How to program central door locking fob with Op-com

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to program central door locking remote fob with Op-com diagnostic interface.

Vehicle model example:
2003 Astra-G

Op-com CAN OBD diagnostic interface (cheap €17 in
A laptop running Windows XP mode

If it does not program then it’s the wrong fob.

1)    Insert CD software into the laptop and install op-com software, here is the software installation video instruction.
2) Come into the main function menu after succeed install software. Select “Diagnostic” in the function list.
3) Select your vehicle year, here “2003”
4) Select vehicle model, here “Asfra-G”
5) The next program will display the ECU module that Op-com accessed. Select “Body”
6) If you have an alarm, then go to the “Anti Theft Warming”. If you don’t, then select “Central Door Lock”.
7) Come to “Measuring blocks”, the system will display the remote that was used and the previous one.
8) Select “Programming”, if necessary, erase all remote keys.
9) Select “Program Remote Key” and click the button to add the key you want to remote.
10) When first remote generated, you can continue to program another remote. The result can be displayed on “Measuring blocks”. No security code needed when programming the remote.

NOTE: If the device still not working, the OBD2 port does not meet the 12 pin diagnostic socket.

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