How to tell if LAUNCH X431 Diagun III is clone or original

Launch is a trustworthy brand in OBD diagnosis field. There are so many Launch X431 clones, especially Bluetooth Diagun III flooding into the aftermarket. Here gives some tips on telling the original Launch X431 product from clone?

LAUNCH X431 Package Box


  1. Original X431 package box is bright yellow color, the clone one looks tarnished;
  2. The original X431 “LAUNCH” Logo flashes in bright red, while the clone one looks darker;
  3. Original Launch X431 package box is made glossy smooth, but the clone is roughly made.

Launch X431 Super 16-PIN diagnostic connector


  1. The original X431 Super 16-pin connector comes with Serial Number, but the clone does not;
  2. Original X431 Connector has bright QC mark, the clone look darker;
  3. Original connector’s screen print turns to grey, but the clone one is in black.
  4. The two lines below original 16-pin connector screen print marked in red, while the clone is in purple color.
  5. The SUPER 16-pin connector box has S/N mark, while the clone one does not.

NOTE: Please buy original LAUNCH X431 product from authorized dealer.

Launch Creader VII Register and Download

You have bought one Creader VII, and now you do not know how to register and download software for it?

Launch Creader VII cover all function of Launch creader VI, and additionally you can download one car model, this car model can support all system diagnose, including Engine, ABS, SRS, Transmission and so on. But how to regirster and download software?
1. When you receive your products, please contact Launch X431 customer service. Provide your serial number and order number, the customer service will provide this information to factory to active the device.

2. After it been actived, our customer service will send you email to inform you, so please pay attention to your email.

3. Then you need go to website to register your device. First you need register a CC account, then use this account to log in to register your product. You need input Product type is Creader VII, input serial number, register password(this one is in your device menu) and dealer code:86A to finish registing.

4. After finish regirstering, you can download one type car model to your CF card. When you choose car model, it will remind you that you can only download one car model. After downloading, you put back your CF card to your device, then your Launch Creader VII can do that car model all systems.

How to change Launch X431 DIAGUN III car icons?

Launch X431 DIAGUN III now is up to 20 % available for €515 with authorization certificate in

The following part is the guide for how to change the Launch X431 DIAGUN III’s car brand icons to full icons. Users are required to change icons when you run an upgrade. DIAGUN 3 has 150 icons in total.

Step 1: Download the LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS.rar file
Step 2: Extract the rar file to Local Disk C:/
Step 3: Insert the Micro SD card into computer via USB port
Step 4: Open LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS.rar file located on C:/folder
Step 5: Open the “LAUNCH ICONS CHANGER.bat” file
Step 6: The car brands icon will change into full icons

The process will only change full icons but nothing else will be affected. The procedure is based on English version software, if you want to change car brand icons into full icons into your language, please rename the icons rar file and bat file located in C:/LAUNCH X431 DIAGUN 3 NEW ICONS into the language you want to do.



Launch X431 Diagun III compare with X431 IV

All the Launch X431 tool are oroginal and made from Launch company, but before you order it, may be this information can makes you know more about them.
And this is the Launch X431 Diagun III compare with  X431 IV

x431 have other related X431 tool, such as Creader VIII,Creader VII+, X431 V, X431 V+ and other accessories, if you want, please contact us.

Note: Buy any launch x431 tool, get free x431 idiag scanner now!

How to Installation Launch X431 V(X431 Pro) Wifi/Bluetooth

Launch X431 V newest 5th generation with Bluetooth/Wifi based on Android system is developed by Launch Tech. It is a comprehensive diagnostic tool for technician. Following part displays simple process on how to install Launch X431 V.

Step1: Disable X431 V client.

Step2: Delete “cnlaunch” file from two files marked red picture below.
Download the newest version X431 client from and then install it in PC/laptop. Find out X431 V in “Product Introduction”, and then install the Android version.

Step 4 Open and install Launch X431 client, then login into your CC count which you will get from register.

Step 5 Select your vehicle makes in vehicle selection menu. Then download software to your PC.
Step 6 The installed Client will save under the “Download” item on the App menu.
Warm Prompt:
Launch X431 V vehicle coverage is list as picture below.

More questions about X431 Pro,feel free to .

Need some help! X431 Diagun 3 user manual

Q:Hi, everyone. Is there a website where I can download a USER MANUAL for the X431 Diagun 3 bluetooth diagnostic tool? I have the specs, but need the manual for

vehicle list, system setting and software update. Also to figure out what the adapters are for. Can anyone give me the link? Thank you in advance.

A:Try this out:


I also have a DIAGUN III. My supplier sent me the link when I bought the tool. This manual book does not have vehicle list in fact. But I have found its software list on the

website; think you may want to have a glance at it:

Hope this helps.

Article resource:

Get Launch X431 V for Six Reasons

Do you know Launch X431 V (X431 Pro) Wifi/Bluetooth Tablet Full System Diagnostic Tool?How much you know about it?Do you know why so many people choose it even though it is expensive.
Here I want to share some simple reasons with you.

1. New operation interface design , more friendly interface and much easier operation
2. Supports wifi/Bluetooth, one click update, allows you to update software any time and any where freely.
3. Supports 72 car brands about 220 car models from European, USA and Asian.
4. Full diagnose function and fast running speed,Android System
5. Multi-language: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian
6.Better replace X431 IV and X431 Diagun iii

Do you agree with me?If you have any problems about X431 V pls visit our official,feel free to contact us!

New update Launch X431 software add new features

Three newly software updates for x431 series in May 5th, including Honda v44.60, EOBD diagnostic software v22.24 and Chrysler v28.30. X431 series newest software for like launch x431 IV and X431 diagun III users are good news.

What features are new added? Let us have a look one by one.

X431 series Honda diagnostic software v44.60

This new version of software totally launched 16 languages, including Simplified Chinese, German, English, Spanish, traditional Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Greek, French, Korean, Arabic, and Persian.

It adds new mode of diagnostic support on ACC, D-DPS, EDLC, PAWS, and ESB system. Besides, it improves the basic functions on TPMS, H-IECU, EVPS and SH-AWD systems.

X431 series EOBD diagnostic software v22.24

It revises the Japanese and English dynamical text messy codes and display error.

X431 series Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30

Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30 is available with English, simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Arabic, German, Italian and Turkish.

V28.30 adds new CAN protocol after 2013, including ASCM, DCU, ELSD, EPB, EPPM, ESL, and FFCM systems; and all basic functions, including data stream, version information, specification and action test.

Adding CCD protocol, DDM, MSM, OHC, PDM, SKM, SRS systems and data flow, version information, read and clear codes. It also adds check/inquiry function of action test data flow.

It perfects CAN protocol after 2013, BCM, ABS, CCN, ADCM, AFLS, AHLM, AMP, ASCM, CSWM, CTM, DCU, DDM, DMRR DTCM, DVD, EDM, ELSD, EPB, EPPM, EPS, ESL, ESM, FDCM, FFCM, HIDT, HVAC, and WCM, basic functions including data stream, version information, specification, and action test.

Finally, Chrysler diagnostic software v28.30 improves CCD protocol, TCM, ABS and BCM system basic functions, and optimizes data flow refresh.

Three newly software updates for x431 series in May 5th, new added features and improvements are all listed.