Reset BMW ECU to factory setting with NCS Expert software

If bimmers want to update your BMW ECU, retrofit CIC, or you have done a wrong coding/wrong setting, the best way is to bring it back to factory default settings. Here is an ECU resetting to factory settings guide with BMW ICOM engineering NCS-expert coding software.

Tool needed:

BMW ICOM ISTA-D ISTA-P with engineering software NCS Expert
BMW ICOM A2+B+C diagnostic system
A laptop running Win 7 O/S


1) Loading profile

Well loaded and installed BMW NCS expert software
Set up and connect BMW ICOM a2+b+c diagnostic hardware with vehicle via OBD port
Open NCS expert software
Select Expert mode
Choose Expert Mode Profile
(If you do not have Expert Mode Profile, loading the file you usually using)
Click File>>Edit Profile>>FSW/PSW

Click File-Edit Profile-FSW PSW

Uncheck the option in the red box
Click OK
Click Profile Info>>name the profile as you want
Click OK to close the Profile Editor
Click File>>Save profile as the name your precious named
Now you have a profile for loading factory settings to any ECU in the car

2) Reset ECU to factory default setting

Press F1 button
Select F3 and choose your car chassis from the list
Click OK
Press F6
Press F4
Choose the ECU your would like to code with factory default options of your car
Press OK

Choose the ECU your would like to code with factory default options of your car-2

Press F2

Press F2-3

Press OK
Press F3 “Execute Job” to start coding the ECU with factory setting according to your BMW vehicle order (VO)
ECU resetting is done. Exit the NCS expert software and disconnect the BMW ICOM hardware.

Delphi TcsCDP 2014.02 free keygen, activation manual on Win7

Since clone Delphi TcsCDP pro/DE150E/Autocom CDP diagnostic system are respected by a large amount of car/trucks owners, mechanics and technicians. here gathers download recourses of Delphi pro.

2014.2V Delphi CDP perating system: Win XP and Win7

Disable all antivirus software before installing tcscdp 2014.02 or tcscdp 2013.3. (very important)

1) Directly download Delphi patch

Delphi CDP Pro 2013.02 patch

Delphi CDP Pro 2014.02 patch SN: 100251

Directly download Delphi patch

The V2014.02 download link fits for none-Bluetooth and Bluetooth PBX/Delphi TCS CDP/DS150E with serial number 100521.

How to activate 2014.02V Delphi CDP Pro software?

2) Order Delphi CDP pro keygen CD

Delphi DS150E (V2014.2) Software CD with Free Keygen

Keygen and software language:

German, Czech, Dansk, Dutch, English, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

The software package including: CD 2013.3V, 2014.2V software, tutorial and free keygen, most users say it works well compared to 2014.01.

Users have two options 2013.3 and 2014.2 software. Which software to install, it depends on the needs of the user. With the free keygen, users can activate the software free at anywhere anytime, very easy.

How to install Delphi TcsCDP keygen?

Take an example of 2013.02V.

Before generating fileactivation.xml, copy Main.exe from the folder “patch installation” to install folder.

1) Shut down the network connection and turn off any anti-virus software on your computer or laptop

2) Run software setup exe. 2014.2_install_Delphi.exe

3) Select “DS150E” (new vci) for autocom delphi VCI cars, if heavy duty please select product (DE150E heavy duty (new vci)) but do not change the install path!

For Windows XP users: install patch to — C: Program FilesDelphi DiagnosticsDS150E (new vci))

For Windows 7 64 bit users: install patch to – C: Program Files (x86) Delphi DiagnosticsDS150E (new vci))

How to install Delphi TcsCDP keygen

4) Run 2014.2_install_Delphi.exe on desktop to active

cars for autocom CDP Car / Delphi VCI

SN: 100251

a-710-142 = cdp + (ds150e new vci)

hardwraekey: FSBQQJWHDCWA

trucks for autocom CDP truck / Delphi VCI

SN: 100251

a-710-210 = cdp + (ds150e new vci)

hardwraekey: HYSOGTLPCOVA


4) Copy all files in the patch folder to replace DS150e (new vci) install folder


– Click start

– Save FileActivation on desk

– Send FileActivation just saved on desk

– Activate the FileActivation file

– Copy the FileActivation file actived replace to the file on desk

– Click Start Again

– Click no

– Click yes

– Select the FileActivation file actived on desk.

– Open the FileActivation file

Autel DS708 read and erase DTC on Porsche models

Dear Sirs,

Is it possible to read and erase DTC on Porsche models, manufactured starting year 2009, with Autel MaxiDAS:emoji: DS708 ?

Can You please send me more specific information regarding product?
– Updates (period & price)
– Compleat model list (brand, model, year)
– warranty

Also I’m interest to read and erase DTC for Maserati Garnturismo MC Stradale from year 2011.

That I see on the screen Porsche label don’t mean that it be usable for models from year 2009. For example Porsche Boxter 2.7 year 2010, can I read DTC and clear the maintenance interval?

Thank You for your reply!


Reply to Henry:

Autel MaxiDAS DS708 can read Trouble Codes (DTC) and explain what the meaning of the troule codes.
It supports Porsche models, DS708 generally work with the car until 2012 year.
About DS708 update:

Go to update at DS708 official website:, you could download software, update online, retrieve information and get warranty service. Even you are allowed to customize one specific language among these languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Australia and Russian, but not accessible to switch to the language what you want when you use DS708.

The update is one year for free, after one year later, it will cost you US$ 500.00 each time for one year, read details at:

About DS708 supported car list: is available with Autel DS708 supported car list.

About warranty:

Autel DS708 is original item authorized by Autel and it has 12 months warranty.

Sorry, DS708 cannot read and erase DTC for Maserati Garnturismo.

if you have any question, please contact me any time.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,


2012 Toyota Lexus IS300 won’t start normally

Last week, a friend called me that his Toyota Lexus IS300 would not start normally and then took it into my shop. If I was not mistaken, his Lexus was bought just two years ago. It was unusual for a two-year-old vehicle to have engine damage.

When he took the vehicle to my shop, I first unlock the car with remote, and it could be opened smoothly. Then I pressed the start button, the steering wheel would move, but the vehicle would not start, so as the dashboard. My first guess was its battery was lack of electricity.

 15000mAh Jump Start Emergency Charger for Mobile/Laptop/Car with Over-Load Protector

I connected the car with Jump Start Emergency Charger and tried to start it again, the car still did not work. When I pressed the brake pad, the start button turned to green from amber. This meant it had detected the car key and had received authorization from ECU. Then I tried to relieve the anti-theft system. Then I tried to troubleshoot its ECU by using XHORSE MVCI. The system could be relieved easily, while the dashboard only illuminated for a while and then died. I tried to restart it again, but the engine just did not work, and therefore I could not use a car diagnostic tool.

The phenomena meant the car engine could not switch to 1G – 0N model. I then got down inspecting its fuses, relay, engine switch, engine control units, engine control module according to its circuit diagram. An hour later, I found a cable in power supply control was damaged.

After I replaced the damaged ECU, the vehicle could be started smoothly.

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Auto Repair : Car Three common fault analysis

In life, many owners will encounter some problems vehicle repair and maintenance , and the reasons for these problems before sending the car repair shop repairs , many car owners who are not sure happened here for the owners to introduce a common car failure.

● car at high speed when running , to the speed of 150 kilometers, but not in time to stop the oil added , and the speed has been more than four thousand turn , is this what causes it?

The reason : When the hydraulic solenoid valve failure , the automatic transmission will enter the slope line mode , will force the three- block traffic , the failure of a pressure regulator failure , you need to go to the store OBD2 scanner(OBD/OBDII)_Global in time to check , first try to replace the gearbox oil , if the oil change after three gear will be locked in , then you need to replace the solenoid valve.

● automotive temperature warning light in the light automatically turns off after a while , I ask what is the reason ?

Cause: If this condition occurs , first check the antifreeze is recommended to losses , if the lack of antifreeze in the tank , it should be immediately added to the LED Parking Sensor and Monitor Display normal level . Secondly , there will be some natural antifreeze loss, but a loss will not be too serious. If you find the need for frequent short time to add, then you need to check the water tank , plumbing, heating up water bottles and small tanks , and check whether these components appeared leakage.

● While driving, the car always felt inadequate refrigeration , is that the add refrigerant it?

Cause: Most of the causes is due to shortage of refrigerant in the refrigerant system micro leaks . Where insufficient refrigerant in the air conditioning system , the expansion valve from the discharge refrigerant to the evaporator will inevitably decrease , when the refrigerant is evaporated in the evaporator , heat is absorbed also will decrease the Mileage Program Tools cooling capacity also decreased . Recommended to open to the 4S shop or repair shop do check if test results do not say you do not need added plus , because the refrigerant too much is not good.

Honda Accord sedan reverse dysfunction

A mileage of about 110,000 km, configure F23 A3 engine and automatic transmission, the Honda Accord sedan . Users report: the car will shift lever into the R position, the vehicle can travel backwards in the case of step on the accelerator pedal is not , then if the accelerator pedal is depressed , the vehicle stopped immediately .
After receiving the car : use diagnostic system for automatic transmission diagnosis, no fault codes. View the data flow , reverse gear , shift solenoid valves, hydraulic systems and other signals were normal. And the Truck Diagnostic Tool external components connected to the automatic transmission line inspection , no anomalies. The automatic transmission is a three shaft-type automatic transmission, the three axes are the input shaft ( main shaft ) , an intermediate shaft ( countershaft ) and the auxiliary shaft in the corresponding shaft with a 1-4 gear and reverse gear assembly , in addition to two pairs of idler , one pair of drive gear shaft and a vice parking gear . The shift member comprises a clutch 5 , a one-way clutch and a reverse gear sleeve , the clutch operated by a hydraulic system controlled by the direct manipulation of the reverse gear shift sleeve , when the reverse , and the reverse slip clutch 4 sets of working together, their power transmission route is as follows : the torque converter clutch 4 spindle shaft reverse gear reverse idler reverse countershaft reverse gear auxiliary shaft sleeve drive gear down Slide file directly controlled by the shift lever is not prone to failure, and therefore a greater likelihood of adverse judgments 4 gear clutch work.
Working hydraulic clutch automatic transmission measurements , the shift lever into reverse, 4 hydraulic clutch work for idle condition 600kPa, normal. Depress the accelerator pedal , the clutch hydraulic 4 files work but reduced , while three clutch operating voltage is unusually elevated , indicating poor or there is a leak of eobd2 hydraulic valve work problems . Remove the hydraulic check valve , there is no obvious anomalies. Cleaning the hydraulic valve , refitted after the test, the fault remains . The configuration of three automatic transmission shift control solenoid valve: the shift control solenoid valve A, B and shift control solenoid shift control solenoid valve C. When the reverse shift control solenoid valve A should be energized. Remove the shift control solenoid valve A check found no leaks . Measuring the resistance of the solenoid valve , as 15Ω, within the standard range . Current test , normal. Remove and decomposition automatic transmission , check the 3-4 clutch piston assembly and found no leaks . Check the spindle , found four clutch spindle oil on the road with three clutch oil passage between the seal Songkuang , oil leaks , excessive wear and spindle . The spindle 4 clutch replacement and associated seals off , installed automatic transmission , testing , failure symptoms completely disappeared , ending maintenance work .
3 clutch and components 4 clutch piston oil passages are located in the spindle , separated by an intermediate ring . The seal will leak to the leakage of hydraulic oil in the Newest version V3.002.032 Honda HDS HIM piston assembly adjacent to the clutch . When performing the reverse , low oil pressure idling conditions , less leakage , 4 clutch to work. At this point if the accelerator pedal is depressed , resulting in increased leakage increases oil , hydraulic oil into three clutch piston assembly , three clutch work simultaneously with four clutch automatic transmission lock , so there is reversing acceleration suspended failure phenomenon .

Structural characteristics of automotive aluminum body of knowledge and maintenance tips

With the VAG Diagnostic Tools rapid development of automobile technology , automobile manufacturing companies in the structural design of the car, manufacturing technology, materials selection and other aspects of a lot of research , hoping to develop a safe, reliable, energy-saving environmental protection, new cars. Under normal circumstances , the body dating from major fuel consumption of 70% , so the most important issue is how to reduce vehicle fuel consumption make the car lighter . First make the car lighter to start from lightweight materials , so not only can reduce body weight and increase the quality of equipment , reducing engine load , but also can significantly reduce the force suffered chassis components , making the car ‘s handling, even better economy . And there is ” light metal ,” said the aluminum metal , because its light weight , wear resistance, corrosion resistance , good elasticity, high stiffness and strength , excellent impact resistance , and good molding and high reproducibility , became the automobile light quantify the material of choice. Aluminum body cars because of low energy , safe, comfortable and strong load capacity relative advantages and favored.

First, the structural characteristics of the aluminum body

The use of aluminum in cars on show increasing in recent years . Partial or total use of aluminum has many models , such as BMW , Audi, Volvo, Land Rover , Jaguar , etc. Aluminum body aluminum alloy used basically by increasing or decreasing the ratio of alloying elements and the use of appropriate heat treatment , etc., to reach the desired performance . Currently , an aluminum alloy for automotive body sheet are Al-Cu (2000 series ), Al-Mg (5000 series) and Al-Mg-Si (6000 series ) three kinds . 6000 series aluminum due to its plasticity , high strength , becoming the first choice of many car manufacturers new body materials . For the different parts of the body, a different member of the aluminum alloy composition used , the type and heat treatment process is not the same . As the skeleton of the vehicle bumper , the bumper reinforcement beam and side beams , aluminum is used should have sufficient toughness and mild , in the event of a collision can have good absorption properties . Use of aluminum vehicle driveline components , not only has sufficient strength and toughness , and also has good thermal conductivity . Facts have proved that cars use aluminum indeed made good social and economic benefits.

When all aluminum body construction , according to their functional requirements of the body can be divided into castings , stampings, die castings , aluminum castings are manufactured to be able to carry large loads of parts , significantly reducing the weight but also has a high strength. The plate member has a complex geometry , typically by way of a vacuum die casting , so that they have high strength. Meanwhile , they also have good ductility , good weldability and high plasticity , to ensure they have a high level of security at the time of the collision .

Of course , there are some car use aluminum shortage . In the production of aluminum car body welding aluminum body welding increased by 60 % compared with conventional steel body energy , and once traffic accidents , higher maintenance costs aluminum body . Due to the low melting point of aluminum , poor repair , maintenance technicians need to use special tools and special aluminum body repair process method to repair.

Second, the aluminum body repair hardware requirements

1 , aluminum body dedicated gas protection welder and appearance repair machine

Because of the low melting point of aluminum , deformation, low current welding requirements , it must use a dedicated gas shielded welding aluminum body . Shape repair machines can not be like a normal repair machines to click stretched shape , can only use a dedicated machine repair welding aluminum body shape meson nails, nail stretcher using meson stretch .

2 , special aluminum body repair tools , powerful rivet gun

With traditional car accident repair is different, repair aluminum body is mostly riveting repair method , which must have a strong rivet gun . And aluminum body BMW SRS computer must be dedicated , can not be mixed with steel body repair tools . Because the repairs finished steel body , would have on the iron tools , if the aluminum body to repair , iron is embedded aluminum surface , causing corrosion of aluminum .

3 , dust explosion-proof vacuum system

In polished aluminum body process, will produce a lot of aluminum , aluminum is not only harmful, but explosive , so there must be explosion-proof dust vacuum system in a timely manner to absorb aluminum .

4 , an independent space for maintenance

Because aluminum body repair process demanding ensure quality automotive repair and maintenance of safe operation, to avoid contamination of aluminum for the workshop and explosions , to set up a separate aluminum body repairman bit . In addition, the aluminum body of the maintenance staff to conduct professional training , master repair aluminum body repair techniques, how to locate the drawing, welding , riveting , bonding , etc.

Third, the maintenance operation precautions

1, the localized stretching of the aluminum sheet is not good, easy to crack . If the hood inner panel because the shape is more complex , in the manufacture of the body in order to improve its tensile deformation properties of high strength aluminum alloy , elongation rate has exceeded 30 percent , so far as possible to ensure that maintenance is not mutated shape to avoid cracks.

2, the dimensional accuracy is not easy to grasp, difficult to control the rebound . To the extent possible in the maintenance of low-temperature heating method to release stress , it does not produce a solid rebound and other secondary deformation.

3 , because the ratio of aluminum to produce the bumps of soft steel , dust attached to the collision , and various other reasons make the maintenance of the part surface , scratches and other defects , so to clean the mold cleaning apparatus , the environment of dust , the air take appropriate measures to pollution , etc., to ensure that the parts intact.

BMW 520i sedan coolant temperature warning lights

A mileage of about 180,000 km, equipped with M54 engine of BMW 520i sedan in 2006 . Users report: car coolant temperature warning lamp lights up sometimes .
Check the analysis: First, visual inspection maintenance staff found no lack of coolant , and the engine idling coolant temperature is normal . Test methods by opening and closing air conditioning , cooling fan is running. Read with fault diagnostic data stream head when idling at the outlet coolant temperature of 105 ℃, the temperature at the outlet of the radiator is 63 ℃, normal . When the cylinder head outlet coolant temperature reaches 110 ℃, low speed cooling fan start when the coolant temperature down to 103 ℃ fan mb star c4 stops . These phenomena indicate that under no-load condition, the engine ‘s cooling system is working properly . To reproduce the fault needs to be a road test .
Road test found that when the vehicle is in 40 ~ 60 km / h speed stop and go, when the cylinder head at the outlet coolant temperature reaches 115 ℃, the coolant temperature at the outlet of the radiator down to 51 ℃. This indicates that when the coolant temperature rises, the engine coolant flow through the radiator is reduced , that the problem arises . Sure enough, soon will head the outlet coolant temperature reaches 117 ℃, the coolant temperature warning lights. The strange thing is after the alarm lights , radiator coolant temperature quickly rises to the export of 76.5 ℃, description coolant flow is increased, a corresponding cylinder head outlet coolant temperature fall, the alarm goes off.BMW ICOM
By observing the above process can be seen , because the vehicle warning lights are insufficient coolant flow . The cause of the coolant flow is insufficient coolant appeared gasification , commonly known as “boil .” And after the boil phenomenon , coolant flow can increase rapidly , indicating that the engine control unit for circulating flow cooling system intervened .
The vehicle circulation flow of coolant in the cooling system is made for adjusting the thermostat . Thermostat opening of the car’s coolant temperature controlled not only by foreign but also by the electric thermostat control core . When the engine control unit downstream of the radiator temperature difference found abnormal , the core will increase the heating temperature , thereby increasing the degree of opening of the thermostat , i.e., the circulating flow rate is increased . This ecu tuning  phenomenon indicates that the coolant temperature, the degree of opening of the thermostat to rely on heating of the core in order to help achieve normal . So far, the problem has been exposed, that the thermostat coolant temperature changes have been sensitive enough and can not withstand large temperature shock.
Troubleshooting: Replace the thermostat, repeated test confirmed that the fault has been ruled out.

Buick GL8 weak acceleration , engine failure lights

Car mileage over 300,000 km, configuration V6 engine and 4T65 E -type automatic transmission models 2001 Shanghai GM Buick GL8 commercial vehicle . Users report: weak obd2 acceleration when driving the car when the engine reaches 3500r/min, but super speed 120km / h, engine failure lights .
After receiving the car : power systems for self-diagnosis , there is a fault code P0752, file contents 1-2 shift solenoid valve failure , or 4th gear without a gear . Clear DTCs, road test , the fault persists . View 1-2 shift solenoid valve work file data, no short circuit or open circuit fault information .

The automatic transmission shift solenoid valve configured with two 1-2 / 3-4 shift solenoid valve ( 1-2 gear shift solenoid valves ) and 2-3 gear shift solenoid valves. This is the same structure as the two solenoid valves are normally open solenoid valve , which in case of power failure (Off) Road case oil solenoid valve opens , slot board / body oil passage communicating with them in an open state ( state relief ) . In the solenoid valve is energized (0n) case , the internal oil passage electromagnetic valve is closed, the groove board / oil passage communicating with the valve in the closed state ( hydraulic established ) , a time to control the operation of the shift valve spool .

If the file 1-2/3-4 shift solenoid valve fails, the only two forward gears and 3rd gear , vehicles rose less than 4 files. Combined with previous experience in the analysis , consider the following possible faults 1-2 gear shift oil duct blockage , 1-2 / 3-4 shift solenoid valve catching 1-2 shift spool file catching 1 – 2/3-4 gear shift solenoid valve leakage , Car Diagnostic Software automatic transmission fluid is too dirty and so on. Replace automatic transmission oil , failure is not ruled out. Remove the automatic transmission side cover , check the slot board / body, outside no problem. Remove files 1-2/3-4 shift solenoid valve , measure resistance, as 25Ω, within the standard range . The 1-2/3-4 shift solenoid valve to replace the lost files , test, failure to completely ruled out.

When the PCM commands the solenoid valve is closed , does not provide grounding circuit and the input to the line pressure solenoid valve is vented through a filter . When the PCM commands the solenoid valve is turned on, providing Ground loops and blocked the exhaust port , stop the discharge pressure of the gas pipeline . PCM gear by monitoring the commanded gear ratio and the relation of Claim 1-2 shift solenoid valve (1-2SS valve) position . If a PCM file when the instruction is detected and the detected gear speed gear 2 , and the fourth speed gear when the instruction is detected while the third speed drive gear ratio , set a fault code P0751.

When 1-2/3-4 shift gear stuck in the off position solenoid valve , automatic transmission only 2nd and 3rd gear , the vehicle accelerates weakness. Power system control unit bad 1-2/3-4 shift solenoid valve performance file , set the fault code P0752, engine fault light is lit , fault protection mode is enabled , the automatic transmission in third gear lock operation by calculating the ratio judgment.

2012 Audi A4L sedan fuel oil inspection methods

The new Audi A4L sedan has been canceled dipstick, only to check the amount of oil through the MMI screen after changing the oil. After replacing the finished oil in accordance with the display prompts examination is always displayed as being checked, but after starting the vehicle instrument display the amount of oil is not enough, shut the engine Car Diagnostic Software compartment lid ran a few laps, allowing the oil to reach normal temperature, or show the same amount of oil is not enough, then consider really did not add enough oil to continue refueling inside, almost added 7L still the same, but said the maintenance manual add only about 4.5 L on it. So first oil service light reset, reset on a screen immediately displayed excessive oil filler, meter does not show the amount of oil is not enough, and had to turn the oil pumped to the standard value. Through this case to remind the general maintenance technician after more attention after the completion of the oil change must first be reset oil service light enough then check the engine oil level.