Active Sound Design (ASD) Retrofit Procedure using ISTA Rheingold

I thought I’d post of this thread to share my progress on retrofitting Active Sound Design to my 2013 328i MSport.

To start off with I ordered the module. It has various part numbers, but apparently they are all the same: 65129352264*; 65129326555; 65129343317; 65129353021; 65129362445; 65129362445; 65 12 9 322 712 (03/12 -> ); 65 12 9 302 536 (03/12 -> 07/13).*

I could not get a part number for the connector so I will be making up my own.

Next up I got the pin assignments from ISTA Rheingold:


Here is the inside of the connector:

inside of the connector-02

I then transposed all the pin assignments onto an image to make my life easier:

transposed all the pin assignments-03

I then continued to only connect power and the CAN signal.

connect power and can signal-04

ISTA detects the new module

ISTA before:

ista before-05

ISTA after:

ista after-06

E-SYS detects the new module:


After this I flashed the ASD module. I used a modified FA where I changed the production code typekey to 3C17 to ensure it is a production code that included ASD.

Here is the FDL edit view afterward:


Next thing I must connect the feed from NBT head unit and output to the AMP. I first need to spend some time to make proper connectors so will update all you guys once I progress further.

Very excited to see this retrofit work!