Peugeot 406 remote programming procedure

Question: repaired a 406 remote new switch and pad Transmitting lovely. Struggling to resync / program to car. Tried all manual methods. Can’t find remote programming in pp2000.  Not sure why they have primary and secondary remotes.

Answer: PP2000 is mainly used to do diagnostic function. Details at:


There are 2 different procedures for 406

The first is below for 406 and 605 models ;

1. Turn the Ignition switch ON.

2. Press the large Plip key button (Primary Plip)

3. Within 10 seconds, press the large Plip key button (Secondary Plip)

4. If there is one remote, press the Primary plip button twice.

5. Turn ignition OFF.

6. Test Plip’s for correct operation.

NB : On some 406 models, Plips cannot be re-synchronised unless the battery has been disconnected for 1 minute , ” IF DOING A RESET REMEMBER TO FOLLOW CORRECT PROCEDURE FOR DISCONNECTING BATTERY OR YOU WILL CORRUPT THE BSI ” 5 minute rule !

The second is below for 406 2001 > ( D9) ;

1. Press and hold large button and then press and hold the small button for 20 seconds.

2. Release both buttons, the indicator light on the plip will illuminate.

3. Press the large button once and the light will go out.

4. Switch the ignition ‘ON’ for 3 to 5 seconds.

5. Switch the ignition ‘OFF’ and remove the key.

6. Lock and Unlock the vehicle with the remote to test