Test result for X431 Diagun III Bluetooth and Main Unit

As is known to us, Launch X431 tools series enjoys great popularity in the field of auto diagnostic tool, especially lovely used by each car workshop owner. But some fans user may met some problems when keep it working for a long time. Here take X431 Diagun III as an example.


Maybe you lost your cables, maybe your PDA machine is old, and maybe your bluetooth connector is out of work. It is indeed a big problem. The item is so good, while it is difficult for us to drop it out.

How can we do then? I recommended one super LAUNCH X431 supplier from China Eobd2 shop. Car diagnostic tool is a super agent of Launch Company. For example, launch x431 diagun, they offer the full Diagun products. But also, they offer diagun spare parts as Diagun main unit (PDA machine), Diagun bluetooth connector, Diagun updating software and all kinds of Diagun cables for all models.

Now, how do you think about it? Do not worry if your diagun does not work. Hereby, share you the way to test whether it is a good matching of both main unit and bluetooth on you diagun. Please do the following procedures:

1. Inside TF card in sock of diagun main unit;
2. Connect your diagun with your car. You can connect via bluetooth connector or diagun main cable;
3. Turn you diagun main unit on, run the function of wireless diagnose. Select one car model such as BMW;
4. Click on button of “SET” on the desk of diagun main unit, select bluetooth connector;
5. Check the light status:
a. Light keep on, communication finish. Bluetooth matched well with main unit;
b. Light flashing, communication error. Please continue check.

Note: Please note that not each bluetooth connector can matched well with any main unit. It depends on the same series number. Please make sure that the software can matched well with you diagun bluetooth connector.

Surprise with Launch X431 Creader VIII

Launch X431 series products are globally famous for its powerful function on diagnosis. It is also the reason why I ordered Launch X431 Creader VIII for my Honda. I bought this diagnostic tool from an online shop — eobd2.fr, and it took nearly a week to arrive my house with parcel well-wrapped.


I immediately put it into practice. Also, my car had something wrong previously and still had never done any diagnosis. I communicated CPR 129 to my car via OBDII cable; it is easy to operate with nice clear screen even if I am a layman in this aspect. I was very satisfied with this hand held device.

What I only want is to read and clear error codes, but I was told that Launch X431 Creader VIII also equips with programming, such as engine oil light resetting and brake block resetting etc. It is absolutely extra harvest for me. Although I cannot make any commons on them, I still feel somewhat satisfactory.

CPR129 is applicable for all vehicles which matches OBDII standard after 1996. It is more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia covering SUZIKI, Honda, Ford, Mini and Peugeot and so on (detailed car models info you can click here). At the same time, multiple languages is one of the advantages, which includes English, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Launch X431 Creader VIII is doomed to be the best choice for car diagnosis, I think so, and you?

New update Launch X431 software add new features

Three newly software updates for x431 series in May 5th, including Honda v44.60, EOBD diagnostic software v22.24 and Chrysler v28.30. X431 series newest software for like launch x431 IV and X431 diagun III users are good news.

What features are new added? Let us have a look one by one.

X431 series Honda diagnostic software v44.60

This new version of software totally launched 16 languages, including Simplified Chinese, German, English, Spanish, traditional Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Greek, French, Korean, Arabic, and Persian.

It adds new mode of diagnostic support on ACC, D-DPS, EDLC, PAWS, and ESB system. Besides, it improves the basic functions on TPMS, H-IECU, EVPS and SH-AWD systems.

X431 series EOBD diagnostic software v22.24

It revises the Japanese and English dynamical text messy codes and display error.

X431 series Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30

Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30 is available with English, simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Italian and Turkish.

V28.30 adds new CAN protocol after 2013, including ASCM, DCU, ELSD, EPB, EPPM, ESL, and FFCM systems; and all basic functions, including data stream, version information, specification and action test.

Adding CCD protocol, DDM, MSM, OHC, PDM, SKM, SRS systems and data flow, version information, read and clear codes. It also adds check/inquiry function of action test data flow.

It perfects CAN protocol after 2013, BCM, ABS, CCN, ADCM, AFLS, AHLM, AMP, ASCM, CSWM, CTM, DCU, DDM, DMRR DTCM, DVD, EDM, ELSD, EPB, EPPM, EPS, ESL, ESM, FDCM, FFCM, HIDT, HVAC, and WCM, basic functions including data stream, version information, specification, and action test.

Finally, Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30 improves CCD protocol, TCM, ABS and BCM system basic functions, and optimizes data flow refresh.

Three newly software updates for x431 series in May 5th, new added features and improvements are all listed.

2013 Top Auto Repair Tools of Launch X431

X-431 Pro3 made by Launch, an OBD2 diagnostic tool manufacturer based in Shenzhen, was hailed as one of Top 20 Auto Repair Tools in 2013 by China Auto Repair Tool Industry Association last month. The award ceremony was held on February 25 in Beijing, China.


About Launch Tech
Launch Tech Co Ltd was founded in 1992 and is the first professional high-tech company of in China for developing, producing and selling manufacture that providing a full range of Auto Diagnosis, Auto Testing, Auto Cleaning equipment and service solutions for workshops. Launch was listed on the Hong Kong stock market in 2002 (HK STOCK CODE: 2488) and is one of the first Domestic enterprises which successfully financed in Hong Kong.

The award ceremony was attended by more than 80 car diagsnotic tool manufacturers and developers, such as Hunter, Snapon, iOBD2 and Launch.

The crowned product, X-431 Pro3, is an improved version of Launch X431 V(X431 Pro). It features support for all cars and full system fault diagnosis via Bluetooth on Android phones. It passes on Launch X431 V advantages, such as auto diagnostic technology, full car model coverage, wireless connection, accurate test data reading and other functions.

New Arrival Launch CResetter II affordable price at eobd2.net

Launch Cresetter II support service lamp reset for multiple domestic and oversea car models, also can service period setting.
Language:English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Italian (All languages are in one machine)
 Launch CResetter II
Cresetter II Functions:
1 Support service lamp reset for multiple domestic and oversea car models.
2 Car service period setting
3 Brake pad reset function
4 Steering angle sensor calibration
5 Support Online upgrade
6 Support Multiple languages

Cresetter II Parameters:
Screen: 2.8inch
Voltage Input: 9-18V
Connection: Standard 16PIN OBD Diagnostic Interface
Working Temperature: 0℃~55℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
Dimension: 4.7″ (L) x 3.2″ (W) x 1″ (H)
Unit Weight : <350g

Cresetter II is a professional Service Lamp Reset device specially developed for car DIY lovers, small repair workshops and roadside concessions.
It is designed in traditional appearance and has special functions of oil light reset, brake pad reset, and steering angle reset, etc. Compared with similar product on the market, it has more powerful functions, wider car model coverage and more affordable price at www.eobd2.net.

Mini Printer for X431 DIAGUN3

Mini Printer for X431 DIAGUN, works with X431 Diagun3, can printer out your diagnose result.Professtional Mini printer, works together with X431 Diagun3, used to print out your diagnose result.The device with GWM, which have the similar function with changcheng in the software.
Mini Printer for X431 DIAGUN3
Mini Printer for X431 DIAGUN3 Function:

Works together with X431 Diagun III, used to print out the diagnose result. It only contain one pc of print paper in the package, if you need buy more print papers, you can buy from our website also.

Launch x431 diagun Mini printer

The launch diagun which has been accepted by more and more users with good operational functions, strong software functions and high price-performance ratio. It has become the must tool of auto service technicians.

Now the Mini printer for diagun presented.

Launch x431 diagun Mini printer can be used to record and print the diagnostic results at any time by the users. It not only provides the convenience for the users, but also improves the operational performance for Diagun product.

If you are interested in our products, please visit our official website: www.eobd2.net.

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