JLINK V8.0 is improved version of V7.0

Kess V2 CPU Repair Chip with 60 Tokens Plus JLINK / J-LINK V8 Simulator ARM USB JTAG is full version and support firmware updates, J-LINK V8 supports ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-M3 core, ADS, IAR, KEIL development environment.
Ktag/KessV2 CPU Repair Chip Plus JLINK V8+ ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator

JLINK V8  is improved version of V7.0
(1) Improving the SWD interface circuit, the use of counterfeit JLINK V8 JTAG debug debug mode can be normal when debugging CORTEX-M3 core chips will not use SWD functionality
V7 hardware SWD part with the V8 not the same, if forced to switch to SWD mode, JLINK the main chip will be destroyed!
JLINK V8 interface circuit using two-level converter chip, using a level converter chip will be fake V8!
(2) V8.0 using two-color LED can indicate more work status, V7.0 only an LED indicator light.
(3) To optimize the firmware structure and function of the firmware upgrade bootloader area to move to double the size of the application area Easy to add new features;

(4) Support for ARM11 better and faster than JLINK V7, is the first choice for ARM11.

 Package List:
1x Jlink V8.0 emulator
1x 20P line of a standard JTAG
1x USB line
1x Kess V2 CPU Repair Chip with 60 Tokens
Or 1x Ktag cpu repair chip

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Ktag/KessV2 CPU Repair Chip Plus JLINK V8+ ARM USB-JTAG Adapter Emulator  US$25.99
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BMW ICOM HDD Plus DELL D630 Laptop V2013.09

The pacakge includes the whole bmw icom set with 2013.09 software hdd, and also includes one second hand DELL D630 laptop, which is used to install the software.
Best Quality BMW ICOM With 2013.09 Version BMW ICOM HDD Plus DELL D630 Laptop
Best Quality BMW ICOM With 2013.09 Version BMW ICOM HDD Plus DELL D630 Laptop

Software Version: 2013.09
Language: ISIS and ISID are both Multi-languages, if you want to check the information of Circuit diagram, only Chinese, English and German.

Software authorization for 9000 days, ease to use

Computer System requirment:

Dual-core processors, better above I3, and above 4G memory.

Supported Computer type:

Suggest to use: Lenovo ThinkPad: T61, T400, T410, T420,T430, X61, X20, X201, X220, X230
Other typ: Almost all Intel Chip laptops,such as I3/I5/I7 series.

ICOM A: Vehicles with OBD capability (Connect to ISIS/SSS/ISID with LAN or WAN)
ICOM B: For programming with MOST port (Connect to MOST in vehicle / to ICOM-A with USB system
ICOM C: Older model series with diagnosis socket in engine compartment (OBD 2)

Optional Information:

HS Code: 8708 Parts and Accessories of the Motor Vehicles  BMW Group ISIS Next Generation Tools 3G 2008

3G Components:

Integrated Service Information Server (I S I S) two servers (one backup) + ISTA
Integrated Service Information Display (ISID) portable tablet device
Integrated Communication Optical Module (ICOM) set of vehicle interface devices-all models
Integrated Measurement Interface Box (IMIB) measurement interface device
Integrated Service Access Point (ISAP) for wireless connection to ISIS

DELL D630 Laptop specification:
Condition:  Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.
Brand:  Dell
Type:  Laptop/Notebook
Screen Size:  14.0
Memory (RAM):  2000 Processor Type:  Intel Core 2 Duo
Primary Drive:  DVD+/-RW Processor Speed:  1.80 GHz
Processor Configuration:  Dual Core
Memory: 4GB

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Dell D630 Core2 Duo 1,8GHz, 4GB Memory WIFI, DVDRW Second Hand Laptop Especially for BMW ICOM
2013.9 BMW ICOM ISTA-D:2.37.12 ISTA-P:50.4.000 Latest Software HDD For Lenovo Dell Laptop
Hot sale BMW ICOM BMW ISIS ISID A+B+C Best Quality

Mercedes-Benz E260 sedan serious engine shake

A mileage of about 36,000 km of the Mercedes-Benz E260 sedan. Owners reflect light engine failure , and jitter serious. After pick confirm there is an engine misfire phenomenon .
After the pick-up : Connect diagnostic XENTRY rapid test and found that ME ( engine control module ) there is a current fault : P0302 00, 2 -cylinder engine has sustained fire occurred .
Into the data stream to see the number of fire engines , data is 0 . Initial speculation is ME software failures. Connected to the server for online diagnostic software upgrades . After the upgrade the fault persists, only the data stream number 2 cylinder misfire has reached 352 times.
Further dismantling the two -cylinder ignition coils and spark plugs , spark plug cylinder head was found two has been completely damaged. The author is the spark plug of the initial diagnosis to determine the problem . Replace the spark plug again the car checked and found still two -cylinder misfire . It seems that before the fire was not considered the cause of so simple. So the next stage of the examination: exchange other cylinder ignition coil fault persists. Hydraulic high pressure fuel system diagnostic testing data values ​​, view of the engine , normal. Oscilloscope connected to two cylinder injector testing, the waveform is normal. Cylinder pressure gauge connected to two cylinders tightness , it was discovered cylinder pressure is 0.
All this time all the focus fell on the cylinder . Suspected to be part of a previously damaged spark plug lead fell into the tank cylinder strain ? But cylinder pressure should not be 0. What causes cylinder pressure does not exist ? To unravel this mystery, used engine endoscopy, to check on the engine block , cylinder wall but did not find any significant damage. Specifically what causes the cylinder pressure will be totally and partially damaged spark plug Where is it?
Then 2013 Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface again endoscope for two cylinder intake and exhaust valves be carefully examined , finally confirmed the judgment, there was a big hole on the exhaust valve . After obtaining the consent of the owners and dismantling technology department head checked , all judgment confirms the above .

2 -cylinder engine fire damage to part of the reason is the spark plug of the head cause damage to the exhaust valve , causing no cylinder pressure does not work . Failure looks very simple, but you can think more about why the engine block is no obvious damage ? And after the cylinder is identified by the technical department intact . Why only the exhaust valve damaged ? Where the damaged part of the spark plug and exhaust valves to go ? Only the exhaust valve damage and damage to the cylinder without explanation.
I judge exactly when the two -cylinder ignition spark plug fell into the top of the piston head is damaged (precisely the combustion chamber ) , the exhaust valve at the moment of acting is top off , miscellaneous pieces falling into the exhaust system. Well , the exhaust system can be directly discharged to go? Only the breakdown of catalytic converters can be directly discharged to the outside . To explore what happens , remove the exhaust pipe endoscopy , catalytic converters intact. So, falling pieces go out? Is not the residual to the turbocharger inside ? In this case there should be a turbocharger of the abnormal sound . Drop the pieces in the combustion chamber is burned out ? This is impossible. If launch x431 the falling fragments can be burned off , then the other spark plugs and valves should also be burned ? After repeated verification concluded that falling debris was being burned inside the exhaust pipe back to the outside world.
The following reasons : first, because the combustion temperature of the engine cooling system and the presence of possible extent to burn them off . Secondly , if the falling fragments left in the combustion chamber , the cylinder wall can not be spared in the repeated acting piston . Only fragments remain in said falling between the turbochargers and catalytic converters . High load conditions of the engine , the exhaust pipe reaches red state , to the temperature thereof can be burned , the burning of particulate matter is discharged outside .

KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit Plus Kess V2 CPU Repair Chip

Kess V2 Following on the success of the tremendously stable and versatile Kess 1, this latest addition to the Alientech stable is probably the most advanced tool available today.
With coverage of all major brands and protocols including Line, CAN, EDC17 and MED17 and Ford J1850.
Kess V2 is everything you need to work as a successful tuner at a very affordable price.
KESS V2 OBD2 Manager Tuning Kit Plus Kess V2 CPU Repair Chip
Kess V2 has several built in features and safeguards including:

1. Check of the battery voltage in real-time
2. Full Recovery function in case of problems
3. Automatic correction of the Checksum, (where available)

4 Boot-Loader mode supported
5. Management of the programming counters
6. ScanTool function to remove DTC

7. Several options of reading/writing speed
8. Option to write full file/section of the map
9. Full integration working with ECM Titanium


Q: When update the kess v2 it appears error, how to resolve?
A:  In this case, you have to replace the old cpu chip ( dealer price 18USD without shipping fee), if you don’t know how to replace it, you can return the device host to us for repair.
If you have ordered the kess v2 from our website, please don’t update the software by yourself, otherwise we will not buy for the damage cost. Please understand.

Q: What is difference between kess v2 and ktag v1.89?
A: About the kess v2 and ktag v1.89, they includes almost the same software, except the kess supports OBD, but ktag doesnt.
kess v2 has No Token Limitation now.
ktag includes 500 tokens
The tokens limits depends on the device hardware, but not the ksuite software.

Q: What is difference between fgtech v53 and kess v2?
A: About the fgtech v53 and kess v2, they both supports most car models except the operation are different.
Some customers respond that the fgtech v53 can do trucks, while kess v2 can’t do trucks.
And fgtech support bdm function, but kess v2 doesnt.
kessv2 includes the security lock combined with mediation module, it can do more new encryption cars, which the fgtech cant do that.

Q: Kess V2 is master version or slave version?
A: It is master version.

Q: Kess V2 just can be installed on windows XP system?
A: KESS V2 can install it on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

Q: Can Kess V2 update?
A: Please don’t update it, or it will damage the firmware of kess v2, you just can ship back to us for repair.

Q: What is the difference Between Kess V2 and Fgtech V53?
A: They both can do many cars, but they do cars via different ways. Fgtech V53 has BDM function, but KESS V2 does not have. Kess V2 has Anti-mediation lock module, it can do new and encrypted cars better than Fgtech V53.

Q: Customer told us that Kess V2 can not do EDC17 well, such as Bosch EDC 17 (cp04-CP14-CAN-Med17.X ) and Bosch Bosch EDC 17 C54( Passat, Golf,Crafter,Octávia,Yeti-VW). EDC16 all ok.
A: Yes, Kess V2 can not do EDC17 at present. It can do EDC16 well, but when you do it,  you need to connect the Anti-mediation lock module to read and write data for vehicles. Becuase new style vihicles have new encrypted ways.

Q: How to do checksum for kess v2? Does the kess v2 automatically re-write it? Kess V2 can do trucks? such as Mercedes MP1/MP2/MP3 or MAN TGA?
A: After reading the software, the device will automatically do checksums. KESS V2 can not do truks, it will damage the firmware of kess v2. But KTAG can do trucks.

Q: If you encountered the problem for checksum error when reading the ecu? how to solve it?
A: One of our customer tested by this way: please search the software ” microsoft visual C++ 2005,2008,2010″ on google, then install it on your computer, then it can solve this problem.
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Chip For Multi-Diag J2534 Plus Cables

Chip For Multi-Diag J2534 Plus Cables

Chip For Multi-Diag J2534 Plus Cables

V2011 Upgrade Chip for Multi-Diag J2534 Interface Plus Cables


1pc x PIC12F629  chip
1pc x CD
1pc x DB25 to OBD-2 Male cable
1pc x OBD2 Male to OBD2 Female cable
1pc x DIN6 to USB cable
1pc x DIN6 to DB9F cable
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