Can lexia pp2000 fix C4 Coupe clunking, squeaking and shaking?

Vehicle Information:

New (used) C4 coupe 1.6 petrol 2005, car is driven about 145000km.

Citroen C4 Problem:

Have a lot of noises which are starting to be very disturbing.

C4 Detailed problem explanation:

1. When the steering wheel is turned completely to either left or right, a mad squeaking starts (the car has to be moving) but speed doesn’t matter. The sound comes from front, both sides, or might also be from engine bay.

2. A pretty loud constant clunking from the rear, which seems to vary depending on speed. The faster I go, the faster it clunks. The clunking can be felt very good also at the front passenger’s footwell.
Someone suggested wheel bearings, but I doubt that, I also heard about springs which I also doubt since the clunking is constant, no matter the road or speed.

I had a similar problem with my previous BMW E46 (though random and much louder); it turned out to be the output shafts.

3. The car kind of jumps when engine breaking and gently pressing the gas pedal, this is something that many cars do, but not this bad, it’s almost as if the car is stalling. Same thing happens when engine breaking and shifting down, it seems to happen at about rev. 2000x/min or under just before the need to down shift. It feels more like an kangaroo ride than a French ride.
I know this starts to happen to ‘older and used’ cars, but is there a way to fix it or make it better on a citroen.

Question: can Lexia-3 V48 PP2000 V25 with Diagbox V7.49 edit car settings?


I’m planning on getting Lexia-3 V48 PP2000 V25 with Diagbox V7.49, but before I do, is it possible to edit car settings with Lexia? For example auto. door locking at certain speed, maybe light functions or something?

Also if there happens to be a list of settings that can be changed with lexia, i would be very grateful!

Someone suggested:

Auto door locking is already enabled at circa 11 mph and can be turned on or off via driver settings in the car without Lexia. And another one suggested Auto door locking is enabled/disabled by pressing the internal door lock button on the dash by more than a few seconds. (probably 5 secs to be sure).

Their suggest narrowed it down for me very much! After I trial from the driver settings I couldn’t get it to work, I found the auto-lock option where it says it’s disabled. If I press OK-button on the steering wheel, it just jumps to the main screen and nothing happens.

Then I turn to Chinese engineer, and got their answer:

Chinese Lexia 3 is only used to diagnose, but it is option to reset/program, the user is supposed to do it online, try to get one account from original factory and connect to their server, then use their data to do.

The next thing is to get one account from original factory and connect to their server. Good luck for me.