How to Start-up Dynamic Drive for BMW E65 2001 with MaxiDAS DS708

Original Autel MaxiDAS DS708 is a powerful diagnostic tool that can perform multi-function; additionally you are available to get this device with French Version on Eobd2.

How to use MaxiDAS DS708 to start-up dynamic drive for BMW E65?


Guide in detail:

Boot up DS708 device;

Select European >> BMW;

car model selection interface

Turn IGN OFF and then ON;

Select 7 Series >> E65 (E66/E68) >> Model as 735I_N62_SAL >> Version as EUR_LHD;

Check whether the following information is correct;

car information check

Select Service functions >> Chassis >> Dynamic Drive;

select dynamic drive

In the Dynamic Drive interface, select Start up >> Start Startup;

Pop out Dynamic Drive information;

dynamic drive information

Proceed and to make sure start the order “Teaching-in parameters and zero point of the sensor”;

The order concluded successfully;

conclude successfully

The control unit is currently carrying out an internal reset;

Make sure there is fault code stored in ECU memory;

Test the result;


Autel Maxidas DS708 Diagnostic Scanner views

Autel Maxidas DS708 is not only ascanner tool but also a diagnostic tool. Autel Maxidas DS708 OBD Scanner can reprogram keys after getting the key code from the dealer and providing proof of ownership for free.It can also reset ABS and reprogram certain module on some cars although not all.

Autel Maxidas DS708

How to project Original Autel Maxidas DS708 complete reprogramming capability? This function can’t leave a J2534 tool. However, is it worth to pay the money? Look at below:

Autel Maxidas DS708 complete reprogramming can do idle relearns, calibrate the right seat Occupant Classification System module, and do deep body scans of your entire car/truck. It will be amazed how many items you have for it to scan. The radios on the new cars are VIN coded and this can re-program a replacement to work.A basic OBD2 scanner tool will not do the job anymore.

It does what it needs to do.For some cars/trucks older after 2010 it sometimes needs you to tell it what car it is, yet other times it finds it automatically. Not much problem of issue, but some things don’t work on some cars, because they are still working on the software and updating it a lot. For the Maxidas DS708 software price, however everyoneis getting a smoking hot deal. I just wish it was cheaper than $500 per year to update. The first year is free. The fact that Autel Maxidas DS708 vehicle diagnostic scanner comes with all the connectors needed to work with after 1996 vehicles is awesome. You get basic OBD codes easily displayed with this Autel DS708 scanner.

Review on Eobd2 Autel Maxidas DS708

I have had an Autel Maxidas DS708 from Eobd2 for two weeks now and here I would do a quick review of the product.

Price and Ordering: Ordered this Autel DS708 from Eobdii website for €690.00, payment made thru Paypal. The order included:
1. Main part

1pc x DS708 main unit
1pc x Stylus pen
1pc x 4GB SD memory card (If you want 8G/16G card,you need to pay another 20USD and please leave message to )
1pc x Carrying case

2. Adaptor

1pc x OBDII 16PIN
1pc x Honda 3pin
1pc x AUDIA 2×2
1pc x Benz 38pin
1pc x BMW 20pin
1pc x Chrysler 16pin
1pc x Fiat 3pin
1pc x GM/Daweoo 12pin
1pc x Honda 3pin
1pc x Mitsubishi/Hyundai -12+16pin
1pc x Kia 20pin
1pc x Mazda 17pin
1pc x Nissan 14pin
1pc x PSA 3pin
1pc x Toyota 17pin
1pc x Toyota 23pin

3. Test cable

1pc x Main cable
1pc x Cigaretter Lighter
1pc x Clipper cable

4. Accessories

1pc x AC Adapter
1pc x RS232 serial cable
2pcs x Lighter fuse 6*30mm
1pc x SD Card reader
1pc x User’s manual
1pc x CD
1pc x Quick guide
1pc x Package list

It was a full box of tools. Vendor sent an email when order Received, Processed and Shipped.

Delivery: Payment made on 2th April, order shipped the next day and arrived at my garage on 10th April. The package was in good condition and in great shape. Shipping was quite fast. But it was a little bit upsetting as I could not locate my order and had to call the customer service to make sure it had been sent.
User experience: The Maxidas DS708 required to register on (official website of Autel tools) first, otherwise the software would not work. Eobdii offered a pdf to demonstrate how to step by step register an account. Once registered, I had access to read OBDII, display live data and program ECUs.

I have no affiliation with the suppliers of this product, just a customer.

Autel DS708 read and erase DTC on Porsche models

Dear Sirs,

Is it possible to read and erase DTC on Porsche models, manufactured starting year 2009, with Autel MaxiDAS:emoji: DS708 ?

Can You please send me more specific information regarding product?
– Updates (period & price)
– Compleat model list (brand, model, year)
– warranty

Also I’m interest to read and erase DTC for Maserati Garnturismo MC Stradale from year 2011.

That I see on the screen Porsche label don’t mean that it be usable for models from year 2009. For example Porsche Boxter 2.7 year 2010, can I read DTC and clear the maintenance interval?

Thank You for your reply!


Reply to Henry:

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 can read Trouble Codes (DTC) and explain what the meaning of the troule codes.
It supports Porsche models, DS708 generally work with the car until 2012 year.
About DS708 update:

Go to update at DS708 official website:, you could download software, update online, retrieve information and get warranty service. Even you are allowed to customize one specific language among these languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Australia and Russian, but not accessible to switch to the language what you want when you use DS708.

The update is one year for free, after one year later, it will cost you US$ 500.00 each time for one year, read details at:

About DS708 supported car list: is available with Autel DS708 supported car list.

About warranty:

Autel DS708 is original item authorized by Autel and it has 12 months warranty.

Sorry, DS708 cannot read and erase DTC for Maserati Garnturismo.

if you have any question, please contact me any time.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,


Comment indentify faux et originale de autel maxidas ds708 ?

Avant que je me suis décidé à acheter autel maxidas ds708 , je suis inquiet à propos de l’achat d’ un faux de . Heureusement , j’ai la chance de trouver un poste sur la façon de indentify un faux et originale . Après j’ai une confirmation à ce sujet , je l’ai acheté de obdii le mois dernier . Et aujourd’hui, je voudrais vous montrer pourquoi mon ds708 acheté sur est original et comment vérifier .


Tout d’abord , j’ai pu trouver de certificat d’autorisation sur . Montrez-vous l’un d’eux comme suit , si vous voulez en savoir plus , un lien vers ce site .
Deuxièmement , après une courte navigation de l’ensemble du dispositif depuis que j’ai reçu , c’est la même chose avec le site officiel promis , .

Troisièmement, il prend en charge la mise à jour sur leur site officiel MAXIDAS.COM .

Quatrièmement , ses prix sont raisonnables plutôt que de faux sont très pas cher avec des prix sur demi ou même moins cher et service à la clientèle sur obdii est bon .

Dans l’ensemble , c’est pourquoi je suis confirmé mon autel ds708 est un original . Vous pouvez également avoir un contrôle sur ces pièces pour s’assurer que celui que vous souhaitez acheter est d’origine pour assurer ses fonctions et modèles de véhicules compatibles, y compris le certificat d’autorisation , les mêmes fonctions que le site officiel a promis , mis à jour sur le site officiel et des prix raisonnables .

certificat indiquant:


JAC with Wyatt engine acceleration retardation, failure lights

Car mileage only 3000km, the engine model cars 4GB1.3C of JAC with Auto Diagnostic Tools Wyatt . Users report: car engine fault lights lit , difficulty in starting , when in motion normal acceleration, engine response is very slow, slam the accelerator pedal without the normal reaction of the 4 ~ 5s , 5s the normal speed.
After the pick-up : The detector diagnostics, fault code is P0340: VCP intake camshaft position sensor status diagnosis , start the engine after clearing the fault code , fault lights immediately. Analyze the reasons for failure are as follows : ① camshaft position sensor connector plug is not real ; ② camshaft position sensor reference voltage circuit is open ; ③ camshaft position sensor signal to open ; ④ camshaft position sensor signal line open ; ⑤ camshaft position sensor improper installation location or damage ; ⑥ ECM interface failure ; ⑦ valve timing wrong.
First, camshaft position sensor harness connection plug checks without exception ; using a multimeter to check the camshaft position sensor 5V reference voltage signal to 0V; conduction file directly with a multimeter to check the camshaft position sensor signal line to the ECM plug conducting the case to pieces 05 horn , normal ; then the ECM and ECM connector pins carefully examined , without exception . Camshaft position sensor , ECM, VVT control valve replacement parts experiments were carried out , the fault still shows these components properly. With a detector interface into the data stream , to view the actual position of the intake camshaft angle is zero , display data , mainly on the camshaft position sensor signal wheel and valve timing system prompts carefully check the fault code and data streams . Remove the valve cover , first check whether the camshaft position sensor signal wheel loosening or displacement sensor signal wheel assembly firmly , no shift phenomenon . Go on a cylinder of the engine stop position , the first stop on the alignment position of a cylinder crankshaft belt pulley , and then check the intake and exhaust camshaft position of a cylinder is normally only found that the intake and exhaust camshafts cams a tooth is wrong on one cylinder position to adjust after being cleared before ending with a detector fault codes , start the engine fault light goes out , then start smoothly, significantly shorter start-up time to begin the road test after assembly completed , road test result is normal , when the engine throttle speed significantly , thus troubleshooting.

Maintenance Summary : 4GB engine crankshaft sprocket interference fit assembly methods, engine timing mark is usually through the timing chain 3:00 mark to make autel maxidas ds708 judgments. Noted above case , if the crankshaft or camshaft sprocket sprocket limit is not reliable, then the process will be running the engine timing position swimming phenomenon resulting engine difficult to start or accelerate weakness and failure alarm lights and other phenomena . JAC 4GA engine crankshaft sprocket is fixed by the key groove of the shaft on the crankshaft , 4GA keyway if engine wear , engine timing deviation will occur , resulting in inability to accelerate the failure modes consistent with 4GB substantial cause engine failure .

Comments : This case is a typical hard fault fault : fault code is present and can not afford to clear the fault phenomenon always present. Because there is a clear failure boot information , so hard faults in the range of relatively infrequent failure to acknowledge the fault is much easier. Therefore , the authors carried out a detailed reason for failure analysis . But note that, in the analysis of the cause , we can learn from the practice of ” fault tree ” or ” fishbone diagram ” , and press the categories of failure analysis , and then as VAG TACHO USB the investigation progresses, then gradual thinning causes. The case of the analysis of the cause of the malfunction is no principle here , know if the fault re- complicated case, such as the analysis of the causes of the end , it will be a huge space, exactly where to start troubleshooting becomes very difficult. If the cause of the malfunction is divided into : camshaft position sensor circuit failure, component failure , the valve timing faults in three aspects , maintenance ideas will be much clearer. In addition , the authors if we can use dynamic data flow information , will be able to indirectly identify work status VVT system , provide an effective basis for the search point of failure. As a new car with less than 3000 km appeared timing gear case should not jump teeth it is , it seems, at the same time we support domestic products , domestic products more deserving self .