How to create a new Astra key with OPCOM

I have seen several members asked about how to programming a key with OPCOM in Vauxhall forums, so I decided to write a quick guide on this using my Astra Mk4.

4 things you will need:

1. NEW remote central locking board (PCB) to the car
2. A key to the car
3. The Security Pass for the car
4. Opcom OP-Com 2010 with Firmware V1.45

Next is the guide:

1. Insert your NEW remote central locking board into your key.

2. Put the key into the ignition and turn but not start the engine.

3. Plug OPCOM to your car and your computer or laptop that has its software installed.

4. Start up OPCOM software and click on “DIAGNOSTICS”.

5. You will get a vehicle identification menu in the next page. Select your car year.

6. On the next page select model of your car.

7. Select “BODY” from the menu.
8. Select “ANTI THEFT WARNING” from the menu.

9. Press “PROGRAMMING” button on the right hand side of the screen.

10. Select “SECURITY CODE” from menu (this should be the only one available at the time).

11. Enter your “SECURITY CODE” and click OK.

12. Select “PROGRAMMING REMOTE CAR KEY” from menu.

13. Now just follow the on screen instructions.

14. Click “CLOSE”.

15. Open and close door, now try locking your door and then dead lock it. Once you have done this, unlock and all should be done.