BMW Carsoft 6.5 Software installation steps

1) You need to copy all BMW Carsoft 6.5 file folder on the software driver CD to your hard disk, so you can make sure the installation will be more stable.

2) Run the installation: Open the folder and double click on the “SETUP CAR SOFT.exe”.

 Run the installation

3) When the system shows the BMW Carsoft 6.5 welcome surface–“ Installation CARSOFT BMW-Diagnosis V6.5”, then click “Next”.

 BMW Carsoft 6.5 welcome surface

4) When the system display a window about “Software License Agreement”, click “Yes” to continue the installation, follow the steps, the BMW Carsoft 6.5 program will be installed into your computer automatically.

5) Then you can find the BMW Carsoft 6.5 file folder and open it.

6) Copy all the 10 files in the file folder of “crack” and paste them into the file folder of the “cm75f” at the directory C:\cm75f\ which was created during the automatic installation of the BMW Carsoft 6.5 software.

 installation of the BMW Carsoft 6.5 software


7) When there asks you if you want to replace the old file when you paste the new 10 files into the folder, just click “Yes all”.

8) Next, paste the 10 files into the file folder of “BMW” at the directory C:\Program Files\CARSOFT\BMW and the same, replace all the old files.


9) After complete above steps, you can run the BMW Carsoft 6.5. Select the “CARSOFT” holder in the menu of “Programs”. Click the “BMW” to run the program.


10) When you see the surface of the BMW Carsoft 6.5 program, you can click the “BMW V6.5 WINDOWS” to continue the program and you can perform all the functions of the BMW Carsoft 6.5.