How maintain cars in special environments?

There are mountain land, countryside, excursion, and long journey during people’s daily life. Do you know how to maintain cars in these special environments? No worry, here presents you answers.


Mountain land and countryside

Main point: chassis maintenance and inspection, manually or with the help of tool like Multi-Diag multidiag Access J2534with functions like maintenance, body and Liaison to the ground and so on.

Chassis and brake inspection first, because mountain land and countryside road is usually uneven and easy to have wear-out on brake system and influence and out of shape of chassis parts.

Detection on suspension system should be done to avoid more serious damage on vehicle elements. Have a check on engine, if there is something wrong it, such as noises, should have replacement of oil for bad quality.


Clear and washes vehicles completely is key maintenance tips.

During short distance trip, it is easy to get bird poo or insects impact to do harm to vehicle paints. It is smart to wash these spots clearly and completely, for they are too adherent to paints, if scrub them violently, it will leave scratch on vehicle. Besides, there are some places could hide sands and spots, remember to wash them out.

Long journey

Key maintenance parts: check brake system, change and add engine oil, brake fluid and antifreeze and so on. After long journey, it will be the heaviest wear-out on tyre and brake pad. After you have brake pads changed, you could have them recalibrated with tpms tools and better have a check on tyre pressure with tools too. Of course, you should also have an inspection on tyre wearness and pick up stones stuck in tyres.

Besides, four-wheel positioning detection should be done with obd2 tools, too. Engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze should be added timely, if necessary, have maintenance on them. Of course, if travel through poor condition road and environment, better have a replacement on air filter. Long distanced journey will have a big consumption on battery amount, so the inspection on battery amount and lights, dashboard display are necessary.

Of course, before long journey or long distance driving, driving maintenance ahead starting should be done first, such as oil preparation, spare tyre preparation, scanning whole car with ds708 for troubleshooting faulted codes and so on. Hence, maintaining according to vehicle driving road situations are necessary.