How to calibrate Opel steering angle sensor with Op-com

I have a 2006 Ventra C Z19DTH with the error faults detected: Steering Angle Sensor Signal C1532-05 Circuit Open or High Voltage History. I got the old power steering pump water changed. Now my power steering water works only that remains my control lit abroad approx 20 second after start the engine. I went to the technician and was told to get the CIM recalibrated.

I learn from him quickly and I have myself own an Op-com diagnostic interface, cheap €19 in Eobd2. Here we go:

1) Disconnect the battery and the steering angle sensor lose its basic setting
2) Remove airbag and steering wheel following the usual precautions
3)Move the center rotor of the CIM to align the 2 triangles
4) Connect the op-com interface with computer via USB port than install the software
5) Plug the op-com unit into the vehicle USB port after succeeded installing software
6) Op-com will turn out the ESP light but not very first and second time
7) Turn on the vehicle ignition switch and start the vehicle.
8) Drive in a short distance straight line on a level surface at the speed not higher than 20 km/h.
9) When the steering wheel is straight, stop the vehicle with the wheels pointed straight. Make sure the vehicle is not move again.
10) Come to the op-com main function menu, select “Op-com Diagnostic”>> Vehicle year “2006”>>Vehicle model “Astra-H”>>Body>>CIM (Steering Column Module)>> Measuring block 3>>Steering Angle Sensor offset – set to 0.00 by slightly moving steering wheel
11) Back to the CIM screen, select “Programming”. Enter the security code if the system asks for it. Then click “Yes” when the system accepts the security code.
12) Go back to the programming screen, select “Steering angle calibration”, if the system still showed steering angle calibrated, choose “No, choose Activate and waited”. Otherwise, select “Yes” when the system displays steering angle calibrated.
13) The ESP light then came on with ignition as normal and went out after a few seconds

I am going to investigate another 10 pieces of op-com for a cheaper price and make some benefits by selling to local Opel owners.