Best Renault CAN CLIP Gold PCB with AN21355SC Chip

2015 Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface V146 with Gold PCB and AN21355SC Chip is available in The top quality Renault CLIP designed with 2pcs CYPRESS AN2135/2136SC chip. Following is the PCB and software display.

Software version: V146

Language: French, English, German, Brazil, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Sweden.

Update: via CD

CLIP CAN Renault Gold PCB display:

renault-can-clip-pcb-picrenault-can-clip-pcb-pic-2renault-can-clip-pcb-pic-3renault-can-clip-pcb-pic-4renault-can-clip-pcb-pic-5Super-Renault-CAN Clip-with-AN21355SC-Chip

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Renault CAN Clip V146 free software and set up guide:

Hot V139 Renault CAN Clip (French) only €84.99

Software of the popular Renault diagnostic tool, Renault CAN Clip has been upgraded to the latest V139 version lately. The newest V139 Renault Clip is usually sold at a price above €100 on the market. But on EOBD2.FR, you only have to pay €84.99 for it.

Compared with the previous version, V139 Renault CAN Clip features better stability in basic diagnosis, reprogramming, airbag test and so on and covers more Renault cars models, including those ones built recently.


Language support:

The tool supports multiple languages. This includes French, English, German, Brazil, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania and Swedish.

Clip Renault Functions:

1. See all the information relating to the vehicle
2. Computer test
3. Automatic test of all computers
4. Reprogramming
5. Airbag test
6. Scan tool (OBD tests)
7. Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
8. Physical measurements
9. Antipollution
10. Work as a multi-meter

PC system requirement:

The tool can only run on Windows XP PC, rather than Win7 or Win8 computers.

After service:

EOBD2.FR offers lifetime technical support for the tool. EOBD2.FR has a group of professionals and technicians specialized in auto diagnostic tools that will do as much as they can to guarantee you a pleasant experience with the tool.

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