How FSC code generator works on BMW F10 530xD (2013 year pre-facelift)

Have BMW F10 530xD (2013 year pre-facelift). Here are the steps I went through updating my map. I have professional navigation (NBT – next big thing). Originally the navigation had Road map Europe Next 2013. I downloaded Europe Next 2014-2, formatted 32 GB stick with FAT32 filesystem, copied the files and plugged into the usb port of the car. The car started transferring the contents to the internal hard drive and after one hour successfully updated the map. On the next restart of the car – it wanted the activation code. I wasn’t able to extract it with SWID tool so I used Ariataurus method with the following settings into E-Sys (downloaded E-sys
from ) – (there are installation instructions within the torrent):
– Diagnostic Address: 0x63
– Base Variant: HU_NBT
– Application number: 0xDE
– Upgrade Index: 0x1
I successfully extracted the FSC code and saved it to a file – FDZ17056_000DE001.fsc.
Then downloaded BMW_CIC_NBT_FSC_Generator
from!ugo0HB5L!TPCmejMKPBlRRkz2SDvg0Q. Extracted it and then went to NBT_fsc subdirectory. Then issued the command
fsc FDZ17056_000DE001.fsc 0xA9 0x05
and got the correct activation code. The correct parameters for map Europe Next 2014-2 are 0xA9 and 0x05.
FSC code generator:

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