Promotion:Buy YANHUA Digimaster III get free CAS4+ software

YANHUA, the manufacturer of Digimaster 3 odometer correction master, is offering a promotion on the tool. From today to 31st December, when you buy a Digimaster 3 mileage programmer from Eobd2 online supplier, you will get its CAS4 software for free, saving you €359.20.


Digimaster 3, also known as Digimaster III or D3, is a professional tool that supports almost all the vehicles in the world, BMW, Toyota, Honda, VW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Renault, you name it. Apart from mileage programming, it also supports the following functions for some cars:

Audio decoding
Airbag resetting
ECU programming
Reading PIN

With CAS4+ software, Digimaster 3 will be able to program BMW keys including:

BMW Key programming on following vehicles:

BMW 1 series F20 (2011-)
BMW 5 series F10/F11/F18 (2010 upwards)
BMW 5 series GT F07 (2010 upwards)
BMW 6 series F12/F13 (2011 upwards)
BMW 7 series F0x (2008 upwards)
BMW X1 (2010 upwards)
BMW X3 F25 (2011 upwards)

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our official website, and pick up the Digimaster 3 and the free CAS4+ software before this great offer ends on December 31!

Quatre étapes faciles à activer digimaster 3?

Digimaster 3 besoin d’être activé en ligne avec le code d’activation fourni par nous dans la première aide. Vous pouvez activer et recharger Digimaster 3 par les étapes suivantes.

Etape 1: Mise sous tension et connecter le D3 avec internet. Le désactivée EUR DD3 montrer comme ci-dessous. Cliquez sur “OK” pour démarrer l’activation.

Étape 2: Entrez le code de validation dans la boîte de dialogue à gauche, cliquez sur “Suivant” pour télécharger le programme de mise à jour et le programme de gestion.

Étape 3: fenêtre d’activation s’affichera une fois télécharger le programme de gestion. Veuillez entrer vos informations

Etape 4: Entrez le code d’activation et mot de passe fournis par les ventes puis cliquez sur “Suivant”.

Plus de digimaster 3 questions, s’il vous plaît vérifier:

Share the newest features on Digimaster3

In order to have a better service for clients, I have fixed my eyes on YANHUA official on newest features on Digimaster 3. These days, I have it listed and wanted to share with people who is interested in mileage correction.

In March 17, it newly added vehicle models on adjustment of mileages, including Peugeot 307 2013 BSI 95128, dashboard 95020; Peugeot 308, 2013 BSI 95128, dashboard 95020; Hyundai Accent 24C16; GWM Harvard M2 2013.

Feb 19 witnessed Digimaster3 added OBD odometer correction vehicle models, including VW (NEC+24C64) 2013 and VW Bora. In addition, it supports adjustment on EEPORM mileage on VW NEC+95320, and local counting key function on VW Passat B7 (NEC+24C64).

Digimaster III added new vehicle models on mileage correction function in Feb 22, including VW Sagitar 2013 (OBD), VW Magotar 2013 (OBD), VW CC 2013 (OBD), VW Nec+24c64 2013 (OBD), VW Tiguan 2013 (OBD), Honda Stream 93A66, Honda Crider 93C76 and so on.

In March 3, new added airbag fixing vehicle models includes Nissan 285561YPOA, MG W5 10041784, Grace J3858022 5WK43705, Wuling2452886-611288000A and China Motor J38582832 5wk44651.

At last, it functions well, and can be updated in long, added many newer car models, and new functions on newer or original car models. If you do not know how to update it, how to use it, how to adjust mileage, please pay attention to my post, I will share with you later.