What coverage does each Chinese key programmer have?

With Key Pro M8, AD100, SKP900, X100 etc, what coverage do they have? what are their difference? Please go on reading the following parts.

Key Pro M8:

I look at all these units and they all seem to have similar coverage , keyprom8 stands out head and shoulders above rest because of what its a copy of , the sheer volume of coverage it has , its a lot of kit for the money , tokens are a pain but cheap , buy 50 tokens get 150 free at present , buy 100 get 300 free , that’s alot of tokens making it very cheap to use compared to original , that’s around 2usd a token only , I’ve actually played with one for 4 weeks that I bought from www.eobd2.fr , it works flawlessly as the original.

What AD100 can do?
The fiesta I did yesterday I tried SKP900, X100, CK100, none did anything so it went in with AD100. AD100 has only limited Asian coverage and so that’s what I use the Chinese stuff on and it seems to work fine for me.

SKP900 VS X100

It’s nice to think that the skp900 and x100 will reach the coverage of the keyprom8 as token free.

SKP900 is very useful in conjunction with the 3D booklet that shows accurate coverage, but it does fail on things listed in it’s menu.

X100 hasn’t failed for me yet on the things it has listed but it was a bit flaky on a Nissan Micra 06.

Neither is ideal as an only device but both have their uses if you are saving tokens.

SKP900,skp100 is original developed by Chinese, which bring a great shock to the whole OBD2 tools field, which is giving the whole world that the Chinese is slowly shifting from cloning to developing

Which key programmer is best for Ford Fiesta?
Most ford cars with incode and outcode any tool like SBB OR T300, key pro M8, someone use AD100.
The Ford Fiestas some locksmith tried SKP900, X100, CK100, none did anything

Which key programmer is best for Nissan juke?
Did a Nissan juke smart lost key. Skp900, fvdi all failed. Job done with x100.
Wish asian models x100 is superior.

With landrover, which key programmer is better?
Not everything on skp900 works, x100 has a more reliable coverage on all bar landrover like Discovery 3.

In a word, every key programmer has their uses, it is advised own not only one tool, but have several and use together especially if you are a professional locksmith.