Xprog 5.5.1 fix xprog-m 5.0 software error and authorization error

Important Note:
I am not stating or encouraging you operate by following the next steps to update from Xprog 5.0 to Xprog 5.5.1 if you do not have knowledge and skills to remove the chip, otherwise it may screw up the chip.
The information provided here are for information only and have no ties or responsibility with eobd2 supplier, as they were all taken at random sites on the internet and can be accessed publicly.
Update Xprog 5.0 to Xprog 5.5.1 will solve “Unknown command, software error” and fix authorization error.
Xprog 5.5.1 download:
Xprog 5.5.1 Update Steps:
You must programmer step by step ,i used with USB-UPA:
1. Erase chip atmega 64
2. Program eeprom , Flash
3. Set Lock bits and fuse bits. Program lock bits, fuse bits.
4. Copy Xprogbox 5.51 to C:\ and run Xprognew.reg
5. Run XprogDesktop.exe and update .
Working ECU after install Xprog 5.5.1:
1.    All works ok cas 2 cas3 read and write in first time
2.    my old xprog-m 5.0 now have the 5.51 version succesfully installed!, I already tested with Infineon xc23xx, Mac7242, SPI, I2C, Microwire eeproms, some 9S12, HC11, HC05 and TMS. Works great, verify error also fixed with update. Before this update I can’t read/write the HC05H12, now it’s working!. All authorizations activated.
I have problem with my XPROG. After update 5.5.1, I have all authorization but when I try read or write device I got error “Unknown command. Software error”
Solution: Software must be in c:/ ,update .reg files ,reprogram Atmega 64
1Program EEprom
2 program Flash
3 Lock bits -Program
4 Fuse Bits Program
I read flash for CAS 3 xprog read it as 2048kb it should 512kb
This is normal for xprog. Rosfar on the other side read only 512k and is correct also. Xprog use the whole range of addresses for this mcu from 0 to 1FFFFF, despite the fact that only some blocks are used. The unused blocks are filled with FF. Rosfar use only the blocks that contains data hence only 512k is produced.
I made a script for upa to convert from one to the other format.
You will need to have upa 1.3 installed but no need to be plugged in. Load your dump in upa and use the script to convert your dump. The script has 2 choices, convert from rosfar to xprog or convert from xprog to rosfar, then you must save the converted dump. It is easy to use.
I had problems with security bits
I’ll try to wake
report results
To prevent atmega brick do not touch JTAG and SPIEN fuses.
Also this firmware has bugs.
For example,if you got an MCU that hangs on bypass security,when you press cancel,the windows program is cancelled but the programmer is still doing bypass security.
To get it out of that bug,you need to disconnect it first,and reconnect again.
Can I update xprog m with programmer tl866? it’s have atmega64 but I not know how to connect.
use in-circuit connection.
TL866 is produced in two options – with and without isp

How to program Citroen key fob with Lexia 3 Diagbox V7.57 diagnostic tool

Diagnostic tool needs:
Lexia 3 V48 with Diagbox V7.57 diagnostic tool

Computer requirement:
A laptop running Windows XP home

Main procedure:
I Key programming procedure
II Synchronization of HF PLIP remote controls

The vehicle keys are allocated to a single BSI. Vehicle keys are located to the new and old key and than have them installed on a situation. Initializing a new key will require all the keys to be initialized.

I Key programming procedure

1) Register the keys
2) Initializing a new key procedure
1. After well installed and activate the Lexia 3 Diagbox V7.57 software, come to the main program
How to install Diagbox V7.57 for Lexia-3 PP2000 Citroen and Peugeot
2. Select “DIAGNOSIS” function in the main menu
3. Select vehicle model in Vehicle Selection menu
4. Select “GLOBAL TEST”
5. Select “BSI ECU”
Follow the instructions given in the OBD diagnostic tool Daigbox software.

The “PARAMETER MEASURES” menu can be used to check the number of keys initialized. The number of keys initialized indicates the total number of vehicle keys. The number of HF PLIPS initialized indicates the number of HF keys initialized.

II Synchronization of HF PLIP remote controls

When replacing the batteries of an HF PLIP remote control, it is necessary to resynchronize the remote control.

1) Put the HF key to be synchronized in position “ignition +”
2) Press one of the HF key buttons within the next 10 seconds
3) Release the HF key button
4) The ignition key HF PLIP is synchronized.
5) Repeat and perform previous operations for the other keys equipped with HF remote control.
6) Perform a locking / unlocking test of the vehicle doors and tailgate. If the locking / unlocking test of the doors and tailgate fails, restart the synchronizations of all the ignition keys equipped with HF PLIPS.

How FSC code generator works on BMW F10 530xD (2013 year pre-facelift)

Have BMW F10 530xD (2013 year pre-facelift). Here are the steps I went through updating my map. I have professional navigation (NBT – next big thing). Originally the navigation had Road map Europe Next 2013. I downloaded Europe Next 2014-2, formatted 32 GB stick with FAT32 filesystem, copied the files and plugged into the usb port of the car. The car started transferring the contents to the internal hard drive and after one hour successfully updated the map. On the next restart of the car – it wanted the activation code. I wasn’t able to extract it with SWID tool so I used Ariataurus method with the following settings into E-Sys (downloaded E-sys
from http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4662346 ) – (there are installation instructions within the torrent):
– Diagnostic Address: 0x63
– Base Variant: HU_NBT
– Application number: 0xDE
– Upgrade Index: 0x1
I successfully extracted the FSC code and saved it to a file – FDZ17056_000DE001.fsc.
Then downloaded BMW_CIC_NBT_FSC_Generator
from https://mega.co.nz/#F!ugo0HB5L!TPCmejMKPBlRRkz2SDvg0Q. Extracted it and then went to NBT_fsc subdirectory. Then issued the command
fsc FDZ17056_000DE001.fsc 0xA9 0x05
and got the correct activation code. The correct parameters for map Europe Next 2014-2 are 0xA9 and 0x05.
FSC code generator:http://www.eobd2.fr/fsc-code-calculator-software-for-bmw-navigation.html

BMW ICOM ISTA-D Software with Multi-language update to V2014.12

BMW ICOM software has now released the 2014.12 version with multi-language versions available on EOBD2.
Software version:
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
Software display:
And now, except English version, V2014.12 BMW ICOM software is compatible with multi-language versions, including Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Greek, Thai and Dutch.
Here list the detailed info about these multi-language versions for V2014.12 BMW ICOM software as follows:
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Software Spanish version (SS130-12SP):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 French Software version (SS130-12FR):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Italian Software version (SS130-12IT):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Portuguese Software version (SS130-12PT):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Swedish Software version (SS130-12SW):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Japanese Software version (SS130-12JP):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Greek Software version (SS130-12GR):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Thai Software version (SS130-12 TH):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03
BMW ICOM 2014.12 Dutch Software version (SS130-12NL):
ISTA-D: 3.46.30
ISTA-P: 54.2.002
VIN: 2014.11.03

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/newest-201412-bmw-icom-ista-d-34630-ista-p-542002-software-hdd-multi-language-with-engineers-program.html

Free Download Renault Pin Code Reader Software

You should always ensure that the radio PIN CODE number is recorded by your Renault Dealership. If your pin code is unknown, you will need to contact the Service Department of an authorized Renault Dealer who can arrange to obtain the code. A fee may be charged for this service.

What is you have not record your pin code? Eobd2.fr here offer pin code software download for both old and new Renault vehicle models.

Renault PIN Code reading Key programmer works for Renault cars from 1999-2003 which is K Line. Renault Explorer works for Renault car after 2003 which is CAN line.

Free Download Renault Pin Code Reading key programmer software

Software Language: English
Operating system: Windows XP O/S

Read immobilizer PIN code and Key programming on Renault Megane and Megane Scenic modules with UCBIC (BSI) module from 1999 to 2003 year via OBD II.

Support vehicle model:
Renault Megane & Scenic (1999-2003) 8 digits PIN code reading via OBDII
Renault Megane – 1999 to 2003
Renault Megane Scenic – 1999 to 2003

Free Download user manual on eobd2.fr webpage.

Free Download Renault Explorer V1.5 pin code reader software

Renault Explorer software allows you to add a blank key or card for many of Renault cars after 2003 via OBD2 socket. You can also change VIN number in UCH module (immobilizer). For example, if your UCH module was previously used on another car.

Computer system: Windows XP O/S

Supported models (Renault and Dacia):

Clio II Ph2/3, 2002-2006
Espace IV, 2003-2006
Espace IV Ph2, 2006+
Kangoo MUX Ph2, 2002-2007
Laguna II, 2000-2005
Laguna II Ph2, 2005-2007
Logan, 2004-2008 – New!!!
Logan Ph2, 2008+ – New!!!
Master Ph2, 2002-2006
Master Ph3, 2007+ – New!!!
Megane II, 2003-2006
Megane II Ph2, 2007+
Sandero, 2008+ – New!!!
Scenic II, 2003+
Scenic II Ph2, 2007+
Solenza, 2003-2005 – New!!!
Trafic II, 2002-2006
Trafic II Ph2, 2007+ – New!!!
Twingo Ph2, 2002-2007 – New!!!
Velsatis, 2002+
Velsatis Ph2, 2006+

VVDI VAG V2.8.1 software free download

The popular VAG diagnostic tool, VVDI VAG Commander has been updated to the latest 2.8.1 version recently. EOBD2 has uploaded the software online for free download in order to share it with our customers. If you have a VVDI VAG 2.8.1 Scanner and would like to update it to the latest version, please check out the link below: VVDI V2.8.1 Software Free Download


VVDI 2.8.1 update:
1.This version need the newest firmware support
2.Fix make special transponder ID42
3.Upate Immobilizer Data Tool: Support all lists cars. Add Euro cars:Alfa Romeo, Aprilia, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Citroen, Dacia, DAF, Ducati, Ferrari, Fiat, Gilera, Iveco, Jaguar, Lancia, LDV, MAN, Maserati, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Peugeot, Piaggio, Polonez, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Scania, Seat, Skoda, Smart, TagAZ, UAZ, VAZ, Volvo, VW
4.Fix bug for immobilizer data tool
5.Update remote database, support more car

Note: This is a rar file and you will need a unzip software to decompress it before use. Besides please disable or uninstall your anti-virus software before installing the VVDI VAG software. Because some anti-virus software may think our package is virus-carrying and destroy it due to application file like .exe in it. Our product software is completely safe and virus free and all other virus scanners confirm this.

Product link:http://www.eobd2.fr/vag-vehicle-diagnostic-interface-vvdi-644.html

DIY coding with Porsche PIWIS Tester II diagnostic scanner

Eobd2.fr here offers a coding example on how to get Porsche front sidemarkers to act as “Turn Signals” with Porsche OBD diagnostic systems.

Porsche model example: Cayman S

Porsche PIWIS Tester 2 V14.75 (PT2) or VXDIAG multi diagnostic for Porsche PIWIS Tester 2

1)    Install Porsche Piwis tester 2 dealer V14.75 software on Panasonic CF-30 laptop
2)    Connect the piwis tester diagnostic system with vehicle via diagnostic socket
3)    Select Vehicle type : Cayman
4)    Select the control modules from the drop-down menu list, select “FRONT”
5)?Some function options are list under Cayman FRONT control module program. Select “Coding” from the list
6) Pull down the drop-down menu and pick up “Side marker or direction indicator light. Direction indicator lights” and start modifying coding with ?>>?button.
7) Save settings and back to main function menu to project other coding options. If necessary, try a test drive to enjoy the coding results.

Solution of FVDI cannot read edc15 eeprom, problem with K-line voltage drop

Yesterday I received my order and the first time I have tried FVDI ABRITES Commander for VAG one the bench with VAG EDC15V diagnosis works it was not able to read the EPROMs memory to pull the code.

I made some pictures from the PCB.

FVDI TOP V4 side replace DSCN0096


Solution: If you cannot read edc15 eeprom, please replace this ic AGD1406-BURZ

FVDI TOP V4 side replace

Besides, FVDI has problem with K-line voltage drop and can communication with some cars.

Solved with change adg1406bruz multiplexer ic.



Free Download Tech2Win for GM MDI scanner

Free Download Tech2Win for GM MDI scanner, it Provide faster operation for Tech2 scan tool with CANdi module, Show how to install Tech2win software here.
Tech2Win is a Windows application which can emulate Tech2 diagnostics on a PC or laptop. Tech2Win software can be loaded onto a service PC or laptop via TIS2Web. It is not a replacement of the GM Tech2 scanner. It proved to be a new resource that provides additional convenience and diagnostic capability.
Computer configuration:
Windows XP O/S
Hard disk: 500GB
100M RAM
1.2GHz Pentium
A vehicle communication interface (GM MDI scanner) must be installed and connected to PC.
PC/laptop with sufficient power supply
Tech2Win support language:
Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, English (either British or American), Greek, Spanish, Finnish, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)
1) Tech2Win is designed to be used for diagnostic function. It can not provide programming function.
2) Service programming function can only through the TIS2Web service programming system (SPS)
3) Cover the same vehicle models as Tech2.
4) Detect the computing power of PC as well as the speed of the GM MDI diagnostic interface
5) Provide faster operation that a Tech2 scan tool with CANdi module
EOBD2 here offers you link to download Tech2Win software:
Free Download Tech2Win software
Tech2Win user manual Free Download
Tech2Win software is able to work with tough screen, no need keyboard. Only need when enter file names.
How to install Tech2Win software:
1) Connect GM MDI diagnostic interface into the computer via USB port
2) Turn any anti-virus software or firewall software off.
3) Select the Tech2Win software download on TIS2Web. Install Tech2Win software when installation prompt pops out.
4) Install Tech2Win software using default selections. After succeed install software, there will two shortcuts:Tech2Win QuickStart and Tech2Win Configurator on computer desktop
5) Open Tech2Win QuickStart shortcut icon on the desktop
6) Click OK when the license dialog pops out
7) When the MDI is detected, a dialogue box will direct you to select the vehicle communication interface.
8 To initiate the software license and install the diagnostic software, select the Software Download (SWDL) on TIS2Web and click Start Software Download.
9) Select diagnostic tool as “Tech2” and select the update mode to “Custom”. Click “Next”
10) Select the desired diagnostic software package. Click Download to start download the software package.
11) The license countdown in the lower right corner will be upgraded to 30 after the software package download is complete. The software requires a license that must be updated every 30 days. Use the security access service or update the diagnostic software using the standard update mode to renew the license.
Set the comm. Port as COM 9 on your PC. If this port is used for other devices, switch the comm port setting by selecting the Tech2Win Configurator shortcut icon on the desktop.
You can check the Tech2Win activity between vehicle, MDI, Tech2Win and the PC on the button of the software program screen marked red picture below.
If you need to refer more detail installation information, please check TIS2Web News and select the Tech2Win Quick Reference Guide.

V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software step-by-step installation

Eobd2.fr has launched the new 2015 V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic tool (SP19-A and SP19-B). Here is the new V145 Renault CAN Clip OBD diagnostic software step-by-step installation instruction.

Operating system: Windows XP SP2/SP3
System default language: American English

How to install V145 Renault CAN Clip diagnostic software:

I Install Patch and driver

1) Insert CD software into the computer. Open CLIP V145 (E:)

2) Copy and paste “Renault CAN-CLIP Registration Patch V3.0” file to the desktop
3) Open registration patch on the desktop and merge the “Crack Renault CAN-CLIP.reg Registration Entries”. Click “Yes” and “OK” to accept the windows prompts.
4) Run setup.exe
5) Click “FIRST INSTALTION” icon and accept the license agreement. Click Next.
6) Select “OTHER COUNTFILES” and click Next
7) Select language, e.g English. Click Next. Select RENAULT and click Next.
8) The system is updating the software installation wizard. Accept the following Wizard prompts.
The platform will restart automatically. The system is loading CAN CLIP. After that, the system will reboot again.
9) Installing Setup-PDFCreator. Click Finish when “First installation” windows pops out.
10) Open Renault CAN CLIP patch file on the desktop and open Patch V3.0
11) Right click CLIP Properties on the desktop, click Shortcut. Click “Find Target” to locate RSRWin.exe in Application files
12) Cut RSRWin.exe and paste it to the desktop
13) Copy RSRWin.exe on Patch V3.0 folder to Application folder
II  Register Renault CAN Clip V145

14) Open RSRWin.exe in the Application folder
15) Accept the license agreement and windows prompts.  Enter CLIP register key by referring to the CLIP Registration Step-4 Figure in Patch V3.0 folder
16) Check and confirm the registration key
17) Cut RSRWin.exe on the desktop and replace the one in Application folder
III Run computer test

18) The system will detect the hardware wizard. Accept the windows prompts. Open CLIP software on the desktop to come to the select vehicle sensor menu. The system is processing.
19) Enter vehicle VIN, vehicle type, engine type etc full information. Click “COMPUTER TEST” icon

NOTE: If you only enter the vehicle VIN, the system will warn you that the VIN does not identify the vehicle.
20) Here is the computer test program. Select corresponding computer unit and run self-test.
Renault CAN Clip:http://www.eobd2.fr/search/?q=Renault+CAN+Clip