V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software step-by-step installation

Eobd2.fr has launched the new 2015 V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic tool (SP19-A and SP19-B). Here is the new V145 Renault CAN Clip OBD diagnostic software step-by-step installation instruction.

Operating system: Windows XP SP2/SP3
System default language: American English

How to install V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software:

I Install Patch and driver

1) Insert CD software into the computer. Open CLIP V145 (E:)

2) Copy and paste “Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0” file to the desktop
3) Open registration patch on the desktop and merge the “Crack Renault CAN-CLIP.reg Registration Entries”. Click “Yes” and “OK” to accept the windows prompts.
4) Run setup.exe
5) Click “FIRST INSTALTION” icon and accept the license agreement. Click Next.
6) Select “OTHER COUNTFILES” and click Next
7) Select language, e.g English. Click Next. Select RENAULT and click Next.
8) The system is updating the software installation wizard. Accept the following Wizard prompts.
The platform will restart automatically. The system is loading CAN CLIP. After that, the system will reboot again.
9) Installing Setup-PDFCreator. Click Finish when “First installation” windows pops out.
10) Open Renault CAN CLIP patch file on the desktop and open Patch V3.0
11) Right click CLIP Properties on the desktop, click Shortcut. Click “Find Target” to locate RSRWin.exe in Application files
12) Cut RSRWin.exe and paste it to the desktop
13) Copy RSRWin.exe on Patch V3.0 folder to Application folder
II  Register Renault CAN Clip V145

14) Open RSRWin.exe in the Application folder
15) Accept the license agreement and windows prompts.  Enter CLIP register key by referring to the CLIP Registration Step-4 Figure in Patch V3.0 folder
16) Check and confirm the registration key
17) Cut RSRWin.exe on the desktop and replace the one in Application folder
III Run computer test

18) The system will detect the hardware wizard. Accept the windows prompts. Open CLIP software on the desktop to come to the select vehicle sensor menu. The system is processing.
19) Enter vehicle VIN, vehicle type, engine type etc full information. Click “COMPUTER TEST” icon

NOTE: If you only enter the vehicle VIN, the system will warn you that the VIN does not identify the vehicle.
20) Here is the computer test program. Select corresponding computer unit and run self-test.
Renault CAN Clip:http://www.eobd2.fr/search/?q=Renault+CAN+Clip