-galletto-4-master-120 kess-v2-obd2-manager-tuning-kit-new-120 ktag-k-tag-ecu-programming-tool-120
Function read and write the Data of Engine ECU read and write the Data of Engine ECU read and write the Data of Engine ECU
Supported Vehicles World-wide famous brand cars, trucks and motorcycles World-wide famous brand cars World-wide famous brand cars, trucks
Truck Yes NO Yes
Motorcycle Yes Yes, work with a small part work with a small part
EDC17                work with a small part           work with a small part work with a small part
Via BDM or OBD Both via BDM and OBD Via OBD Via BDM
Update NO NO NO
Tokens NO 60 Tokens available, after use it up, get J-Link to add tokens. 500 Tokens available, after use it up, get J-Link to add tokens.
Language English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Turkish English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French Italian, German, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Additional remark:1) Most customers use FGTech Galletto 4 and KESS V2.2)KESS V2 has Anti-mediation lock module, it can do new and encrypted cars better than Fgtech V53.

3 Best Sold ECU Chip Tuning Tools For Share

Are you still looking for a best auto ECU programming tool? What are the hot vehicle ECU Chip Tuning Tool? And which one will be suitable for your car? FG Tech Galletto 4? KESS V2? Or anything else? Here, I would like to introduce you 3 best sold  ECU chip tuning tools.

1. FGTech Galletto 4 V54
Price: €78.00

FG Tech Galletto 4, a famous chip tuning tool, support for all car (such as Trucks, Motorcycles, Marine, BMD MPCxx and Checksum), is the fastest and most secure product on the market for its system developed with high-speed USB2 technology. FG Tech Galletto 4 supports window XP, Vista, Win 7 operating systems. Additionally, English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech and Turkish are all available.

2. KESS V2 Master
Price: €133.00

KESS V2 Master can support the newest version 2.06, which is a professional ECU chip tuning tool for DIY users owing to its easy operation. The outstanding advantage is that it can do some newer car models when compared with K-TAG. KESS V2 is everything you need to work as a successful tuner at a rather reasonable price. This tuning tool is available on Italian, Dutch, English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

3. XPROG-M V5.0
Price: €45.00

XPROG-M V5.0 is the new version of XPROG-M, which supplied by with unlimited technical service, high quality, wholesale price and one-year warranty. It supports in-circuit and on-board programming of Motorola 68HC05, 68HC08, 68HC11, 68HC(S)12 family MCU’s, Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374 family MCU’s and serial EEPROM’s.

On, you can also find a series of new ECU chip tuning tools or programmers, I think you can find your own favorite one.

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KESS V2 Master available for €133.00 on Eobdii

KESS V2 Master Chip Tuning Tool is now available for €133.00 only, which is 22% off the original price on, a reliable Chinese OBD2 tool seller.


Protocol coverage: KESS V2 features support for all vehicle protocols, including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.
KESS V2 Master is able to:
1. Check of the battery voltage in real-time
2. Full Recovery function in case of problems
3. Automatically correct of the Checksum, (where available)
4. Support boot-Loader mode
5. Manage the programming counters
6. Scan and clear DTC
7. Read and write speed
8. Write full file/section of the map
9. Fully integrate with ECM Titanium
10. Support BDM function and tri-core model.
Token requirement: Now the new KESS V2 has no tokens limited. Every time when you are running out of tokens, you can use J-Line adapter to get the 60 tokens.
Computer system requirement: KESS V2 works on both Windows 7 and Windows XP systems.
Update: The tool does not support update.

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Kess V2 “Connection not established” problem and solution

A customer contacted me yesterday and told me he had a problem using the KESS V2 software from us. After he installed the software, and tried to use it on his vehicle, he got an error message said “Connection not established”. At the same time, the red light on his KESS V2 ECU programmer came on.


Well, the problem is mainly caused because one of the original software file is destroyed. You can follow the below instruction to solve the problem:

1.Uninstall the KESS V2 software and then reinstall it.
2.Find “Ksuita” file in your local disk C, and copy and paste it to desktop.
3.Download the installation software to your laptop, and run the software. The software will then generate another “Ksuita” folder on Disk C, which we call new Ksuita folder.
4.When the installation software is successfully installed, open the old Ksuita file on your desktop, and copy and paste all files to this Ksuita file.
5.Go to local disk C, find the new Ksuita folder, and paste all the files of old Ksuita folder to this new one.
6.Run your KESS V2 software and test how it works.

Price off KESS V2 Tuning Kit on EOBD2

EOBD2 is offering a 5 big discount on popular KESS V2 OBD2 Manager ECU Tuning Kit. This is a master version for both amateurs and professions. The tool is now available for €145.00 only.

Kess V2 is an improved version of KESS, and features a new Alientech stable, which is probably the most advanced tool available today. It is able to program ecu chip tunning tool for almost all the major car brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.

1. Software Version: V1.89

2. Add emulator in package.

3. Supported Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French

If you are interested in obd2 tools, please visit EOBD2 official website at

Formatage de la carte et pas plus kess v2 réveil erreur

À la fin de 2013, mon kess v2 trouvé réveil erreur comme les images montrent ci-dessous ; et j’ai eu des solutions de mon vendeur . De cette façon , j’ai déjà résolu mon problème de périphérique à cette époque . Alors que dans Mars 2014 , je me suis à nouveau la même erreur . Je me demandais à faire de la même façon des solutions , mais m’inquiète erreur une fois de plus . Ainsi , je me suis tourné pour aider d’eux .
Depuis le réveil erreur est apparue , les ingénieurs ont xcardiag une recherche sur elle , et a constaté que si la carte n’est pas formatée première , l’erreur se produit si vous faites comme les solutions .


C’est-à- dire , pas les solutions sont à une étape de plus , une carte de format , puis copier les programmes (programmes de téléchargement de . ) Dans la carte de TF .

Si vous oubliez les trois solutions, je suis ici pour vous partager une fois de plus :


1 . Avoir un remplacement de programmes dans la carte de TF

2 . Suivez la vidéo d’installation de certaine version

3 . Reprogrammer programme de la CPU dans la façon de résoudre les jetons limitation

Astuce: Formatage de la carte en premier

Kess v2 erreur de suite n’est pas difficile à résoudre et peut aussi bien travailler après avoir remplacé sa carte ou installer certaine version en suivant la vidéo ou reprogrammer CPU bien dans la manière de résoudre les jetons limitation.

Kess v2: three things should be focused on

According to users share, I have collected three things should be focused on Kess V2. They are respectively why kess v2 chip can be written only one time; how to solve the problems of limited token and wake up error.
They seem have nothing to do with each other, while they have slightly concerned with each one. Let us come to them one by one.
Why kess v2 chip can be written only one time?
Actually, this one is concerned with the problems of kess v2 design, for the factory only offers the chip program which can rewrite. In this case, we should do the following steps to solve the problem of limited tokens and only write once problem.
How to solve the problems of limited token?
Step1. Replace the original kess v2 chip with LPC2478 chip that can be bought from seller.
Step2. Purchase JTAG programmer accessory numbered LINK J-LINKV8 (SHOW AS FOLLOWING IMAGE).
Step3. Purchase pins and weld them well (as below picture)
Step4. Connect the pins and JTAG well as following picture:
Final step: do as the REPAIR KESS V2 TOKENS video

How to solve Wake up error?
1.Replacement of programs in the TF card
2.installation of certain software according to installation video
3.reprogramming cpu program in the manner of solving limited tokens (mentioned above)
As a matter of fact, they are concerned one by one.

KESS OBD Tuning Kit Technical Service

KESS OBD Tuning Kit for read EEPROM and flash from ECU by obd for car chip tuning. It can support EDC 15, EDC16 and other ECU.
Latest Version:V4.2
KESS OBD Tuning Kit
When you use KESS, you may meet the following problems:
KESS OBD Tuning Kit
Magicmotorsport-Magpro2 ver:3.0: you have to choose “Speed” as “Slow”,
the picture as shown above, it is French version, so to choose “Vitesse” as ” Lent”
KESS OBD Tuning Kit
KESS OBD Tuning Kit

EOBD2 collect some ECU chip tuning and Remapping file, including universal ECU chip tuning tool BDM 100(Version 1255), DigiProg ECU flashing tool, ECU data reading and writing tool KWP2000+, newest version Galletto tool 1260, special ECU tool for BMW and so on.

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