2014 New Car HUD Head Up Display Released on EOBD2

Today, i will share about 2014 new arrival of Car HUD Head Up Display to everyone.We all know,Car Hud is any transparent display that presents data without requiring users to look away from their usual viewpoints.So sought after by many car enthusiasts.

Then,what is the 2014 new Car HUD Head Up Display released on EOBD2 , here compiled a detailed list,let us do follow to learn more!


F01 Car HUD Vehicle Head Up Display OBD? OBD2 Over Speeding Warning

This is a multi-functional HUD product which is developed based on OBD? interface and has good cost-performance ratio. It is designed by adopting the latest integrated circuit with stable performance and has a beautiful and elegant appearance. The installation and adjustment examination can be finished within 3 minutes by using an easier and safer method.

F01 Car HUD Vehicle Head Up Functions:

Car HUD Vehicle Head Up could display speed, engine revolving speed, speed alarm, water temperature, immediate 100 kilometers / instantaneous fuel consumption, battery voltage, unit of kilometer, buzzer mark, shift reminding.
Car HUD Vehicle Head Up compatible with automobile with OBD II connector


LED Car HUD Head Up Display With OBD2 Interface Plug & Play Speeding Warn System W01

LED Car HUD Head Up Display With OBD2 Interface Plug & Play Speeding Warn System W01 makes it possible that the driver may not have to look down at the instrument panel and shorten the time of visual dead zone forward. This one can allow you to tuning speed to make sure it is same as your vehicle dashboard.

LED Car HUD Head Up Display Functions:

1. Speed single-stage and fourth paragraphs of alarm modes, more conducive to traffic safety
2. Vehicle speed, engine speed, water temperature, fuel consumption (to support the air flow meter models) also showed
3. Soft-off feature, turn off after 10 seconds automatically enter standby mode to save power
4. Unique polarized lens design, the product is more natural light
5 .Can record cars driving over the maximum speed


W02 Car OBD II HUD ASH-4C Head Up Display 5.5 Inch Comprehensive Display

HUD Projector Head Up Display KM/h & MPH Speeding Warning OBD II Speedometers, can project important information (e.g. vehicle speed) onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver. HUD Projector can make your drive jounery more safe and comfortable.

HUD Projector Head Up Display Functions:

1. Plug and play. HUD can auto adapt to vehicle type which in line with OBDII or EUOBD(On-Board Diagnostic System).
2. Comprehensive display. HUD can display many parameters at the same time as follows, vehicle speed, engine speed,
water tempe- rature (voltage, throttle valve position, ignition advance angle, time of 100 km acceleration), fuel consumption, mileage, low fuel tips, engine failure.
3. Diversiform display mode. Driver can chose normal display mode, high- speed display mode and automatic display mode.
4. Free switch. Km and mile can be switched freely to meet the need of inch auto meter.
5. Suitable size. The display area is 5.5 inches which is very clear for driver to read data.
6. Automatic power on and off. Starting with the vehicle starting, stopping with the vehicle stopping to protect the vehicle’s battery. Moreover,
we pre- serve the hand switch function to controlthe HUD.
7. Flexible alarm mode. HUD can offer single-stage and four-stage overspeed alarm modes to choose to make driving safer.
8. Engine speed alarm. It contributes to shift gear in time to save fuel also has significance to new driver.
9. Flexible brightness adjustment. The brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually to reach the best state which is in harmony with the environment.


Car Head Up Display Vehicle-Mounted HUD Overspeed Warning OBD2 System F02

This is a multi-functional HUD product which is developed based on OBD? interface and has good cost-performance ratio.which can project important information (e.g. vehicle speed) onto the front windshield at the eye level of the driver. Besides, the display location and brightness can be adjusted through automatic induction, which makes it possible that the driver may not have to look down at the instrument panel and shorten the time of visual dead zone forward

F02 Car HUD Head Up Display Functions:

1. Speed: The number can indicate the current speed.
2. Rotation speed: indicates the rotating status of the engine and the scale measured represents the speed reached.
3. Water temperature: When the temperature reaches 100 degree centigrade, alarm will be given automatically with alarm light turned on.
4. Gear shifting reminding: It will remind the driver to gear up to save fuel when the engine speed and vehicle speed come to a certain ratio.
5. Overspeed reminding: the icon of overspead will flicker and alarm when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit set up in advance.
6. Real-time one hundred kilometers/instantaneous fuel consumption?displays fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers when the vehicle is moving, in L/100km.
7. Unit of kilometer: in the international system of units, kilometer/hour is commonly used, in km/h.
8. Battery voltage: when the battery voltage is less than/reaches 12v, the caution light will light up to remind.
9. Buzzer mark: press the switch button to turn on or turn off the sound of the buzzer.


DS-300SE OBD II Heads Up Display HUD MILE KM Rpm Speed Overspeed Warning Battery Voltage Water Temp

DS-300SE OBD II Heads Up Display HUD MILE KM Rpm Speed Overspeed Warning Battery Voltage Water Temp,Support cars with OBDII Port after 2003.

DS-300SE OBD II Heads Up Display Functions:

This  product is an OBDII interface multifunctional HUD, with simple installation  which you don’t need to break the car’s original circuits to use, just plug and  play.
Metric to Imperial conversion, compatible for different standard vehicles.
Comprehensive  information, like CLOCK, WATER TEMPERATURE, VOLTAGE, THROTTLE ANGLE, ROTATION SPEED, FUEL CONSUPTION. All  numbers displayed, convenient and direct.
All  numbers displayed, convenient and direct.
Smart  alert, with sound and lights for users to choose.
Gear  shift reminding function for new drivers (suitable for hand shift and auto  shift automobiles)
Screen  brightness automatically changes for different environment.
Throttle  angle display, knowing the throttle angle anytime.
Automatic  voltage display after starting engine.
Automatic  turn-on after starting engine and turn-off after shutting down engine.
Digital  Clock display.
Real-time  MPG display.
Seconds  counting for 0-100 KM acceleration.
Fatigue  driving reminder.
Overspeed  alarm.
Low  battery voltage alert.
High  water temperature alarm.
Single  driving time, mileage and average speed display (after shutting down engine)
Error  code alarm(after ignition, when a failure happens, the yellow car on the right  side will flash for 10 seconds)


4 ” Smart Voice HEAD UP DISPLAY With OBD2 Interface KM/h & MPH Speeding Warning W03 (with OBD line)

W03 project the important information to the front windshield with human voice reminding. Not only can help novices to do speed judgment to control driving speed, but avoid over-speeding in most situations with speed limitation. It is more important that it can make drivers focus the vision on the way meanwhile it can be easy to know the status of vehicle, maintain the best observation all the time.

W03 HEAD UP DISPLAY Functions:

1. OBD cable connection.
2. Outstanding definition by using white light LED
3. Common USB port good for software upgrade
4. Great for reading with accurate big screen
5. Multiple function display and automatic power on & off
6. Time display function
7. Real humanity speaking and reminding
8. Time recording of driving and parking
9. Auto adjusting the brightness when light source changing
10. Auto matching the parameter when starting the vehicles.


New 5.5″ LED OBD-II HUD Head Up Display Over Speeding Warning S5

New 5.5″ LED OBD-II HUD head up display over speeding warning/speed/Km rpm/shift light/temperature S5

New 5.5″ LED HUD Functions:

1. Screen: 5.5″
2. Plug and play
3. Apply to : Any cars with OBD II interface
4. Auto on and off
5. Clear brightness display in daytime
6. New function : Drowsy driving indicator reminding , driving time  this time , km this driving, average fuel comsumption  this driving, detect fault code and clear fault code
7. Three mode: idle mode, cruise mode,information  of this driving
8. Can detect fault code and clear the fault code.
9. Fuel consumption showed is average

Where to buy the cheapest car HUD?

When shopping for car head up display, we have many options: Amazon, EBay, Aliexpress and a plenty of online and local aftermarket shops, such as EOBD2.FR recommended by my friend. With all these options, I am often wondering if I am spending unnecessary money by continuously choosing one storefront over another. So I do a little research on the price of iFound F02 HUD that I want to buy.

Now, let’s look at its prices, shall we?

Here is the price list of iFound F02 HUD on 24th July, 2014. Aliexpress had the highest price, followed by EBay and Amazon, and EOBDII has the lowest price.

All prices in dollars.

Shop Price Shipping
Aliexpress $69.50 Free shipping
EBay $66.46 Free shipping
Amazon on sale $64.5, original price $96.7 Free shipping
EOBD2 $48.6 Free shipping

As we can see, the tool sold at EOBD2 is more than 20 dollars less than that at Aliexpress and nearly 20 dollars less than Amazon. Then I contact the customer service of the four shops, and confirm that their car huds are original. As the items in all of the four shops are all shipped free and original, you must know which one I will choose – the cheapest one.

Article resource:http://www.eobd2.fr/led-car-hud-head-up-display-with-obd2-interface-plug-amp-play-speeding-warn-system-w01.html

Car affichage tête haute HUD l’introduction

Un affichage tête haute car HUD ou simplement est tout type d’affichage qui présente les données du véhicule sur le pare-brise sans bloquer la vue des pilotes . La technique est une grande aide pour les nouveaux conducteurs qui n’ont pas assez de compétences pour conduire en toute sécurité .

Car hud 2
Prenez W01 Head Up Display par exemple. L’outil affiche toutes les données de véhicules importants , y compris la vitesse de la voiture , la vitesse du moteur , température de l’eau , la consommation de carburant (pour soutenir les modèles de compteurs de débit d’air ) , la tension de la batterie , de sorte que les nouveaux conducteurs peuvent apprendre s’ils doivent ralentir , ajouter l’huile , charger puissance , etc tout en conduisant .

En outre, l’outil dispose de plusieurs modes d’alarme fournissant changement de vitesse rappeler et alerte de survitesse, comme un guide pour les nouveaux conducteurs . L’outil est conçu pour rendre la conduite plus sûre .
En outre, W01 HUD est très facile à utiliser . Il peut automatiquement adapter le système OBDII ou d’autres systèmes une fois qu’il est branché dans le port . Et ce n’est pas grave si vous oubliez d’éteindre l’outil après extinction car l’outil va s’arrêter lui-même 5 minutes plus tard .