Different between CN900&DN900 key programmer

This is the CN900, DN900 key programmer, they have same functions, but also have differents, but now, we want you know more details for it:

CN900 machine VS ND900 machine

item number Update Online Copy 4C Chip Copy 4D Chip Copy 46 Chip  Toyota G chip Update
SK94(CN900) YES YES YES,need to buyCN900 4D decoder  YES,need to buy SK123(must open the ID46 authorization) NO update online
SK95(ND900) YES YES YES,need to buyND900 4D Decoder YES,need to buy SK121(must open the ID46 authorization) NO update

ND900 can directly copy all of 4D4C.(4C.4D=ID60.61 62 63., use FREE CHIP. The chip can be copied repeatedly, typeYS-01, only chip

CN900 Read out the chip code for 11 12 13 33 T5  40 41 42 44 45 46 48 4C 4D 8C and 8E chips. With the detail format for ID 48 and 4D Chips.


For the CN900 Copy ID46 chip, you should use the 4D decoder open the related function, then the device can support ID46, just connect the device with red decoder, use USB with PC, then like the user manual show, then back us the SN number, after active, you can use the ID46 function.