Add news keys for Jeep Cherokee

I have this Jeep Cherokee limited Edtion 2002 lost all key, I have news keys from dealer and i have pin code. So, I have tried programming new key with x-100 and MVP but can’t communicate with car. Then I guess for jeep with MVP I need use CHRYSLER 138/139 adapter!!

Then an experienced locksmith shared with me that he tested and the CHRYSLER 138/139 adapter works perfectly in MVP. It connects to the JEEP Cherokee limited very well. This CHRYSLER 138/139 adapter is not the one that comes with the MVP, but the one they sell separately. Like:

The seller suggests this adapter is for T300 key programmer, but also for MVP according to the test.

Additional info, MVP clone can´t read pin code on Jeep cheroke limited Edtion 2002, but get pin code by dump from immo box.