SVDI FVDI Calibrate Mileage for Peugeot 307 Step by Step

1. Old mileage value display on the dashboard, it is 201318km

svdi fvdi psa abrites sur 307-01

2. SVDI is well connected to the dashboard and the computer.

svdi fvdi psa abrites sur 307-02

3. Open “ABRITES Commander for Peugeot/Citroen 5.10″, select “20. Multi-in system interface (BSI) -CAN”, click “Special Function” at the bottom right corner, then click “Mileage Recalibration”



4. Input vehicle information, including model of vehicle, unit, current mileage, new value the owner want to calibrate.  As the following picture show,

Model of vehicle: Peugeot 307 2005+

Unit: JCI BSI (2004-2008)

Current value: 201318km

New value: 206000

Then click “écrire”

enter car information-05

5.  One window pops up, click “Ok”, and another window pops up reading “Checking correction capabilities of the counter km from BSI, thank you patient” , and please wait.


When you wait, you will find SVDI main unit flash yellow light and no mileage value display on the dashboard.

flash yellow light-07


Another window pops up reading “Note: to complete one operation, thank you switch off the ignition and remove the for 60 seconds”, click “OK”


6. At this time, the new mileage value display on the dashboard, it is 206000.

finish change mileage-10

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