Setup X-horse BMW Multi Tool CAS Plug to program EWS key

X-horse BMW Multi Tool is the first universal key programmer that can program both BMW CAS (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+ and CAAS4) and EWS key.

BMW Multi Tool key programmer alone cannot program EWS key, you need to connect it with a CAS PLUG. The CAS PLUG for BMW Multi Tool adds EWS function and some CAS possibilities.

CAS PLUG adapter:


1.Connect to device OBDII

2.Supply 12V voltage

3.EWS OBD line

4.EWS OBD line 2

5.7 Series CAS1/CAS2 plug

6.CAS3/CAS3+ plug

How to Connect EWS with CAS Plug:


How to Connect 7 Series CAS1/CAS2 with CAS Plugbmw-multi-tool-4How to connect CAS 3/CAS3+ with CAS Plug:



BMW Multi Tool: program EWS and CAS Key from EEPROM Dump

Before programming a BMW Key, you need to have a basic understanding of your BMW immobilizer system. BMW immo system can be generally divided into two categories: EWS and CAS.




How to tell your BMW is EWS or CAS immo?

  1. Year

1) 2000-2003/04 BMW 3-series, 5-series, 7-series with straight shank remote control key belongs to EWS system, like picture below.


Here is the EWS immobilizer ECU


2) 2004-2006 BMW 3-series, 5-series, Z4, X5, X3 belongs to CAS2 system. CAS2 and CAS3 immo ECU picture display as below. Another Straight shank remote control key (similar to Land rover key) with BMW logo, but in black color, belongs to CAS2 immo system as well.



CAS1: old BMW 7-series

CAS2: 2004-2006 BMW 3-series, 5-series, Z4, X5, X3

CAS3: BMW 3-series, 5-series before year 2010

CAS3+ BMW 3-series after year 2010

CAS4: BMW 5-series after 2010, BMW 1-series after 2011


  1. Car key type

CAS1 BMW 7-series should insert the smart card into the slot and press start key.

CAS2 is the straight shank remote control key

If BMW key needs insert smart card into the slot and press one key to start vehicle, all these keys are easier before CAS+., almost of them are CAS3.

CAS4 key no need to insert the smart card to slot, directly press Start button

For example, if your car id BMW X5 2009, it should be CAS3 system.

After confirm your immo type, the next is to pick up a proper key programmer. AK90 key programmer (for all EWS), AK300 key programmer, Car key master, BMW Multi Tool are all good options for BMW key programming. BMW Multi Tool is the most stable and recommended.

BMW Multi Tool key programmer is mainly designed to work on CA1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS+ CAS4. But it newly added EWS key programming if provided with CAS PLUG EWS adapter.


CAS1 write key

CAS2: requires demolition, write key after read data

CAS3 and CAS3+: no need demolition

BMW Multi Tool has two key programming options: File Make Key and Make Key online via OBD2.

1) File Make Key:

Select “File Make Key” tab,

Insert new CAS2 key into the CAS Adapter

Do not need to connect BMW Multi Tool with vehicle, only connects it with computer,

Select CAS2

Click Key learning

CAS2 key has been programmed

2) Make Key online via OBD2

Connect BMW Multi Tool with vehicle, then connect with computer,

Select Auto Detect, the system will automatically detect the protocol and type

Click Write EEPROM, then click Save to File…

Click Key Learning.

Then the system will display following message:

Make dealer key- using CAS Adapter (make key using CAS adapter)

Make dealer key-using ignition switch (Turn ignition ON/OFF)

The first way is frequently used.

Click Get Key Info, then the system will display key information. Select any key position number (KeyID3, 4,5)

Insert the new smart card into the CAS Adapter, click “Make Dealer Key-using CAS Adapter”

After that the system will display, select Add key, press Next

Make dealer key successfully.

Plug the original key form key slot, insert the new key into the key slot, the new key is ready to use, the remote can be activated as well.

Click “Synch DME-CAS”


Chevrolet Cruze IMM5 key making with X-100+ Key Tool

As is known to most car owners, X-100+ key programmer is an efficient locksmith device, working on most brands of Europe, Asia, China and USA, therefore, Original X-100 plus key tool is so welcome.

The following part is guide for replacing Chevrolet Cruze IMM5 key using X-100 plus key programmer.

Plug x-100+ tool cable into vehicle socket;

Turn the ignition switch to the potion “ON”, but do not crank the engine;

X-100 device boot up and got to Main menu;

Select region and manufacturer respectively as America and GM;

Select “IMMO/ Remote” to access the IMMO system;

Select vehicle model as Chevrolet Cruze;

Select “Without smart”;

Select “All keys lost”;

Input security code;

Switch ignition off and then on;

Wait for configuring the system;

Switch ignition off and remove the key;

Open and close the driver door, confirm all electrical closes;

Turn ignition on;

The system will pop out message reading whether to program the next key or not (If yes, accept the notice, if not, Switch ignition off and remove the key);

Via “Live data” -> “Number of keys”, you can know how many keys have been programmed;

More function on X-100 key programmer, you can check on eobd2.

Different between CN900&DN900 key programmer

This is the CN900, DN900 key programmer, they have same functions, but also have differents, but now, we want you know more details for it:

CN900 machine VS ND900 machine

item number Update Online Copy 4C Chip Copy 4D Chip Copy 46 Chip  Toyota G chip Update
SK94(CN900) YES YES YES,need to buyCN900 4D decoder  YES,need to buy SK123(must open the ID46 authorization) NO update online
SK95(ND900) YES YES YES,need to buyND900 4D Decoder YES,need to buy SK121(must open the ID46 authorization) NO update

ND900 can directly copy all of 4D4C.(4C.4D=ID60.61 62 63., use FREE CHIP. The chip can be copied repeatedly, typeYS-01, only chip

CN900 Read out the chip code for 11 12 13 33 T5  40 41 42 44 45 46 48 4C 4D 8C and 8E chips. With the detail format for ID 48 and 4D Chips.


For the CN900 Copy ID46 chip, you should use the 4D decoder open the related function, then the device can support ID46, just connect the device with red decoder, use USB with PC, then like the user manual show, then back us the SN number, after active, you can use the ID46 function.

Add news keys for Jeep Cherokee

I have this Jeep Cherokee limited Edtion 2002 lost all key, I have news keys from dealer and i have pin code. So, I have tried programming new key with x-100 and MVP but can’t communicate with car. Then I guess for jeep with MVP I need use CHRYSLER 138/139 adapter!!

Then an experienced locksmith shared with me that he tested and the CHRYSLER 138/139 adapter works perfectly in MVP. It connects to the JEEP Cherokee limited very well. This CHRYSLER 138/139 adapter is not the one that comes with the MVP, but the one they sell separately. Like:

The seller suggests this adapter is for T300 key programmer, but also for MVP according to the test.

Additional info, MVP clone can´t read pin code on Jeep cheroke limited Edtion 2002, but get pin code by dump from immo box.

A car key programmer for 96-05 BMW

I am looking for a car key programmer that supports 1996-2005 model BMW vehicles with EWS immobilizer. I already have a BMW car key programmer in fact, but the tool does not support some realtively earlier BMW models, which adopt EWS system. Can you recommend me a cost-effective one?

There is one BMW key programmer in our shop can meet your need. AK90+ BMW key programmer is the most safe and effective key match tool for BMW EWS system. It can program BMW EWS key and read key information for BMW cars built from 1995 to 2009. It also supports programming original chips “EML 10030A” for making keys and identifying keys for all EWS and CAS, displaying VIN and mileage.
Its price is very affordable. The tool costs less than €100 in most shops. It is available for €76 only in our shop. You can either order on on our website or buy one from local shops.

What coverage does each Chinese key programmer have?

With Key Pro M8, AD100, SKP900, X100 etc, what coverage do they have? what are their difference? Please go on reading the following parts.

Key Pro M8:

I look at all these units and they all seem to have similar coverage , keyprom8 stands out head and shoulders above rest because of what its a copy of , the sheer volume of coverage it has , its a lot of kit for the money , tokens are a pain but cheap , buy 50 tokens get 150 free at present , buy 100 get 300 free , that’s alot of tokens making it very cheap to use compared to original , that’s around 2usd a token only , I’ve actually played with one for 4 weeks that I bought from , it works flawlessly as the original.

What AD100 can do?
The fiesta I did yesterday I tried SKP900, X100, CK100, none did anything so it went in with AD100. AD100 has only limited Asian coverage and so that’s what I use the Chinese stuff on and it seems to work fine for me.

SKP900 VS X100

It’s nice to think that the skp900 and x100 will reach the coverage of the keyprom8 as token free.

SKP900 is very useful in conjunction with the 3D booklet that shows accurate coverage, but it does fail on things listed in it’s menu.

X100 hasn’t failed for me yet on the things it has listed but it was a bit flaky on a Nissan Micra 06.

Neither is ideal as an only device but both have their uses if you are saving tokens.

SKP900,skp100 is original developed by Chinese, which bring a great shock to the whole OBD2 tools field, which is giving the whole world that the Chinese is slowly shifting from cloning to developing

Which key programmer is best for Ford Fiesta?
Most ford cars with incode and outcode any tool like SBB OR T300, key pro M8, someone use AD100.
The Ford Fiestas some locksmith tried SKP900, X100, CK100, none did anything

Which key programmer is best for Nissan juke?
Did a Nissan juke smart lost key. Skp900, fvdi all failed. Job done with x100.
Wish asian models x100 is superior.

With landrover, which key programmer is better?
Not everything on skp900 works, x100 has a more reliable coverage on all bar landrover like Discovery 3.

In a word, every key programmer has their uses, it is advised own not only one tool, but have several and use together especially if you are a professional locksmith.

What Zed-Bull V508 Transponder Clone Key Support to do

As a universal key programming tool, ZEDBull Transponder V508 is available to duplicate new car key. And now new Zed-Bull Key Programmer version has been updated to software version V508 and hardware version V5.02.
This most advanced auto locksmith tool supports multi-language: English, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish, which is also a friendly auto locksmithing tool that developed for all range of auto locksmith from beginners to advanced.

However, what this powerful key programming tool can do?

1. Transponder Identification
It is available to know transponder identification via transponder identification function.

2. Transponder Cloning
Zed-Bull Transponder Cloning Machine can be used to copy 11, 12, 13, 73, 4C, TPX1 transponder, Philips Crypto 40 (some), 41(all), 42(all), 44(all unlocked VAG), 45(all). 41(NISSAN), 42(VAG), 44(Unlocked VAG) and 45(PEUGEOT) transponders, Also you can copy 4C transponders onto batteryless TPX1 4C glass transponders.

3. Read PIN Code
Zed-Bull key cloner can read the pin code on transponders and programming transponders from EEPROM and MCU.

4. Producing Transponders for OBD Programming
Special recoded transponders is needed when you own an OBD device like T-code Pro. You can produce them with Zed-Bull key programmer using blank transponders instead of buying these special transponders for high cost.

5. USB communication with PC
Through USB, you can connect your transponder machine with PC, which does benefit to high efficiency and also convenience.

So far, ZedBull V508 is indeed doomed to be a best choice for comprehensive car owner, while it only needs to pay €84.00 from EOBD2. Isn’t it worth buying?

Why buy SuperOBD SKP-900

SuperOBD SKP-900 is a hand-held and powerful auto key programmer, which almost support all cars around the world. And it has been updated to the newest V2.8.


Here, I would like express why is so popular among customers? Or what unique reasons it own to attract more users?

1.Wide supporting almost vehicles in the world. As for the detailed information, you can visit the following link:

2. Programming keys for many vehicles without pincode.

3. No tokens needed. (It means that you can program as many cars as you can)

4. More reasonable price. (Cost-effective)

5. Free update forever no limit.

When you have browsed through above 5 advantages, you can not only feel its power, but also feel that it can save you a lot.

Additionally, it provides sound manual book, you do not worry about how to use SKP-900, so you can click “how to update SKP-900”to know about his installation procedure.


Why X-100 Auto Key Programmer is Prevailing

A large number of auto key programmer devices sold on market which is available to replicate your car key if you have lost it. It is obviously wise to make a copy of your key to be kept in reserve than going through a frustrating experience after losing it.

Here, I am inclined to talk about one of the best sold car key programmer from, i.e. Original X-100 car key programmer. This tool is very welcome among comprehensive car owners, whether in 2013 or now. And why it can be so popular? And what’s its advantages?


1. Function
Its powerful functions will be what you really appreciate, including new key programming, new ECU programming, read keys from immobilizer memory, reset ECM and immobilizer and new remote controller programming and more.

2. Easy operation
As a handheld software-based device, and added simple and robust design, which make your vehicle service experience much easier.

3. Multi-brand models
The vehicles covered by X-100 Key Programmer are Toyota, Honda, Lexus, Mazda, Acura, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Infiniti, Suzuki, Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, QNLotus Proton, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Opel, Porsche, Citroen, Jaguar, Peugeot, Lincoln, LandRover, Renault, Cadillac, GM, Chrysler, Buick, Ford Chery, Great Wall, Geely, Brilliance-auto and more. This advantage greatly contributes to its worldwide popularity.

4. Update Online
While the supporting language (Only English) perhaps becomes its shortage, of course, it may be improved in the near future. At that time, X-100 auto key programmer will be more popular.