2015 FVDI ABRITES Commander V6.3 Software Update Guide

2015 FVDI ABRITES Commander with Software USB dongle has already updated to V6.3. Here comes with FVDI Software Update List, Newest V6.3 Software Free Download and detailed Update Guide.

Software Upgrade List:

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Porsche V4.1

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Renault V6.3

FVDI ABRITES Commander for BMW V10.4

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Ford V4.9

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Opel V6.6

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Fiat V5.7

FVDI ABRITES Commander for VAG – VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda V24.0

FVDI ABRITES Commander for PSA Peugeot/Citroen V6.7

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Toyota V9.0

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Benz V7.0

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Mitsubishi V2.1

FVDI ABRITES Commander for Chrysler V3.3

V2015 FVDI V6.3 software Download:


Follow steps below to 2015 FVDI V6.3 Update:

Extract F07005” Zip File into desktop and then delete this zip file;

Open F07005 Folder and then run FWDownloader;

FVDI V2015 Downloader V1.1

Open Computer Management, select Device Manager >> Port (COM & LPT), right click USBSerial Port (COM4) to choose Properties;

Device Manager

Select Port Settings >> Advanced…, and choose Latency Timer option as 16, click OK;

Advanced setting for COM4

Re-run FWDownloader, click Update Firmware (Connect FVDI device to PC/Laptop);

download firmware

Once Firmware1 finish, select Firmware 2 to continue, and finally download Table Data;

Next select Update License;

Once license file downloaded to device successfully, quit FVDI 2015 Downloader V1.0 interface;

Complete license file download successfully

Upgrade FVDI Renault driver to V2015.6.2

As FVDI Commander products are upgraded to new versions, I often receive emails from customers asking about software and driver upgrade recently. Most of them are inquiring about FVDI Renault. The driver in FVDI products are actually the same. So here I would like to write a quick guide about updating FVDI driver to latest 2015.6.2 version.

If your FVDI driver is 2.10 version:

1. Please download the following FVDI driver upgrade zip package:


2. Once the package is downloaded, please check the video below, FVDI_NEW_Download_V2015_6.2_install_video,

http://www.eobd2.fr/upload/pro/fvdi_new_download_v2015_6.2_install_video.zip and follow it to install and update the driver. There is an authorized file and installation guide of the package in Step 1, showing you how to update the driver.

If your FVDI driver is 2.08.14 version:

Please download the FVDI V2015.6.2 install video above (Step 2) and follow the video to perform the installation and update.

If the driver version is after 2014.12:

If you have the 2014.12 driver and the new version disk, please follow the video below to update the driver:


Note: You can only activate authorization for the FVDI product you bought, for example, if you bought Renault FVDI commander, please click the Renault logo for activation.

Peugeot BSI programmed by SVDI PSA goes into boot mode, how to fix?

Last week a customer sent me an email, telling me that his BSI in Peugeot 207 BSI was damaged, no horn or light after connected to SVDI PSA Commander to do programming. There was no problem when the tool built connection with the car, but the BSI would not response when programming. He was wondering is there anything wrong with the SVDI PSA?

I chatted with EOBD2.FR technicians about the issue and they found out the reason to the yesterday.

According to EOBD2 technicians, it was not the SVDI PSA scanner but the way he operated the tool. The BSI would not response because the programming took more time than he expected. One of our technicians used the battery of the non-starting Peugeot on another car to start the donor-car and then he was able to connect to the “dead” BSI and revive it by switching off the economy / boot mode.

Here is the correct way to program BSI with SVDI PSA:

1.    Remove the fuse wiper and street lamp;
2.    Hook up the SVDI PSA to the car
3.    Start odometer correction procedure
There will be no problem programming the BSI then.

If you have meet the same error when using SVDI PSA, hope this write up will help. If you have any questions about the tool, please contact our customer service at: sales@eobd2.fr .

Solution of FVDI cannot read edc15 eeprom, problem with K-line voltage drop

Yesterday I received my order and the first time I have tried FVDI ABRITES Commander for VAG one the bench with VAG EDC15V diagnosis works it was not able to read the EPROMs memory to pull the code.

I made some pictures from the PCB.

FVDI TOP V4 side replace DSCN0096


Solution: If you cannot read edc15 eeprom, please replace this ic AGD1406-BURZ

FVDI TOP V4 side replace

Besides, FVDI has problem with K-line voltage drop and can communication with some cars.

Solved with change adg1406bruz multiplexer ic.



How to solve 2015 FVDI PSA ABRITES Commander Latency timer error


One of the FVDI customers who got his 2015 FVDI PSA V6.7 ABRITES Commander for Peugeot and Citroen with software USB dongle newly upgraded to V6.3. When he ran the FVDI PSA V6.3 software, the system displayed the error “CANNOT SET AVDI LATENCY TIMER”.

Eobd2.fr OBD2 diagnostic tool dealer offers solution here:

1) Disable and Reinstall all of the previous version software.
2) Update the FVDI firmware to V6.3 as well. Old version firmware is not compatible with FVDI commander V6.3 software.
3) After update FVDI commander diagnostic interface to the V6.3, please provide the serial number and the factory will open the authorization for you.
4) Do some com port settings.
a. Click Property>>Port, select USB Serial port (COM 3)
b. Select Port setting, click Advanced
c. Set and change the Latency timer value as 16.
Free Download FVDI V6.3 software

SVDI FVDI Calibrate Mileage for Peugeot 307 Step by Step

1. Old mileage value display on the dashboard, it is 201318km

svdi fvdi psa abrites sur 307-01

2. SVDI is well connected to the dashboard and the computer.

svdi fvdi psa abrites sur 307-02

3. Open “ABRITES Commander for Peugeot/Citroen 5.10″, select “20. Multi-in system interface (BSI) -CAN”, click “Special Function” at the bottom right corner, then click “Mileage Recalibration”



4. Input vehicle information, including model of vehicle, unit, current mileage, new value the owner want to calibrate.  As the following picture show,

Model of vehicle: Peugeot 307 2005+

Unit: JCI BSI (2004-2008)

Current value: 201318km

New value: 206000

Then click “écrire”

enter car information-05

5.  One window pops up, click “Ok”, and another window pops up reading “Checking correction capabilities of the counter km from BSI, thank you patient” , and please wait.


When you wait, you will find SVDI main unit flash yellow light and no mileage value display on the dashboard.

flash yellow light-07


Another window pops up reading “Note: to complete one operation, thank you switch off the ignition and remove the for 60 seconds”, click “OK”


6. At this time, the new mileage value display on the dashboard, it is 206000.

finish change mileage-10

FVDI ABRITES Commander related products:http://www.eobd2.fr/wholesale/fvdi-abrites-commander/

SVDI PSA ABRITES killed BSI due to incorrect operation

A part of users contact us with a same issue SVDI PSA ABRITES killed BSI, they think SVDI PSA is broken. Is it true?

Actually, some experience users have proved SVDI PSA is working well; they point out why BSI is killed and provide correct operation instruction:

Incorrect operation

Correct operation instruction:  
Firstly, remove wiper fuse and streetlights, and then connect with the power supply, finally use SVDI PSA to change mileage.

I attach 3 pictures which show how I use SVDI PSA successfully change KM for Peugeot 305 2005+.
Picture 1: The Vehicle I want to adjust KM is Peugeot 305 2005+ JCI BSI (2004 – 2008), the old KM is 154910 and the new KM I write is 199999.
Picture 2: Old value shown on the dashboard: 154910KM

Picture 3: New value shown on the dashboard: 199999KM

Steps to FVDI and AVDI read write data from MED17 EDC17

1. Connections

Tools you need:

PC, FVDI, USB cable, MEDC17 adapter, dongle, welding iron, solders, several 1K ohm resisters and 12V DC power supply.

(Note: refer to “medc17-pinout.pdf” that shows connections between MEDC17 adapter and MEDC17 ECU.)

Picture 1 shows connections between FVDI, PC, dongle, MEDC17 adapter.

Your PC has to connect to the network.
2. Step-by-step to operate

Step 1: Disassemble MEDC17 ECU, and then uncover it.

Step 2: Connect MEDC17 ECU under instructions.

Step 3: Connect FVDI with PC, open VAG V21, and select special functions, and select “EDC17/MED17 Engine Control Unit”. It’s shown as picture 2.
Step 4: Select correct MCU type, and click “CONNECT” as Picture 3.

Step 5: Read what you want to read.

Step 6: Assemble MEDC17 ECU and install it to vehicle


1)    Only AVDI and FVDI can read out the data of MED17, EDC17 engine control unit, and calculate 6-digit Security Byte.

2)    New VW Magotan, Passat, CC engine type is MED17.5.XX,it is impossible to read out these models’ 7-digit Security Byte by only reading out data from comfort module, then it’s impossible to make new keys when all key lost and module programming.

3)    VAG 18.0 or newer version of FVDI can get 6-digit Security Byte and 5-digit login password by reading the data from MEDC17, and get 7-digit Security Byte by reading data from comfort modules.

How FVDI 2015 for Peugeot Citroen V6.6 with softdog works

Two weeks passed since FVDI Citroen Peugeot software v6.6 with softdog released, during this period many users contact www.eobd2.fr customer service with many questions, one single sentence to conclude their questions: they have great expectation for new FVDI. For their detailed question, I conclude as follows:
What is the softdog is used for?
How old FVDI PSA tool upgrade to the newest?
If I buy new FVDI for Citroen Peugeot, how can I upgrade it in the future?
What is the function of FVDI for Citroen Peugeot V6.6?

Before answering the above-mentioned questions, let’s take a first look at new FVDI for Citroen Peugeot v6.6 softdog.
fvdi v2015-2
New FVDI contains one new main unit, one CD, one USB cable, one 16pin cable and tag key tool…… Compared with the old FVDI, the new one adds one sofdog.

Followed are the answers to the above-mentioned questions.
What is the softdog is used for?
1)  softdog is for security to enable online update in future. The Fly Company server will check if softdog SN is inside the activated device database! With the help of the softdog FLY Compnay can activate /deactivate any device at any time!
2) softdog is used to update old FVDI / AVDI to 2015 FVDI
3) Note: one softdog matches only one interface, they have the same serial number, that’s to say, if you have two interfaces, two softdogs are needed.
How old FVDI PSA tool upgrade to the newest?
Firstly send FVDI ID to eobd2.fr customer service, then the engineer will check whether the ID is listed in the activated device database, if yes, he will do an update file according to the ID and send you for upgrade.

If the ID is not in the activated device database, you are not allowed to upgrade by yourself, the correct way is to contact eobd2.fr customer service and send he will ask you ship us the old interface and pay $100 to get updates and softdog.

If I buy new FVDI for Citroen Peugeot, how can I upgrade it in the future?
FVDI V2015 firmware is updatable and it is network version, that is to say in the future users can directly update on Fly server by themselves, no need send back unit for update.

Step-by-step update Firmware and database update
2. Firmware and database update
Step 1. Connect FVDI to computer with USB (no necessary connecting to vehicle)
Step  2. Open folder “FW Downloader”, run “FWDownloader.exe”

Open folder FW Downloader-01
Step 3. If going to update firmware, click button “Firmware”
update firmware
Step 4. If going to update license data, click button “Database”
update database-03
Step 5. Click button “Start” to start updating
click start-04
Step 6. Click button “Exit” when finished
finish update-05
What is the function of FVDI for Citroen Peugeot V6.6?

Functions Included (FVDI interface):
Identification (VIN, Part Number ,production data, producer, manufacturing date)
Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
Clear DTC explanation
Live data display (actual data)
Electronic control unit configuration
Read and Program Engine Control Unit flash memory for tuning purposes by OBDII
Dump Tool – many functions like clear crash data.

Special Functions:

PIN code reading by OBDII ( CAN bus)
Mileage recalibration by OBDII in BSI module (CAN bus), Instrument cluster ( CAN ), C5, C2
Key programming
Read/Write eeprom from EDC15
Read/Write flash from EDC16
Read/Change Service list
Immobilizer Enable/Disable (EDC15)
Siemens SID80x series (SID801/SID802/SID801A/SID803/SID803A/SID804/SID806) – Flash/Eeprom read/write, Edit servicelist, Read/change PIN code

Do after sales by OBDII

– Peugeot – 206, 306, 307, 406, Partner, Ranch – 2.0 hdi
– Citroen – Berlingo, C5, Picasso, Xantia, Xsara, Xsara Picasso – 2.0 hdi
– Peugeot – 206, 1007 – 1.4 hdi
– Citroen – C2, C3, Saxo – 1.4 hdi

Supported Vehicles for PIN Code Reading:
Peugeot 206 (1,4 HDI, 2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 207
Peugeot 306 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 307 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 307 2005+
Peugeot 308
Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 508
Peugeot 406 (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot 407
Peugeot 607 2006+
Peugeot 807 2006+
Peugeot 1007 (1.4 HDI)
Peugeot Partner (2.0 HDI)
Peugeot Partner 2008+
Peugeot Ranch (2.0 HDI)
Citroen C2
Citroen C3 (1.4 HDI)
Citroen C3 II 2005+
Citroen DS3
Citroen C4
Citroen C4 Picasso
Citroen C4 2011+
Citroen C5 (2.0 HDI)*
Citroen C5 II 2007+
Citroen C6
Citroen C8 2007+
Citroen Picasso (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Xantia (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Xsara (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Xsara Picasso (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Saxo (1.4 HDI)
Citroen Berlingo (2.0 HDI)
Citroen Berlingo 2008+
Lancia Phedra 2008+

Need to have special function PN008
Supported Vehicles for Mileage Recalibration:

Peugeot 207
Peugeot 307 2005+
Peugeot 308
Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 5008
Peugeot 508
Peugeot 407
Peugeot 607 2006+
Peugeot 807 2006+
Peugeot Partner 2008+
Citroen C2
Citroen C3 II 2005+
Citroen DS3
Citroen C4
Citroen C4 Picasso
Citroen C4 2011+
Citroen C5 II 2007+
Citroen C6
Citroen C8 2007+
Citroen Berlingo 2008+
Lancia Phedra 2008+

FVDI Citroen Peugeot software v6.6 big promotion for Thanksgiving:


SVDI PSA ABRITES Commander for Peugeot and Citroen Software download and Installation

SVDI PSA ABRITES Commander for Peugeot and Citroen Software download:



Download all 14 parts
Choose all 14 parts
Right click to unzip all together
put them together

SVDI PSA ABRITES Commander for Peugeot and Citroen Software Installation:

Step 1: Extract the software in the CD into your computer.
The following screenshot display all files contained in the CD.
Step 2: adobe reader 9 setup

Click AdbeRdr90_en_US.exe to install Adobe Reader 9
The next operation is easy to do; I skip to Adobe Reader 9 setup finish.
Step 3: ABRITES COMMANDER software setup wizard:

Click “setup.exe”, come to “welcome to the abrites commander software setup wizard”
During this procedure, it will install the InstallShield Wizard for PL-2303 USB-to-Serial.
Complete the abrites commander software setup wizard
Step 4: Click <My computer> – <Manage> – <Device Manager> – <Ports>- <USB Serial Port(COM4)>, to check whether the driver is installed successfully and have good communication with the computer.
Step 5: Open “ABRITES Quick Start” to use TAG, diagnose Peugeot and Citroen.
Open TAG, AVDILoader loading, come to Abrites Tag Key Tool 5.8
Open Peugeot, PSALoader loading, star to diagnose Peugeot.
Open Citroen, PSALoader loading, star to diagnose Citroen.

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/new-svdi-psa-abrites-commande-for-peugeot-and-citroen.html