How to solve FGTech BDM Communication Error

I was lucky to get the FGTech Galletto 2 master version (hardware V50) clone for the promotion price €44 or so. When I installed the V2012 software on ThinkPad running xp home, I came across the communication EOBD2.exe error. And I lost the program.
Then I contacted the technical support, one of their engineers offered me the solution.

First of all, make sure run the software on Windows XP operating system only and there is well communication with PC/laptop and FGTech BDM.

Then, download the software zip file including following source files on their webpage.
Next, find out and open the MProg3.0-Setup.exe driver. Welcome the program below.
Click on the search button (99745165)and welcome the next program.
Locate and open galletto2.ept item in the program list
After that click the button: (99744961). Open FTReadWrite_v3.exe which located on FGTech-FT232 file, and then select Write EE shown as the picture below.
Select the g2.-eep.bin in the previous file and open it.
When the “Writing complete” message pops out the window, the procedure is complete.