How to solve 2015 FVDI PSA ABRITES Commander Latency timer error


One of the FVDI customers who got his 2015 FVDI PSA V6.7 ABRITES Commander for Peugeot and Citroen with software USB dongle newly upgraded to V6.3. When he ran the FVDI PSA V6.3 software, the system displayed the error “CANNOT SET AVDI LATENCY TIMER”.

120150116084458 OBD2 diagnostic tool dealer offers solution here:

1) Disable and Reinstall all of the previous version software.
2) Update the FVDI firmware to V6.3 as well. Old version firmware is not compatible with FVDI commander V6.3 software.
3) After update FVDI commander diagnostic interface to the V6.3, please provide the serial number and the factory will open the authorization for you.
4) Do some com port settings.
a. Click Property>>Port, select USB Serial port (COM 3)
b. Select Port setting, click Advanced
c. Set and change the Latency timer value as 16.
Free Download FVDI V6.3 software

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