Use OPCOM turn on/off Vauxhall Zafira Day Running Lights

There is no “on” or “off” switch for Vauxhall day running lights but the lights can be easily activate or disable via an OPCOM code reader or by the dealers. The cost of DIY is much less than that at the dealers. So, here I would like to share a quick guide about how to activate my Zafira B 2008 with €17.00 OPCOM 2010.

Get an OPCOM 2010 and install it on Windows XP system by following this video: . To get it installed on Windows 7 system, you will need to install it in XP mode. Please refer to this in wikihow write up:

Next we will start the coding:

Start up OPCOM software > click Diagnostics in the menu > 2007 (year of your car) > Zafira B (model of your car) > Body > (UEC) Underhood Electrical Centre;
Diagnostics > Year > Zafira > Body > (REC) Rear Electrical Centre;
Then once in these the process is the same;
Programming > Variant Programming > DRL Option 1 to 5 then click program;
After a few seconds, the day running light is activated.

No program activating my DRL. The process to turn off the day running light is the same. Hope this will work for you as it did for me.