What VDM UCANDAS wireless diagnostic system can not and can not do

My very first intension of getting this VDM UCANDAS WiFi Full System is because a week ago, a bimmer drove his BMW 2014 and I found it was not compatible with my Autocom CDP Pro (I have not upgraded it to 2014.02V and I am not sure if the latest software can do BMW 2014). And I have test some others cars, it can not do neither.

I intended to get Launch X431 diagun €445 or so, but my partner stop me by persuading me to get this VDM UCANDAS WiFi Full System instead. It indeed looks promising for the price (€227).

I am very appreciate that the software can be installed on windows 7 machine (it claims it can work on win xp, win 7 and win 8), and Autocom can only work on windows xp laptop. Software is easy to install without activation. I got the software installation video instruction here:


After install software, hooked up VDM UCANDAS into the diagnostic socket and start diagnostic. The first vehicle I tested was Renault Clio2 014, successfully read and erased error codes. I got some screen shots below.





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