CBAY 4D/46/48 key chip copy machine video and photo guide

CBAY hand-held auto key programmer created quite a stir in recent days not only because it’s smart designed but also the reasonable price and easy-to-use. We are not going to talk about the product information here. We just present some tested operation video and quick photo operations.

Quick user guide of the CBAY 46, 48, 4D auto transponder key programmer:

Steps to copy 46:

1. Press “OK” to decode
2. Make antenna close to coil
3. Insert and turn the key (collection)
4. Put original key into coil to decode
5. Put new key into coil to copy
Tested example:

Peugeot ID 46 transponder chip copy with CBAY key chip copy machine



Range rover remote control key ID46 chip copy


Chevrolet Cruze ID46 transponder chip copy



BMW 7 series CAS1 key ID46 chip copy


Honda Crosstour ID46 chip copy

Suzuki ID46 chip copy

Steps to copy 48 chip:

Press “OK” to decode, then put new key into coil to copy.
VW ID48 auto transponder key chip with CBAY key programmer


Steps to copy 4D chip:

Press “OK” to decode, then put new key into coil to copy.

Ford 4D 63 transponder key chip copy with Cbay hand-held device


CBAY-hand-held-auto-key-programmer-ford-4d-2We have copied many other models, like Kia K2, Mitsubishi, Great Wall etc with 46, 48, 4D key chip, for detail video instructions, please check here.


Following are the similarities and difference among FVDI, VVDI and SVDI Abrites Commander diagnostic & programming interfaces.


SVDI, FVDI and VVDI (including original AVDI) ABRITES Commanders share the similar functions, including basic diagnostic, key programming, pin code reading, mileage correction, airbag reset etc.


  1. Activation

FVDI and VVDI software: No need activation,

SVDI software contains: VW/Audi software, BMW commander software and tag key tool software, BMW Commander Software needs activation. Please send SVDI abrites commander serial number to seller for activation.


  1. Language:

VVDI: English/Chinese

FVDI: English, Germany, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, and Bulgarian

2015 FVDI

SVDI: VW/Audi software support multi language, BMW commander software and tag key tool software covering English only. SVDI PSA software supports French, English and Turkish.

  1. Update

SVDI VAG command and VVDI could upgrade via email and that is to say, you could send me your serial number for update file if there is any new software.


FVDI: Before update, you need provide the FVDI ID first, we will check if the ID is in the update list which can be update by email, if not in the list, please send back the FVDI commander to us for updating. Users are required to pay the shipping fee.

2015 Fvdi 6.3 update video guide

  1. Vehicle coverage:

VVDI: VVDI covers VW /Audi vehicles

FVDI: VW/Audi, BMW, MINI, Benz, Smart, Maybach, Opel, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Renault, Porsche, Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Ford, Mazda, Jaguar, Chrysler, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, Lexus and so on


SVDI can work on both car and truck, while FVDI and VVDI can only support cars.

  1. Conclusion:

VVDI is the best choice for VAG group. FVDI covers the most vehicles than VVDI and SVDI.  SVDI is the newest one at cheapest price and with versatile functions.

YanHua DigiMaster 3 D3 Device not found error

One of the customer reported that he got two errors when using YanHua DigiMaster 3 odometer correction tool.


When changing odometer for Audi with D3 mileage tool, he got the “DEVICE NOT FOUND” error message, he carried on operation but to meet another error: “Obtain BIOS information fails, please re-power” (shown as picture below)

Possible reason:

Improper operation or improper shutdown the Digimaster III device which leads to the corrupt of the CPU files


Need to re-flash CPU for Digimaster 3.

Browse to DigiMaster 3 official website:

Download D3 Reflash SDCard rar, there is CPU re-flash instruction in the file

Get Renault Clio diagnosed to fix airbag light

Renault Clio had been airbag on for about 6 months, but mot next week meant I had to sort this one out. Tried the under seat cable trick, no joy. Checked the ECU and there was some sign of liquid but not in the ECU itself. Took it to a garage for diagnosis and they use Renault Can Clip cleared the faults (25 quid), only 2 errors remaining were these:

B1036: passenger side impact sensor

B1035: driver side impact sensor

Turns out this is just a little plastic unit bolted underneath the seat (directly below door) with a cable connected. I went to the scrappy and got 2 of these (10 quid each), replaced old with new in 10 minutes (unhooked battery first) and the lights went out straight away, no need to do a further reset or anything.

My advice here would be if sorting the cables under the seat doesnt fix this issue, get it diagnosed. In my case I was ready to buy a whole new ECU, turns out that wouldn’t have helped at all.

Anyways, hope this info helps someone, all the best!

Multi-Diag J2534 “Votre abonnement a expiré”Solution


Un des utilisateurs Multidiag dans Citroen forum évaluations qu’il avait ordonné Multidiag J2534 diagnostic interface et préparer l’installation du logiciel avec le code d’activation. Mais il a obtenu l’erreur d’activation: “Votre abonnement a expiré. Cette mise à jour ne est pas autorisé. Se il vous plaît contactez votre hotline, pour rouvrir votre abonnement ”
Solution de

La solution se adapte pour Multi-diag J2534 (SP04-D V2013 I et SP04-G V2013 II)

1) Débranchez le réseau informatique et la fonction WIFI avant d’installer le logiciel Multidiag J2534
2) Ouvrir le fichier (1) Key076957, fichier exécuter mise à jour touche, puis confirmer et attendre le message “Installation réussie 076957” et “OK”
3) Installer (logiciel 2) 1 à 2013 ou ii-2013. Voici le guide vidéo d’installation du logiciel Multidiag J2534:
Si le logiciel que vous avez installé nécessité de débloquer 28 – XXXXXXXXXX, se il vous plaît communiquer avec notre service à la clientèle, nous allons vous fournir le code d’activation.
4) Choisir la langue. Passez à l’installation du logiciel jusqu’à ce que la procédure est terminée.

5) Sélectionnez «Non» lorsque le système ressorte “si vous devez redémarrer l’ordinateur?” Message.

6) Installer “Desactivation MAJ MD.exe” Avant de lancer le logiciel. Lorsque vous obtenez le message “Installation réussie 076957” et “OK”, vous pouvez redémarrer votre ordinateur.

Téléchargement gratuit “Desactivation MAJ MD.exe

7) logiciel installé avec succès. Suivez les instructions à l’écran du système. Assurez-vous que tous les programmes de logiciels anti-virus réseau de déconnexion et dans l’ordinateur.

Multidiag accès J2534 Tableau comparatif

Multidiag accès J2534 Tableau comparatif:

Remarque: la plus récente version de ACTIA Multidiag est, les modèles de voiture plus qu’elle soutient, et plus récent, il peut travailler avec. Quant à ce type de soutien écus Multidiag de ACTIA, cela dépend de modèles de voitures particulières et de l’année, après l’installation de finition, vous verrez les modèles de voitures détaillées, les années et les types d’écus dans le logiciel Multi-Diag.

Prenez Multi-Diag actia J2534 V2013.2 par exemple, il prend en charge plusieurs modèles de voitures et de véhicules récents présentés comme suit.
Multi-Diag accès V2013.2 soutenu liste des voitures
Fonction Multi-Diag accès V2013.2
Multi-Diag accès V2013.2 soutenu de type Volkswagen écus
Multi-Diag accès V2013.2 supprimer le code d’erreur

Eobd2 Thanksgiving Promotion Sale: FVDI ABRITES Commander Desevers Owning

Annual Thanksgiving Day is nearly coming, Eobd2 offers 5% discount on all items during the festival. Therefore, you do not miss the chance to get your favorite tools with more reasonable price.


And here, I would like to introduce a best-sold power product — FVDI ABRITES Commander V6.6, which priced at €319.00 (9% off).

ABRITES Commander for PSA is a pc-windows based diagnostic software for Peugeot and Citroen vehicles, which provide users all functions as follows:

Functions included in the base package (FVDI Interface)

  1. Identification (VPN, Part Number, production data, producer, manufacturing data…)
  2. Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
  3. Clear DTC explanation
  4. Live data display
  5. Electronic control unit configuration
  6. Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII
  7. Dump tool — many functions like clear crash data …
  8. This tool still has many other special functions, if interested, please check the following link:

How to update FVDI:

Before update, you need advise the FVDI ID first, we will check if the ID is in the update list which can be update by email, if not in the list, cannot do it yourself. Please send back the multiplexer to us for updating. Users are required to pay the shipping fee.


Buy FVDI with VAG VW software, you can get Hyundai/Kia/Tag Key Tool software and VVDI IMMO Plus V13.6 Free.

Buy BMW FVDI Abrites Commander, Get DAF or Bike Software Free.



Do BMW F-series coding with BMW ENET cable

Received my BMW ENET cable and did some DIY job for F30 already.

This BMW ENET (Ethernet to OBD) Interface Cable is designed to work on BMW F-series alone. Let’s go straight to the point.

You need:

A BMW ENET cable

E-Sys program, datafiles, token and PIN

A PC/laptop running Windows XP system (mine second-hand Panasonic Win xp 64 bit OS)

Just spending a little money and you will get a powerful ENET cable for $16.99 without postage. I recommend get one from which offers good technical support. Usually, after he receives payment, they can have the cable shipped as soon as possible and arrive with you between 3 to 4 days.

I have found some clue on how to solder the cable list as below. Better understanding with the pictures guidance.
The package comes with E-Sys program, datafiles and such which enable me to use directly without downloading. I was offered E-Sys v3.18.4 in combination with the v46.3 datafiles. I have to mention that the datafiles contains more than 10GB memory, so you have to take hours and hours to download it all. And you have no choice but to wait patiently.
Then please refer the pdf guide here E-Sys – MacOSX installation and configuration.pdf to start install the E-Sys. As soon as you start the vehicle, the E-Sys program will automatically saves the CAF files into “C:\ESysData\CAF”. Then copy all these files on to the certain folder.

After that, please do as the following steps:

1) Connect the laptop to vehicle and click the connect symbol

2) Select “F20”(not F020 direct) and click connect. Close the popping out message when you see your car VIN, if not, repeat the progress again.

3) Accept following windows message and close the program

4) Switch to coding mode, go to expert mode and click on coding icon on the left vertical pane.

5) Come to the coding program. Click Read button under the VO pane and then FA appears

6) Now Click on Read VCM or Read button under VCM pane. You will find it it will be on your right hand-Center

7) All the ECU’s will display on the main program. Then expand the ECU’s and all most all ECU’s will have a file starting with CAF (With green indicator) right click on the CAF file and select Read coding data, ignore whose who did not contain CAF. But remember do not click all CAF files. Four or five is the maximum.

8) After complete above procedures, go to c:/esydata/CAF. All the .ncd files have been generated on the CAF folder.

9) Copy .ncd files and on your pc or laptop. Run the software program and then start to do F30 coding according to the window instructions.

I have successfully realized these things by using the ENET cable:

-Remove PDC + cam disclaimer

– Mirrors open automatically when closed with comfort access

-Change DVD region code

– Remove disclaimer

– Video in Motion

– Turned the Seatbelt Gong off

– Side View Cameras on at all speeds

– Change DVD region code

– Tire pressure + temperature in TPMS

– Mirrors close by pressing doorknob (comfort access only)

– Disable A.S.S. by default (can still be enabled but starts with setting ‘off’)

– Remember last setting of A.S.S. (works only when not disabled by default)

– Change ringtones

I am still working on it and will figure out more functions later. I have to clearly that these are all the tested result on F30. I am not sure how other F-series works.

My experience with GM Tech 2 from EOBD2

My best friend Henry got married yesterday! I was so grateful for that. This morning, I drove my Benz S500 very early. Because I live in a suburb of London. It can cost me about three hours to get there. My car has run 60,000 km. And I had checked my car. Everything was all right.

Suddenly, when driving, the check engine light was on. And the acceleration was poor. I stopped the car and used Mb Star C3 to clean out the trouble code. But when I started the engine, the trouble occurred again. Oh, my god. I must not miss the wedding ceremony. At that time, there was no taxis! Quickly, I called for a trailer to take my car.

In the garage, the guys also used Mb Star C3 obd2 tool to check the engine system. It had a trouble code, which showed that something wrong with sensor in the accelerator pedal. They took out the sensor. There were few cracks. Then they replaced the accelerator pedal assembly with a new one. Tested the car again, the trouble was figured out. Just half an hour, they handled the trouble.So thankful for those guys also for this Mb Star C3! I was satisfied with its quick and accurate diagnosis.

When I arrived at wedding place, the ceremony just began. So lucky and happy!

New Tuirel S777 is the manufacture of the tool

Many auto repair shops nowdays tend to choose a new car diagnostic scanner Tuirel S777 rather than Launch X431 Diagun III or Autel DS708 for budget cuts. The Tuirel S777 diagnostic tool is abel to work with a total of 46 car makes, such as Audi, Benz, BMW, Chrysler, Honda and Daewoo by using corresponding software.

However, some suppliers do not provide all the 46 software for some reasons. We do not know exactly why they do this, but it is very inconvenient for auto mechanics who have bought it. There are also times that users may accidently delete one or two of the 46 software, and therefore lose some potential clients.
Well, do not get upset if some of the software are gone. You can download the software you need from the link below:
This is the official website of the manufacture of the tool. You can download and update software from it.
Tuirel S777 is a hand-held auto scanner that can help mechanics to trouble-shoot ALL the electronic systems of a after-1996 vehicle. In fact, it is much more than an OBDII scanner. it is almost like a professional auto diagnostic tool. Turiel meets the needs of DIY users and professionals with selectable vehicle software and high frequency of update.