Upgrade FVDI Renault driver to V2015.6.2

As FVDI Commander products are upgraded to new versions, I often receive emails from customers asking about software and driver upgrade recently. Most of them are inquiring about FVDI Renault. The driver in FVDI products are actually the same. So here I would like to write a quick guide about updating FVDI driver to latest 2015.6.2 version.

If your FVDI driver is 2.10 version:

1. Please download the following FVDI driver upgrade zip package:


2. Once the package is downloaded, please check the video below, FVDI_NEW_Download_V2015_6.2_install_video,

http://www.eobd2.fr/upload/pro/fvdi_new_download_v2015_6.2_install_video.zip and follow it to install and update the driver. There is an authorized file and installation guide of the package in Step 1, showing you how to update the driver.

If your FVDI driver is 2.08.14 version:

Please download the FVDI V2015.6.2 install video above (Step 2) and follow the video to perform the installation and update.

If the driver version is after 2014.12:

If you have the 2014.12 driver and the new version disk, please follow the video below to update the driver:


Note: You can only activate authorization for the FVDI product you bought, for example, if you bought Renault FVDI commander, please click the Renault logo for activation.