Latest Bluetooth TCSCDP Pro+ with 2014.02 Keygen and 4G Memory Card

The newest TCSCDP Pro+ with 2014.02 keygen and 4G memory card released on As a universal diagnostic tool, it is able to work for cars and trucks. Additionally, this tool can do cars by Bluetooth, easy to install, and have keygen for activation, all of which make it a best choice for car diagnostic.
Top 6 reasons to get Bluetooth TCSCDP Pro+ with 2014.02 Keygen and 4G Memory Card

1. Newest software version: V2014.02
2. Support multi-language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Dansk, German, Turkish, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Swedish and so on.
3. Compatible with Windows XP and Win7 system.
4. Can work for both cars and trucks.
5. Free keygen attached for activation.
6. Bluetooth Function.

TCSCDP Pro+ function:

As a quick and reliable diagnostic tool, it can support functions as follows:
1. Record parameters in real time via flight recorder
2. Voltage check
3. Read out the chassis number
4. Scan through ISS (Intelligent System Scan) all the systems and display the fault codes stored in each system.
5. Identify and select automatically the type of controller that is mounted in the vehicle via ISI (Intelligent System Identification).
6. Report function, OBD function and more.

If needed, you can browse the following link for more information: