Setup X-horse BMW Multi Tool CAS Plug to program EWS key

X-horse BMW Multi Tool is the first universal key programmer that can program both BMW CAS (CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+ and CAAS4) and EWS key.

BMW Multi Tool key programmer alone cannot program EWS key, you need to connect it with a CAS PLUG. The CAS PLUG for BMW Multi Tool adds EWS function and some CAS possibilities.

CAS PLUG adapter:


1.Connect to device OBDII

2.Supply 12V voltage

3.EWS OBD line

4.EWS OBD line 2

5.7 Series CAS1/CAS2 plug

6.CAS3/CAS3+ plug

How to Connect EWS with CAS Plug:


How to Connect 7 Series CAS1/CAS2 with CAS Plugbmw-multi-tool-4How to connect CAS 3/CAS3+ with CAS Plug:



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