Update Digiprog 3 4.88 to latest 4.94

The popular mileage programmer Digiprog 3 has been updated to the latest 4.94 version recently. Its V4.94 update software is also released in the same day on EOBD2.FR. Our technicians have made a quick tutorial on how to using the Digiprog 3 4.94 update software and how to upgrade the tool from 4.88 version to 4.94.

Step 1 – Open the V4.94 update software and find two zipped files inside. Copy and paste the files from to desktop and unzip both of them.
Step 2 – Open “Digiprog3 4.94 Update Video” on the desktop and unzip “COM 2.08.30 x86WHQL Certified” file.
Step 3 – Next we will install Digiprog 3 driver. Connect Digiprog 3 hardware to the computer and get a “Found New Hardware Wizard” window.

Step 4 – Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”.

Step 5 – Select “Include this location in the search”, click on “Browse” on the right, select “COM 2.08.30 x86WHQL Certified” and then click on “Ok”.
Step 6 – There will be a second “Found New Hardware Wizard” window. Click “OK” – “Next” – “Finish”.
Step 7 – Make sure the driver is installed successfully by confirming there is “USB Serial Port (COM4)” under “Computer Manager”.

Strep 8 – Open the other file on the desktop and then open “Digiloader1” inside it.
Step 9 – Select “COM4 – USB Serial”, “Digi1.bin” and click “Select the port and click me”.
Step 10 – Wait for a few minutes until you got the following prompt “Process end”. The V4.94 Digiprog software is installed successfully.
About Digiprog III V4.94

The latest Digiprog III is much similar with the V4.88 except the vehicle coverage. The 4.94 Digiprog 3 adds support for the following cars:

V4.94 Digiprog III Digiprog3 modèles ajoutés:

For Audi :
-A3 new version

For Ford:
-F150 24C16
-Falcon 24c02

For Mercedes:
-W176 new version
-W204 new version Diag
-w212 new version Diag

For Opel:
-Insignia new version
-Astra new version

For Audi:
A3 Diag new version
A6 Diag new version
A8 Diag new version

For Mercedes:
R 172 Diag new version
R 231 Diag new version
W 212 Diag new version

For Ford:
Kuga Transit

For VW:
Amarok Polo Johnson

Here is a full list of Digiprog 3 V4.94 supported vehicle: