Best Renault CAN CLIP Gold PCB with AN21355SC Chip

2015 Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface V146 with Gold PCB and AN21355SC Chip is available in The top quality Renault CLIP designed with 2pcs CYPRESS AN2135/2136SC chip. Following is the PCB and software display.

Software version: V146

Language: French, English, German, Brazil, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romania, Sweden.

Update: via CD

CLIP CAN Renault Gold PCB display:

renault-can-clip-pcb-picrenault-can-clip-pcb-pic-2renault-can-clip-pcb-pic-3renault-can-clip-pcb-pic-4renault-can-clip-pcb-pic-5Super-Renault-CAN Clip-with-AN21355SC-Chip

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Renault CAN Clip V146 free software and set up guide:

(Solved) Renault Trafic 2012 get engine management light on

Car model and year:

Renault Trafic 2012, 2.0 DCI m9r engine.I purchased it from auction damaged (on the side a little on the front) ex company fleet vehicle onon 87k miles.

Car trouble:

On the dash which says CHECK INJECTION! And CHECK EMISSIONS! With engine management light on. If i erase the codes they come back. The injection one does pretty quickly but the emissions one takes a few minutes more.

Tools I use:

CAN CLIP, I bought from at €130 with shipping cost

Got fault code using Renault CAN clip

F064 (engine immob light circuit??)

DF1360 (EGR coolant pump 2 control circuit)


My analysis and speculation

Van had burst its rad in the collision so it had lost all its coolant. I was worried the driver at the time drove it on a empty coolant damaging HG and allowing water to gush into the egr cooler…etc..etc. But looking at when the fault occurred the driver seems to have driven just 2KM after the fault arised. The van has since only done that 2km. I’ve since fixed the radiator and as i say runs perfectly no other issues other than the damn errors on the dash.


Clean the EGR and also the pipe that connects to it at 87k its probably due a clean.

Get Renault Clio diagnosed to fix airbag light

Renault Clio had been airbag on for about 6 months, but mot next week meant I had to sort this one out. Tried the under seat cable trick, no joy. Checked the ECU and there was some sign of liquid but not in the ECU itself. Took it to a garage for diagnosis and they use Renault Can Clip cleared the faults (25 quid), only 2 errors remaining were these:

B1036: passenger side impact sensor

B1035: driver side impact sensor

Turns out this is just a little plastic unit bolted underneath the seat (directly below door) with a cable connected. I went to the scrappy and got 2 of these (10 quid each), replaced old with new in 10 minutes (unhooked battery first) and the lights went out straight away, no need to do a further reset or anything.

My advice here would be if sorting the cables under the seat doesnt fix this issue, get it diagnosed. In my case I was ready to buy a whole new ECU, turns out that wouldn’t have helped at all.

Anyways, hope this info helps someone, all the best!

How to solve Renault CAN Clip “File RSRwin can’t be decompressed”



I bought a Renault CAN Clip from you early this month. I did not use the device until yesterday since I was quite busy recently. Last night, I finally tried to install the device on my computer, but ran into a problem. There was a file named RSRwin in this obd2 tool package, which could not be installed successfully. When I double click the file, I got an error message, reading “if you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on might be lost” (as shown below). I did not do anything to the package. How did the problem come up?

Yours sincerely,


Hi Zoey,

The problem may be caused the installing package has been damaged by your anti-virus software. Please make sure you have closed your anti-virus software before installation. If you forget to close it, there are chances that something in the CD will be deleted because it is regarded as a virus-carrying file.

If you have closed your anti-virus software, and the problem still happens, please read on.

The problem can also be caused by wrong installation method. According to our installing video, you should first copy the file RSRwin.exe to your desktop and then open the RSRwin.exe file in the CD directory and active it. After active the file in the CD directory, please go to the desktop and cut the RSRwin.exe on the desktop to replace that file in the CD directory. And then the file can run successfully to move on the installation procedure of the Renault diagnostic tool.

Best regards


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How to crack Chinese clone Renault CAN Clip?

Hi, everyone. I got my Renault CAN Clip from China today, but the software would not work. I was told that the software should be cracked after installation. I tried to get help from the supplier without success. Their after service sucks! Please help! Any tutorial on Youtube?

Hi, there. Try the tutorial here:

I have cracked my CAN Clip by following the tutorial step by step.

1.Finish Renault CAN Clip installation, but do not run the software.
2.Copy the RSRwin.ext to C:\CLIP_X91\Lib\Application\.
3.Run your CLIP, select “Register me now”. A window will then pop out asking “Are you part of the Renault Network?” Click “NO” to go on.


4.Enter your Clip serial number and security code in the blanks. You can use the security code: 333DEF-111DEF-111DEF-222DEF-221DEF-000DEF. Now click confirm.
5.The CAN Clip diagnostic tool is cracked and registered successfully.

French language version: