Seven steps teach you update IScancar code reader for free

I learned from an OBD2 tool seller that the newest IScancar code reader had been released. And the latest one will cost about 300 dollars. Fortunately, I had bought a IScancar scanner before, and since the tool is available for online update, I can save that money. But how to update it? Here are 7 steps you need.

1.Connect your computer to network. The computer should be the same one that you install the IScancar software before.
2.Extract ISCANCar2 update tool V1.2.2 on the desktop. You will get a file that includes several programs.
3.Extract “ft232” and start it up.
4.Connect your Iscanner to the computer via the 16pin cable. The machine will then start up itself.
5. Found the new hardware
Make sure the connection is successful and then install its software in the folder “IScanCar2 Update Tool V1.2.2-ft232”.Click “Next” afte the Found New Hardware Wizard is finished.
6. Run “IScanCar2 Update Tool V1.2.2” and then click the middle button to start upgrading.
7. Wait for 6 minutes or so, and then the tool will be successfully updated.

The obstacles stop my used MB SD 4 Star

I got one MB SD 4 Star from EOBD2.NET. The software is 2014.01 version,Hardware 2.2.2 version. When I used the device do my car, I ran into one problem. The work thus was stucked. In order to resolve it as early as possible, I contacted the EOBD2 customer service, showing the pictures of the problem. You can see the below picture:

I got the answer soon. The picture indicated two possible results:
1.The ECU is damaged;
2.SD 4 has not in connection well.

I was told to have a “quickly test“. The quickly test can be found after finishing choosing the vehicle model. I found I can enter into “the a Bosch KTS 670″ , so I exclude the first one possible results. Finally, I resolve the obstacles, and complete my diagnostic process.

By the way, I want to show you the picture setup language of MB SD 4 Star :



Recently, EOBD2.NET offer one new multi-functional tool, it is SVDI, and don’t you think it looks like FVDI and VVDI,
no matter what the outlook or the product name.
Yes, it is a higher version compared with FVDI and VVDI.



Same function: All of SVDI, FVDI and VVDI share the same function, including: basic diagnosis,
key programming, read pin code, mileage programming, airbag reset…


1) Compared with VVDI, SVDI not only works with VAG vehicles (VW Audi Skoda Seat) but also BMW and mini BMW,
as the software suggest,
SVDI adds BMW Commander software besides ImmoPlus, VAG Commander Software and Tag Key Tool. Also does FVDI commander for VAG vehicles.

2) SVDI can work with both car and truck, while FVDI and VVDI can only support VAG cars.

3) All can update. But they have different update way, SVDI and VVDI are easier to update, the user only needs to send the seller serial number
and receive the updating software; while FVDI need to send back multiplexer when the user want to update.

4) When install SVDI for BMW software, it needs to active, the user is required to send the serial number to seller and get the activation code.

5) SVDI and FVDI is Multilanguage available, VVDI is only available with English. FVDI language available: English, Germany, Spanish,
French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Chinese, Bulgarian. SVDI language available:
1) VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat software language available:
English, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian;
2) TAG key tool software and BMW software language available: English only.

6) As SVDI is newest born and it is the cheapest, not more than $600USD on sale.


Most users use VVDI, SVDI is the newest one at cheapest price and with higher function and features, I believe you will also consider SVDI.

2014 Best New Product of MaxiSys Pro

Autel MaxiSys Pro was hailed as the Best New Product of 2014 Annual VISION Awards at VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo. The event was held on 10th March, 2014 at Overland Park Convention Center, Kansas City, USA, with thousands of OBD2 tool manufacturers attending.
MaxiSYS Pro is a highly spoken of car diagnostic tool for professional auto mechanics. According to the organizer of VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo, Autel MaxiSys Pro boasts wide car model support, various functions and convenient connection. That is why it is awarded as the Best New Product of 2014.
MaxiSys Pro
This is very true. This Autel diagnostic tool features extensive vehicle coverage for more than 40 US, Asian and European vehicle makes, such as Chrysler, Nissan, Kia, Honda, Mitsubishi, Audi, BMW and Benz. With customized software, the tool is able to read and erase codes, display live data in text, graph and analog, test actuation, as well as program ECU for these vehicles. These things can be via WI-FI connection rather than USB cable, making it easier for mechanics to carry out auto repairs.
About VISION Awards
VISION Awards is considered as one of the leading events in Automotive Industry. Every year, it picks up several best products of the year for auto mechanics reference.
About VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo
VISION Hi-Tech Training & Expo is hosted by ASA, the largest not-for-profit trade association of its kind serving automotive service professionals. It attracts numerous affiliate, state and chapter groups from both the mechanical and collision repair segments of the automotive service industry to share their opinions.

What ACI OBD2 Scan Tool can do for you?

ACI Scan Tool is a professional PC diagnostics scan tool for all OBDII (OBD2) and EOBD IV+ compliant vehicles. ACI Scan Tool allows you to read the vehicle’s diagnostic trouble
codes, live vehicle sensors (including wide-band O2 sensors), actuate bi-directional controls, reset adaptations, and view inspection/maintenance system test results to quickly determine what service the vehicle requires.
ACI Scanner Auto Communication Interface
What ACI OBD2 Scan Tool can do for you?

ACI Scan Tool Function:

1. ACI Scan Tool is a professional PC diagnostics scan tool for all OBDII (OBD2) and EOBD IV+ compliant vehicles. ACI Scan Tool allows you to read the vehicle’s diagnostic trouble codes, live vehicle sensors (including wide-band O2 sensors), actuate bi-directional controls, reset adaptations, and view inspection system test results to quickly determine what service the vehicle requires.

2. Professional Diagnostics
In the professional repair business getting as much coverage as you can is important to effectively and quickly service any vehicle. We offer enhanced coverage options for 43 car brands: Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, GM-family, Chrysler-family Toyota/Lexus/Scion, Mazda, Nissan/Infiniti, BMW/MINI, Land Rover, Honda (Acura), Subaru, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Porsche, Mercedes, Hyundai/Kia, Jaguar, and Audi/VW.

3. Not Simple Code Reader
So you read your vehicle’s trouble codes, now what? Reading the trouble codes from your vehicle is easy. But without live data and bi-directional controls, you may not have enough information to properly perform the repair. Don’t waste your time or money with simple code readers or hand-held scanners. ACI OBD2 scan tool can not only read your codes, but it can also show you live data, actuate components, and run system tests. With complete coverage, you can get the job done right the first time and prevent dreaded” comeback”.

4. NA Emissions and European MOT
You may have known that almost all states are using OBD2-based emission testing for all 1996 and newer passenger vehicles? Now with the 2010 legislation, even the 8500 -10000lb trucks are required to be OBD2 complaint. If you have a Check Engine or Service Engine Soon indicator illuminated, or a specific inspection system monitor test fails, your vehicle will fail its emissions test. With ACI OBD2 scan tool you can inspect your vehicle’s compliance before you wait in line and pay for the test.

5. Tuning Your Vehicle
Read live sensors such as wide-band O2 sensors, fuel adaptation, MAF, ignition timing advance, and lambda readings. If your vehicle supports wide-band O2 sensors, Scan Tool can show you real-time air/fuel mixtures. Finally, data log them all in TXT, CSV, and XML formats with 1ms sampling accuracy.

6. Performance Analyzer
Don’t buy into claims of increased horsepower or added torque; you can verify whether that new, expensive part really works. Do your own dynamometer and acceleration testing at your own convenience and without having to rent expensive dynamometer time.

For our European customers, our enhanced interface options also support Audi/VW, BMW, Chrysler/Dodge, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes, and Toyota/Lexus diesel engines and the European-specific models.

ACI Enhanced Options:
Ford (EI01) 1995-2010
GM (EI02) 1995-2010
Toyota/Scion/Lexus (EI03) 1995-2010
Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth/Eagle (EI04) 1996-2010
Mazda (EI05) 1996-2010
Hyundai and Kia (EI09) 1998-2010
Nissan and Infiniti (EI06) 2000-2010
BMW and MINI (EI07) 1996-2010
Honda and Acura (EI08) 1996-2010
Land Rover (EI10) 2002-2010
Jaguar (EI11) 1995-2010
Subaru (EI12) 1999-2010
Porsche (EI13) 1997-2010
Isuzu (EI14) 1996-2010
Mitsubishi (EI15) 1996-2010
Audi / VW (EI16) 1996-2010
Mercedes (EI17) 1998-2010

Service Functions:
Power Window Demoralization for DCM and LCP controllers
Reset ECU
SBC Deactivation and activation
Reset Sensor and Mixture Adaptation (ME2.8)
Reset Adaptation Values, Cold Start Adaptation Values, and Activate Fuel Pump (ME9.7)
Learn Throttle Valve Stop, Teach-In Ethanol Portion, and Reset Ethanol Teach-In
Processes (ME9.7)
Reset Quantity Mean Value Adaptation Data (CDI2 – CDI5)
Reset Transmission Adaptations (EGS52, EGS53, and VGS2)
Reset Service Interval (’03 and earlier with FSS only)
Reset Oil Service (’03 and earlier with FSS only)
Rodeo, Pitch, Roll, and Move Towards Calibrated Level functions (ABC and ABC230)

Better to install the software on the computer with Windows XP system.
Better to close the Anti-virus software on your computer. Because the Anti-virus software may recognise it as a type of virus, it will clear off all the software on the CD

If you are interested in our product,pls visit our official to learn more.Any problem for downloading or installing the software, please feel free to inquiry our customer service at








Update XPROG-M Programmer from V5.0/V5.3 to V5.45

XPROG-M V5.45 has been released to the market for a while, but many XPROG-M ECU Programmer owners are reluctant to buy a new hardware. Now here is an easier way to upgrade the old XPROG-M box to the newest version.
There is a chip named ATMEGA64 MCU available on EOBD2 to repair and update the V5.0 or V5.3 XPROG-M to the latest version. The chip is about half the price of a brand new XPROG-M V5.45 made in China. If you have bought a XPROG-M box from us, the chip will 99% work (1% possibilities for product damage during shipping).
Compared with the old XPROG, the new one supports more MCUs, as well as full authorizations, such as AUTH-0001 Motorola HC05 family authorization, AUTH-0002 Motorola HC08 family authorization, AUTH-0008 BMW EWS3 authorization and AUTH-0010 MB ZGS001 authorization.
ATMEGA64 Repair Chip Update XPROG-M Programmer from V5.0/V5.3 to V5.45 Full Authorization
How to use the chip:
1. Remove the old chip and solder the new one to your Xprog Box.
2. Close the anti-virus on your computer, because it may damage the new software you are going to install.
3. Overwrite all files and folders from Xprog_ Preinstalled to the new location. Usually the location is c:\Program Files\ELDB\Xprog or c:\Program Files(X86)\ELDB\Xprog.
4. Start and test your Xprog.
If you want to use this version on brand new PC, please install Xprog 5.0 and Adobe acrobat reader prior to files copy.

EOBD2 teach you how to use VDM UCANDAS WIFI Software

VDM UCANDAS WIFI Software is a hot sale product on, but small portion of customers are not very familiar with VDM UCANDAS.Today, EOBD2 take this blog to share how to use the VDM UCANDAS Software to you, hope can help you!

1. VDM UCANDAS Software Operating Environment
Hardware requirements: notebook, desktop and PAD,with at least 5G system disk and 1G memory card;
Supported operating systems: WINDOWS XP SP3, WINDOWS 7 and WINDOWS 8, not WINDOWS RT now;
Internet requirement: The software needs to be activated online and download via internet, please make sure your network connection is active.
2. Software Download: Visit to download UCANDAS V3.0 software package.

3. Software Installation: Unzip UCANDAS V3.0 to release two files, setup.exe and UCANDAS_Setup.msi. Choose one of the files to install. Take installation with setup.exe for example. To do this:

And then click “Next” Twice, last click “close” to exit.

UCANDAS wireless diagnositc system has already installed successfully, while USB driver has not installed yet.

V3.002.032 Honda HIM software free download

It has been a while since software of Honda HDS HIM diagnostic tool was upgraded to the newest 3.002.032 version. We have seen a few Honda HDS HIM softwares online, but they must be paid for or they are free but only available for only one-time use. There is some good news for Honda HDS HIM users, as we can now download the software free and can rest assured that it will work.
Honda HDS HIM is a professional auto diagnostic tool for Honda vehicles built before 2012. It is best known for its affordable price and powerful functions. This newest software supports:
Reading and decoding fault codes from control blocks memory
Deleting fault codes
Displays system current parameters in digital form
Combined displaying of data
Management of executive devices
Writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
Changing permissible settings of blocks
It also features support for Honda hybrid battery vehicles.
Overall V V3.002.032 Honda HIM is considered as the best OBD2 tool for Honda vehicles with OBD2 protocol by far.
You can download V3.002.032 Honda HIM software from this link:
This software needs to be activated before using. If you have already bought a Honda HDS HIM from EOBD2, please contact our customer service for one-time free activation.
As always, do let us know your feedback on the latest Honda HDS HIM software in the comments below.
V3.002.032 Newest Version Honda HDS HIM Diagnostic Tool with Double Board New

Share My Dairy With SVDI VAG Command 19 Experience

In order to find a professional obd2 scanner for my automotive repair and maintenance shop, I had search online to look for a cost-effective one, for I am doing business; I had to take cost and budget into consideration.

After long time surfing online, and consulted many net friends. They recommended me SVDI VAG Command 19. This is a powerful diagnostic tool designed for professional mechanics, mainly working with main stream car makes from VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat ect.

Besides, Correct odometer via OBD, the supported car models as follows: VW Golf6, VW Multivan (2009 – ) , VW EOS (2009 – ), VW Caddy (2009 – ), VW Scirocco, VW Polo (2009 – ), VW Bora (2010 – ), Volkswagen Jetta (2010 – ), Volkswagen Passat CC, Volkswagen Amarok, Skoda Octavia II (2009 – ), Skoda Hao Rui (2009 – ), (2009 – ) Skoda Fabia, Skoda Yeti (2009 – ), Seat Leon (2009 – ), SEAT Altea (2009 – ), SEAT Exeo (2009 – ), Seat Ibiza (2009 – ).

Of course, there are also many functions in it. I would like to have them checked, after I have it received.
SVDI VAG Command 19
Feb 10, 2014

In reality, after on night’s consideration, I have already decided to buy one from which wins much fame among users. Now, I am only wondering how to select languages. Because it is with many languages available now, while actually I am a German spoken man. I would like to select German, of course, if it is also with English. It is really fantastic.

After I had this told to customer service, the sales girl told me that I could choose three languages free including English, if I wanted to own more, I should pay for it. She also reminded me to send my serial number to her if I received my order. And I could get languages packages from them. At the end, I placed my order and it showed I would receive it 3 to 5 days later.

Feb 14, 2014

When I received my package, it is well packaged. And the shipment time is normal. And I have it unpack and find serial number on the device, sending it to customers service for languages package. After that, I had its software installed and use its quick  SVDI VAG Command 19 operation function to have my own vehicle diagnosed, it seems works great. If I wanted to have its functions tested, it will be in near future.

All in all, this is my SVDI VAG Command 19 purchase dairy, for I am learning English for going to access some devices without German. Later, I will share with you my working experience dairy with SVDI VAG Command 19. That is all about my purchase dairy on TAG key tool.

5 Top selling obd2 tools in Japan

As an obd2 tool dealer in Japan, I am familiar with to selling, and here i am willing to share with you for their good quality, powerful functions and as well as cost-effective.

In this post, i am sharing with you five top selling obd2 tools in Japan, including Icom, ds708, start c3, start c4 and Toyota it2.


Icom series contains icom with HDD, icom without HDD and icom a2. Actually, they are the same products with different settings or specifications. It covering BMW models and supporting MOST, D-CAN, and K-CAN protocols.


This is an excellent car diagnostic tool and cost-effective tool covering Asian, European and American cars. It is especially working well in Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Renault, for their original tool functions.

Start c3

BENZ STAR C3 works with Benz cars made from 1989, and its newest version is 2014.01. What is more, it is available with one year free update on its official website

Besides, its functions includes reading and clearing DTCs, supporting all electric system diagnostic, live-data, adaptation, component testing and maintenance and so on.

Benz MB STAR compact C4 is top selling doing all works compact3 does. Its software is version 2013.11.

Toyota it2

It is an auto diagnostic tool for Toyota and Lexus, which is with a touching screen, which enable users to have a diagnostics on engines, ABS and airbag, even through CAN-diagnosis communication.

All in all, that is all about these high quality obd2 tools top selling in Japan, hope you like it and useful for your selection.