€ 65 MPPS V16 New ecu added, PCB board, setup and use

News: MPPS V16 china clone only € 65, details:

Someone wondered if anyone has used MPPS V16 and if its any diff to the older one??
New ecu’s added etc etc, Or is it a chinese usual and totally same with diff version number software?

New vehicle and ECU’s added to MPPS V16:

MPPS V16 Video tutorial:

MPPS V16 OS requirement:
MPPS V16 is impossible work with win 7, has to work with XP or XP mode on win7.

Does MPPS V16 work need soldering?
No, It is easy to work via OBD, it’s better for OBD on many cars.

Is MPPS V16 available with French?
MPPS V16 is Multi-language available, including French language.

Chinese MPPS version 16 PCB board as follows:
According to my test, I proved MPPS V16 is impossible to load on win 7, I run it on Windows XP.
I used MPPS v16 euro clone and it worked very well, but these days I’m just using Galletto euro clone and that does 99% of stuff… the stuff that doesn’t work with Galletto I use my kess euro clone v2.08 and that works fine.

Get a kess euro clone instead it is much better for OBD on many cars