Does Xtruck USB Link equipped with ISUZU IDSS software?

One of the customers consulted eobd2 technical service that if Xtruck USB Link heavy-duty diagnostic system comes with ISUZU IDSS software? The answer is yes. Xtruck is compatible with multi truck diagnostic software like V Macks 2.6.12, Volvo VCADS 2.35.10, Detroit Diesel DDCT, Cummins Insite 7.5, Hino 2.0.3.,  ISUZU IDSS included.

Isuzu Diagnostic Service System (IDSS) is comprehensive diagnostic software which houses Service Information (including Electrical Troubleshooting Manual), Scan Tool, Service Programming, Bulletins and some training to support all Isuzu manufactured products. The system utilizes a laptop in conjunction with an industry standard J2534 vehicle interface device. Our Xtruck IDSS software fits more on North American ISUZU trucks.


Xtruck Software Computer requirement:

Volvo, Hino, Perkins, Cat, and Nissan software must be installed on XP system. Other software can be installed on Win7 32bit system.

Xtruck ISUZU software language: English ONLY

Xtruck ISUZU IDSS software support vehicle list:

ISUZU_GMC: 1996-1999 NPR Diesel and F Series Include NPR/W 3500, NPR HD/W 4500, This is for 6.0L V-8 Gasoline Engines only, 7.8L 6HK1 Engine

Isuzu: NPR, NPR HD, NQR, NRR, FTR, FVR, FXR with 6HK1 LG4 Engine, NPR, NPR HD,NQR, NRR with 5.2L (4HK1) or 3.0L (4JJ1) Diesel engine. 6.0L V-8 Gasoline Engine

Xtruck ISUZU IDSS software installation: When users have to deal with ISUZU truck, please install the IDSS software. If users want to do other truck models, install the corresponding software instead.

NOTE: If IDSS software fails to load and display CRC error: “the file C:\Program Files\IDSS\images\2007icvch \processed\fullsize\fullb606.rra doesn’t match the file in the setup’s cab file.”

Please check the setup instruction and step-by-step install the software, and at the same time make sure your computer system support Isuzu IDSS software.

How to solve Volvo VCADS Pro V2.40 ECU connection problem?

I own myself a 2008 Volvo VNL 780 355-405 hp 1250-1550 lb-ft torque manual and I want to  adjust the road speed limit to 100km/hr, but I can’t communicate with the vehicle ECU.I tried connecting the ECU via my diagnostic scan tool, using Volvo VCADS Pro latest 2.40 version from Eobd2. After connected with diagnostic socket, it was able to access the ECU. But the Panasonic win 7 window popped out a message reading: the software installed on the engine is not compatible with the ECU software, therefore you won’t be able to program certain parameters.


By the way, I have to mention the reason to lower speed limit. I just came across an accident due to overspeeding. That’s why I want to limit their speed myself by adjusting the road speed limit on the trucks ECU without their knowledge.

I have tried to seek some help at the local garage, but they offered none maintenance and service. Then I found some clues at the Volvo forum. One 10 years experienced Volvo technician who has been using the Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool for 5 years offered me some help. I was told to upgrade the PTT to get the truck programmed. In that case, I am able to go into programming to change the speed limit.

I took his advice and tried to install PTT on my laptop, but some files are not complete and fail to install completely. He again suggested me changing a laptop running win XP home because PTT is a very touchy program and will not work well with some programs. Then I change another second-hand Dell laptop running xp mode, then I found myself a link to download the software and reinstall the software.

I successfully download the software and then completed programming. Later Volvo Truck Diagnostic Tool Volvo VCADS Pro helped diagnose my Mack CH600, Mack model 2000, 2004 Mercedes Benz truck and one of my Chinese made truck with Cummins engine.


How to update Nissan Navigation System Map Data

Reason for update your Nissan map data:

1) With updated maps for your NISSAN navigation system, there’ll be less time wasted heading down the wrong road. Your navigation system gives you the ability to find the shortest and quickest routes to your destinations as well as the locations of all of the points of interest that matter most to you.

2) Updated maps enable the best navigation experience through the best routes, a reliable detour, the closest petrol station, the nearest hospital, restaurants, and more. You’ll also be equipped with the locations of businesses, landmarks, and emergency services that have been added to the map or changed.

3) Update the map data assures you of the highest performance and reliability attainable when navigating, whether you have a destination in mind or wish to quickly and easily locate gas stations, police stations, hospitals, pharmacies, ATMs and more.


How to update your Nissan map data:

1) Go to the 4s or your Nissan dealer to update every 12 – 18 months at $100 – $150.

2) Own yourself a Nissan Consult 3 Software. Input an activation code in order to use the updated maps. The result will be saved on the GTR card. Through high-speed data update system, it is possible to update map data in approximately 20 minutes with the new CARWINGS navigation system (hard-disk) equipped in the all-new Skyline and other future products.

Save time, money and fuel and get updated maps for your Nissan today.—-Written by .


How to solve Cummins Inline 5 update problem

An Inline 5 user posted his problem in Cummins forum. He came across the following when using Cummins Inline 5 with the version V7.6. A note message asks for an upgrade: This version of INSITE has expired. To continue using INSITE, please upgrade it to the latest version.

cummins-inline-5-1 experienced technician offer solution here. V7.6 Cummins INLINE 5 users have to update the old version to the newest V7.6.2 without change computer time setting.

How to update Cummins Inline 5 to V7.6.2? provides INSITE update file download link:

Version V7.6 can not be directly upgraded to V7.6.2. Users have to first update to V7.6.1 and then update V7.6.2 from V7.6.1. You can download both V7.6.1 and V7.6.2 update source package file on the download program marked red shown the picture below.


?Update software V7.6 to V7.6.1

After complete download the update source package file, find out and open “Cummins Inc. Update Manager” (marked the icon picture below)


Click “Update” on the right top of the menu, choose “Other” icon and click “Browse” to enter the path to load the update files.


Select the “INSITE 7.6.1- OtherPackage” located on the source folder D:/


Click “OK” when load the file


Click update icon marked red picture below to run an upgrade


A message will pops a message to prompt you: all available update for INSITE will be installed. Tick box on the left of “Install All” and then select the second down icon marked picture below to run an upgrade.


The Cummins INSTTE V7.6.1 update software is installing. Do not disable the update procedure.


INSITE V7.6.1 software has been successfully upgraded.


? Update software V7.6.1 to V7.6.2

After complete update V7.6.1 software, please go back to the program as the picture shown below. This time select browse INSITE 7.6.2-OtherPackage“” file from the source folder in D:/


Click “OK” to continue operation.


Click update icon on the first down icon marked red picture below.


The windows will display the installed version and the newest version. Another message asks for acceptation “The newest version must be installed to continue receiving updates. Do you want to install it now?” Click “Yes” to move on operation.


All updates were successfully installed. Click the tick marked red below.


Again the window pops out note prompting all updates available, tick box before “Install All”. Click the second down icon marked red picture below.


The V7.62 Cummins INLINE 5 is now installing. Do not disable the upgrade process.


The update procedure takes some time, please wait patiently.


V7.6.2 software update process is complete.


The newest V7.6.2 software is ready to use after complete upgrade.

Why NEXIQ 125032 is of Great Popularity

When comes to the most powerful diesel diagnostic tool, what’s your ideal about that? Recently, I browse some online forum about some of the most welcome diagnostic tool recommended by the comprehensive car users. NEXIQ 125032 and Scania diagnostic tool are top two welcome products.


And now, I would like to introduce NEXIQ USB Link + Software Diesel Truck Interface which I once used when I was working at a local workshop. I still felt very impressive on this powerful diagnostic tool that almost supports all the trucks.

1. Compatibility with applications, such as transmissions, engines, ABS and instrument panels and more.
2. USB connection contributes to reduce reprogramming time. (I.e. high efficiency)
3. As for the problem of car, it can generate maintenance or management report.
4. Support for wide protocols, like CAN, J1587/J1708 and ISO 15765 and more.
5. Wide car model coverage promotes its popularity, please click here to check:

If you are working with truck for carrying goods every day, you are worth buying one. In fact, it is not a cheap tool, but you will be paid off in the long run. At the same time, it may settle some emergency during your way to destination. There is no doubt that NEXIQ 125032 is indeed a good diagnostic tool for trucks, especially Volvo trucks.

Leave you a link about another good truck diagnostic tool mentioned above:

Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 on Trucks

Got the Cummins Inline 5 Insite 7.62 for couples of days and like to share the using experience of it to all. I own myself a clone one for the original one.


The original Cummins device takes much more I am affordable, so I own myself a clone one for rather compatible price from EOBD2 €215. The device well packed with adapters, cable for cummins , software CD in a carry case shipped via DHL for 4 days.

I found myself a web to download the driver on my Toshiba Satellite C50-BBT2N12 laptop running Windows 7 system. I glad that the device can work on win 7 system because the former places can only work on win xp system. The package was not come with the user manual, but I found some clue on web description, it was not such difficult job.

I have a 2006 Chevy 2500 Duramax and my dad got himself 2006 Dodge Ram Cummins. I have consulted the technical support and informed the Cummins Insite 5 fits our truck best. Cummins has successfully tripped the information, adjusted parameter, step-by-step trouble shooting, enhance ECM security of our trucks. Other functions I have tested yet.

I was not a technician in diesel trucks, but have some knowledge of my truck. So I have not hooked the device on other diesel vehicles which means I can not say it works all good on diesel vehicles. But it did function well of my Duramax.

7-in-1 Adblue Emulator User Guide

Before displaying how to use Adblue Emulator 7-in-1 tool, the meaning and function of Emulator 7-in-1 should be noted.

Adblue Emulator 7-in-1 is a top-rated truck Adblue remove tool. It covers large truck makes including trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles with EURO 4/5 exhaust emission rates made by Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Scania, Iveco, DAF, Volvo and Renault. With the Adblue remove tool, vehicles will stop using Adblue liquid.

Adblue Emulator 7-in-1 is quite easy to use. There is only one version of emulator for all supported trucks, just upload the necessary program to the AdBlue Emulator Box and you can install it on any supported truck. Following are main steps of using the obd2 tool.

Step 1
Connect AdBlue Emulator Box and insert CD came with the package to PC/laptop. Then install hardware and driver in the CD.

Step 2
Disconnect the box after complete driver installation. Put jumper on and connect 2 pins with each other. If the light on box shines, the connection is done and it is allowed to program.
Step 3
Take off the jumper on board. Reconnect the box with PC via USB cable. Find out and open truck-adlue-emu v5.exe setup located in adblue emulator box file.

Step 4
Select the specific truck model and click “Start” to run the routine. The orange light on later implies the process is completed.

Step 5
Finally, disconnect the USB cable and plug adblue programming adapter to the truck.

Note: If your are going to do it on another truck, just disconnect and install on another truck.

Here is the diagram to display how Adblue Emulator 7-in-1 works.

Activate Pathfinder software for Linde Canbox USB Diagnostic Tool

Linde Canbox USB Diagnostic Tool, newest version is V2013. It is reliable, high speed, high performance tool, and it supports multi-language: English/ Hungarian/ Dutch/ Danish/ Spanish/ Italian/ German/ Dutch/ Norwegian/ Polish/ Russian/ French/ Czech/ Swedish/ Turkish.

It comes with a Pathfinder software, like following picture shows:
This pathfinder software need activate, please copy the id# and send it to us for activation:
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How to use Renault CAN bus emulator

Before proceed to the main topic how to use Renault CAN bus emulator, some background information have to be highlighted.

First of all, the definition of Renault CAN BUS emulator should be noted. It is a emulator tool for repairing the instrument cluster.

Secondly, it is necessary to understand the function of Renault emulator. The function can be easily explained as “Repair instrument cluster”. (Note: No software needed when use the device.)

Then come to how to use part. The emulator has to be connected via 4 wires. Following is the diagram of the emulator elements.
Renault Scenic, Laguna:
1 +12v
29 CAN Low
30 CAN High

Renault Meganne:
1 CAN High
4 CAN Low
15 +12v
30 GND

The Renault CAN BUS emulator operation process is very easy. (Shown as the picture below)

1) Well connect CAN Low, CAN High, +12V, and GND wires with the dashboard.
2) Switch on of the emulator
3) Turn on the dashboard.
4) The dashboard will illuminate if there are no CAN faults red LED on the emulator

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New MST-A360 fuel injector tester Full description

To have fully understanding of MST-A360 fuel injector tester, following questions: when should we clean the fuel injector, what’s MST-A360 tester, and what can it do for us or why we have to purchase it have to be taken into account. We will explain them one by one.

When to use a fuel injector tester?

When your vehicles starts getting lower gas or the engine begins to hesitate when you press the gas pedal, it is properly the time to clean your fuel injectors.

Why should buy a fuel injector cleaner?

You can get your fuel injector clean at the mechanic which would cost you more time and money every time. You can save money by owning a fuel injector tester or cleaner.

What is MST-A360 fuel injector cleaner?

MST-A360 fuel injector tester/cleaner which made by Master is a newly release fuel injector clean tool for any vehicles. MST-A360 is compatible with LED display and high quality SIEMENS pump which makes it more endurable.


What MST-A360 injector tester/cleaner can do?

MST-A360 is capable of projecting following functions:

1) Ultrasonic cleaning trough built-in

2) Test injector, injector’ injection, leakage and block

3) Reverse flush to clean inside out

4) Test and clean fuel injector at the same time.

5) A set of adaptors to clean injectors without dismantling it from the engine

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